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Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for Robin!

I dedicate this month-long challenge to children, with nephew Jeremy topping my list. Much thanks to the animated or more serious characters who agreed (or not) to conduct interviews this month. Sure, I had to promise them 80% of my profits, but a few are altruistic to the core. At least, that sounds good. Right? My point: Have fun reading this or doing something else. Give a child a hug today too.


Our hidden camera captures Robin hopping off of the blue-line bus (#52) and power-walking towards the Life by Chocolate studio. He jumps in and brushes himself off, as if he's just survived a risky journey.

Robyn: Welcome, Robin. Great name.

Robin: Thanks. Great name too.

Robyn: Thanks. You don't get nearly the attention of Batman and your skills pale in comparison. There was even a female Robin in the comics but she was killed. Tell me, how does it feel to be so disrespected?

Robin: Batman's my idol and my very close buddy. Very close. It's every boy's dream to - His face abruptly reddens. It feels like holy *bleep*! That's how it feels! Holy *bleep*!

Robyn: I bet. Is there anything interesting you'd like to share about yourself?

Robin: No.

Robyn: I didn't think so. Thanks anyway. Great name.

Robin: Great name.

Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson created the original Robin in 1940. He was introduced to appeal to a younger audience. It worked. Robin's appearance doubled the sales of Batman comic books. He's a loyal sidekick with a great but misspelled name.

My parents spelled my name with a "y" to spare me from being associated with Batman's buddy. All the brain power between them, and their strategy lacks logic. Don't you think? Then again, I have never been associated with Batman's buddy. So, perhaps they did me a favor...Poor Robin, so disrespected but such a decent guy. Batman could not have made it so far without you. Thank you, little buddy!


  1. But I like this Robyn to that..he was one of the sidekicks who never thought for himself

  2. I'm a bit stunned with the 1940 date! Gosh, I'm speechless. Sue@JumpingAground (Alliteration & drabbles)
    Sue@traverselife(Workplace bullying)

  3. Yes that Robin got a bum rap for sure...glad you got the Y it could have been tough without it (just kidding of course) -

  4. Good, because I think that interview was about to take a turn for the worse!

  5. I do like the 'y' better...much more original. Robin's parents were so boring!!

  6. That would be holy BAT *bleep*, don'tcha think?!? hehe

  7. Holy Androgyny! I'm wearing short pants next to a middle aged dude in tights!

  8. Do you sometimes feel like a sidekick? Fun post!

  9. hahaha! Great post Robyn with a "y"!

  10. Nice of them to spell it with a 'y' to avoid that confusion. Wait, your middle name isn't Nyghtwyng is it?

  11. Aww, poor's tough being on the sidelines.

  12. A Robyn by any other name is NOT MY Robyn!


    Hugs and Blessings for Easter!!!


  13. Are you serial? Robin is such a pain in the ass that I never figures out how Batman got so much done with this kid around. First, you got to train him. Then you got to have eyes in the back of your head during a fight to insure the kid isn't shot or knocked out by some thug. Then there is the whole kidnapping issue. I swear, this brat gets himself captured by the bad guys with such regularity that you would be right in assuming he had an fetish for being tied up. How many times has Batman had to save this kid wasting both time and resources that could have went to other things?

    Bad enough that the second Robin (Jason Todd) was moody and sullen and constantly treatened Batman's authority eventually getting himself first beaten half to death and then blown up by the Joker to only escape death and come back as a villain (The Red Hood) who uses all of Batman's teaching against the Caped Crusader. Good lord that would suck.

  14. Um, good points, Kal. LOL. I'm speechless because you have so much more Robin knowledge than this Robyn. Your fetish theory sounds plausible. xo

    Aw, John, LYMI. ;0)

    Holy bat thanks, everyone! xo

  15. Same bat time same bat channel! Hilarious Robyn :0)

  16. This made me laugh! I love all the "great name" exchanges. Ha!

  17. Haha - love the fact that the show is connected to your name is some ways.

    I loved Batman, and Robin too, as its very disappointing that is still not available on dvd (dispute over ownership I beleive).
    Great series Robin.. ah Robyn..