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Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for Yosemite Sam!

I dedicate this month-long challenge to children, with nephew Jeremy topping my list. Much thanks to the animated or more serious characters who agreed (or not) to conduct interviews this month. Sure, I had to promise them 80% of my profits, but a few are altruistic to the core. At least, that sounds good. Right? My point: Have fun reading this or doing something else. Give a child a hug today too.

I tried for the good “Y” but Mr. Lucas informed me Yoda died years ago at the age of 900. Darn the luck! We’re stuck with Yosemite Sam. Sorry folks. I told him Bugs is here, to make sure he’d show up. Shh, here he comes.

Yosemite Sam strolls in, searching all around. He holds up a gun per his typical almost-ready-to-fire-but-not-really fashion.  Where’s that long-eared varmint? I’ll catch him if it’s the last thing I do, dagnabbit!

Robyn: Well, I hate to break it to you, but the hare's not here.

Yosemite Sam: What? I know that hare’s here somewhere. I’ll find that galute. Where's he hidin'?

Robyn: No, really. Bugs isn't here. I just said he'd be here so you'd show up to represent Y. Yoda’s dead, ya know? Poor Yoda, gone at age 900. So young. Robyn takes out a tissue and dabs her eyes.

Yosemite Sam: Heh? Why I outta… Say your prayers, missy. He aims his gun at Robyn.

Robyn pulls a kippah (Jewish beanie) out of her pocket and places it on her head: Well, alright. Baruch Atah Adonay, ema abba, bagels and lox, and may he be nice and smart and cute and not married or dead. Amen! Hey, Yosemite Sam, did you hear that? Someone said “What’s up doc?” It came from over there. Robyn points to the edge of the Life by Chocolate stage. Yosemite saunters over towards the edge. No, go further. He takes another step closer to the edge. No, go further. He steps again, this time falling off the stage and onto the giant brick Z that’s waiting to bring this A-Z challenge on home. Yosemite, flat as a pancake, mutters some words that – fortunately- cannot be understood.

Bugs Bunny hops out from behind the giant Watchamacallit (the one that’s on Robyn’s stage, the one that was destroyed by Mr. Magoo and Speed Racer earlier in this Challenge).

We did it, Bugs! Robyn and Bugs “high-five” (or high “five-four or something like that”) each other. They share a carrot and some chocolate. That is, Bugs Bunny eats a carrot and Robyn eats some chocolate.
Friz Freleng created Yosemite Sam in 1945, and the character has been a constant (irritant) in Warner Brothers' Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies since then. Mel Blanc voiced Yosemite Sam from 1945 until 1987, at which time he needed to give up this role due to the toll it took on his voice. [Mel Blanc also voiced Mr. Spacely of the Jetsons.] Since 1990, Maurice LaMarche has been Yosemite's voice actor.

As much as I oppose guns and violence on children's shows, I always enjoyed the Bugs Bunny-Yosemite Sam dynamic. I find it even funnier now than I did as a kid. So, thanks to this team of creatives for all the laughs! 


  1. I always hoped he would get than darn wabbit! Even hoped the Coyote would catch the Roadrunner, at least once!

  2. Oh I love him!!! I loved his bowed legs and even longer mustache. he always made me laugh as a little girl!! Great interview! that last part was genious! Very funny! Blessings, Joanne

  3. My favorite part about this guy?

    He is able to re-grow his 'stache at an impressive rate of speed despite getting it shot off on a daily basis.

  4. Yosemite Sam and Marvin the Martian were my favorite characters. Hilarious post Robyn! xo

  5. I loved him when I was a kid.

    And there used to be a guy working in my office who looked like a real life Sam. Stache and all.

  6. Loved the response to "say your prayers" - that was priceless!!

  7. Older cartoons did have more violence. But, Sam was likable in an ornery sort of way. I like his cursings, "Rack'em smack'em..."

  8. Haha, I loved this one. Very much in the wacky spirit of looney tunes.

  9. Yosemite Sam was fun! (I loved his accent, though if I'm to be perfectly honest, I loved Marvin the Martian best!) Love this interview!

  10. I always loved those cartoons as a youngster. Tell me why the artists ALWAYS gave everyone only 3 fingers and a thumb, instead of four fingers and a thumb? Tell me! Why?

  11. He was one of my favs! I can never remember that his stache is called a handlebar. I always call them YoSam staches lol

    Happy Friday!

  12. OMYaweh--Absolutely laughing my butt off!



  13. Enjoyed this specially dragging over the Robyns cliff part...will be said to see this series end.

  14. Thanks for all your amusing responses.

    Pat, I wonder if it so that there's no middle finger?? Just a thought.


  15. dagnabbit this was always pretty funny! Haven't seen them in forever...not sure they even put Bugs on the TV anymore...

  16. He and Bugs Bunny crack me up. :)