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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Valentine's Erotica, VDay Hate Contest

Dear Silliest of the Sweet Sillies,

Happy February! We like to celebrate the month with a contest. You're challenged to create an offering that bashes the commercialized, yucky, sticky, sappy, misguided fantasy "romantic love is all you need" and blah, blah, yada yada Valentine's lovers' nausea. 

This year, your challenge is to submit a Haiku: Three lines that consist of 5 syllables in line one, 7 syllables in line two, and 5 syllables in line three. You'll vote on the winner, and that lucky person shall receive a very sweet package in the mail. 

Simply leave your haiku in the comments section. Please, only one entry per person, and admissions will be accepted through Sunday 2/11 at midnight, PST. 

Also, I'm so, so close to becoming a millionaire! Less than 10,000 page views to go. Woohoo!  It's unbelievable and will merit hearty celebrations.  

I look forward to seeing your entries. 

Another note: I loved Wonka and may even see it again. Timothee Chalamet brought to the screen a remarkably charming portrayal of young Wonka. Highly recommend. 

Love you, my Sweet Sillies. 

Monday, January 8, 2024

Ode to the Big D

Dear Sillies,
I'll let this Ode speak for itself.
Honestly, though, please let me know if you miss the big D too. I need to not feel so alone in this.
Love you.

Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year, 2024! Horsing Around

Dear Silly Lovies,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! May your joys far outweigh your struggles this year. And may you not forget the value of laughter, the sublime feeling of biting into a divine piece of chewy chocolate, or the thrill of mixing in some naughty.

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Los Angeles, wherein loving family resides. On my way home, I had to try Marianne's garlic chocolate ice cream in Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world. 

Both flavors are strong, yet they work together harmoniously. Marianne did this right. It was yummy and gone very quickly.

Also on the way home, I stopped to eat Chinese food. The placemat informed me that the year I was born, 1966, is the year of the Horse. 

Let's see, this presumably makes me: 
Popular and attractive to the opposite sex. - Yes, the ones who haven't seen my morning face. 
Often ostentatious - Yes, but not purposefully.
and impatient - Yes, purposefully.
I need people - We all do, and I need most people to leave me alone. 
I'm to Marry a Tiger or a Dog early - I'm not a morning person. See above regarding opposite sex.
but never a Rat. - I married a Snake, purposely, but he was also an ostentatious Rat and an impatient Boar. I needed him to leave me alone. Divorce ensued.

Any other Horses out there?

More love and all kinds of goodness to you for this New Year!