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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Summer Erotica!

My Dearest Sillies,
   I hope this isn't too much. I mean, not only because I've posted this 3 or so times already, but also because one of us is wearing too much. Try as this Jewish gal did, the Pope refused to remove some layers. I even told him "Don't worry, hon. You can keep wearing that Jewish beanie." He looked perplexed and offered up some prayers. I don't understand that - but, hey, if it makes the Pope feel better, it's all good. Right?
   How are you? If you're already hot (and you are), I hope this doesn't cause heat stroke. Stay hydrated, and stay silly.
   Love ya.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Gummy Bears on a Chocolate Pool Day

Dear Sillies, 
   I mean, how could I walk by this? Mini GUMMY BEARS on a CHOCOLATE POOL DAY!  While on an otherwise dull Trader Joe's shopping trip, I saw them. They saw me. Then they shouted in their quiet, determined, little gummy bear high-pitched voices: "Come on, Robyn. We know you want us!" Would've been rude to keep moving. Right? If you look close, you'll see little tiny gummy bear foot prints, gummy bear underwater gear, gummy bear water noodles.
   How was it? It was like candy-coated frosting on steroids. Super sweet in a very kid-friendly way. Friendly to this adult too. The little innocent gummy bears tasted fruity, like jelly, in the mix. But I didn't detect much of the dark chocolate - the white has a stronger flavor. Might be too sweet for ya'all, but not for me. As for health benefits, it's 25% iron! We all need iron! 
   Those cute little innocent gummy bears continue to celebrate summer's approach, as they float gleefully in my belly. 
   It was $2 and worth it. But don't say I didn't warn you about its epic sweetness.
   I give this one an 8.5. 

Take care, my friends.
Get your iron, and your sweetness.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Unfold, Unlease, and Wave Away. Salute That Flag!

Dear Sillies,
It's almost Flag Day, an upstanding time to rise to the occasion - unfold, unleash, and wave away.
Betsy Ross knew how to please. I salute her.

Be well, and may you be sincerely grateful for your freedoms.
Love you.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Welcome, June...Cleaver!

 Dear Sillies,
   It's June! How'd that happen?
   Please excuse my grab for low hanging fruit today (as if I never otherwise do so). Then again, I suspect Al Penwasser won't mind.
   Be well, and take care of yourselves.

    Look out for the June Bug
Urban Dictionary's top definition: June Bug ~ Little brown beetles famous for thier incesant bumping into porch lights and houses on a late spring to summer evening. Often tries to sneak into houses, either by flying right in when the door is open, or by hitching a ride on somebody's clothes like a little ninja. Harmless to humans and cannot bite. Despite thier name, they can come out as early as May. Shut that door before you let all the june bugs in!
Thunder Magus March 27, 2009

And June Cleaver, how we miss you.
RIP  Barbara Billingsley, 12/22/15-10/16/10 

  “Oh Ward, you animal. It gets me so hot and squishy when you call it intercourse.”
                      ― Benjamin R. Smith, June Cleaver Sexual Deviant

Everyone's (or just Al Penwasser's and my) favorite ~
But wait, why does he simply grin and walk away? Why does she not remember if he was too hard?