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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Chocolate, What It's All About!

Dear Sillies,

Let's get back to the meaning of life: Chocolate.

My oh my, do I have some divinity to share with you! It's Nick's Swedish-style Triple Choklad Light Ice Cream. Much, much healthier than other ice creams and deep fried twinkies. There's NO ADDED SUGAR, my friends. Bonus.  

But how does it taste? Divine. Really. It's malty, rich, light, addictive...I love it. My beau and I finished it within two days. And we exercised restraint, I tell ya. Re-straint. (Yeah, he made strawberry milkshakes for us in between spoonfuls of this goodness.)

It costs approx what you'd pay for Haagen-Dazs or Ben and Jerry's ($6-7 per pint). Kinda pricey, but cheaper than one anti-depressant tablet. Am I right? Sweeter and more flavorful too. Nick's has swirls and chips of chocolate. I can't recommend it enough, and I recommend you keep it away from me, else I'll devour it before you even get a chance. 
I give this a 10! It's truly worthy.

In other news, I'm being extra indulgent these days because I turn older this week. 
Can you guess how old?
Clue #1: Celebrity John Cusack and I share a Birthday (same day, month, and year).
Clue #2: We're 16 months older than the legendary, annoying, Julia Roberts.
Clue #3: It's a saucy number.

Love you, Sillies!

Monday, June 12, 2023


Dearest Sillies,

I've once again collected and randomly organized your comments from the past several months. As always, I very much appreciate your silliness.

Please do keep a smile and chocolate (or your favorite treat) handy at all times.

Love you.


Joanne said Glad the communication is going well (wink,wink, nudge, nudge) and that Bernie's not too jealous. 

Debra She Who Seeks said Rub that Blarney Stone til it shines!

Elephant's Child said A sight like that means that breakfast here has been delayed while I recover.

Mike said I sent you the picture.

Birgit said Listen her sagging tatas probably can hold up a soaking wet towel by now.

Mike said Is there a line? Or can I just get a ticket for a specific time?

Jeff said The smoothness of her skin may be from photo shop or from those years she spent out of the sun and behind bars!

G. B. Miller said I think every teenage boy just vomited in their mouth a little bit.

Elizabeth Seckman said Not being a hater when I ask, what the hell is the gold thing she's wearing with it? Who would wear that to the beach or the pool?

Al Penwasser said How the mighty have fallen. Bloody 'ell.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said Yeah, I want that kind of boring life. 

Debra She Who Seeks said I see from the photos online that Martha has learned MY secret of strategic camouflage and calculated positioning of limbs! Never underestimate those. Oh, and good lighting!

Mike said I would love to smell your lovely rose today.

Elizabeth Seckman said I better go check my heart rate...

Al Penwasser said Yes, I'm not a well man.

L. Diane Wolfe said I'll dance to that.

Mary Kirkland said Whew, this was thick with the double entendre's. lol I love it.