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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Halloween Erotica

Dear Sillies,
Thank you for your concern. Wildfires and power outages seem to have become the new norm in CA. I just returned from Southern California last night, in fact. I'm very relieved to have made it safely - not because of fires (I was and remain out of harm's way), but because my car got hot and bothered. The engine over-heated. I found myself stranded in a place appropriately named Lost Hills. Fortunately, there's one mechanic in Lost Hills. This mechanic, my savior, replaced the cooling pump. I returned home 10 hours later. There's more to the story, and to my trip -- which was fantastic minus the drive back. But it's time to wish you a safe and Happy Halloween! [Sorry about Martha, but she does add a unique brand of creepy.]
Love you.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Camp Fire, Nearly One Year Later

Dear Sillies,
   May this find you in good spirits, and looking forward to a fun, yummy Halloween.
   For now, a little detour to share segments of my short story on my experiences jumping in as a volunteer in the Camp Fire's aftermath. A true story. [I've submitted this piece, Good Lies, for publication. Fingers crossed.]
   We're approaching one year since the devastation of 11/8/18. Phenomenal recovery continues. So too does intense sadness and loss, hardship and pain, sickness and death--seemingly unending residue of that monstrous force.

   This scene takes us to the Walmart parking lot, wherein hundreds of volunteers and Camp Fire victims/survivors convened. I'd heard about activity there. With no plan or faith that I could help, I pushed myself to do so. 
   Below, with me, you'll meet Joseph.

                                                internet stock photo
Good Lies --part I.

   "Are you doing okay?" Dumb question.
   The man stood. His face reddened, as he took two even steps towards me then stopped. "Am I doing okay? Am I okay? What the hell do you think lady? What are you like some do-gooder who’s about to tell me I have to leave, right?"
   "Well, I don’t want you out here when it starts to rain."
   "You’re f*cking kidding me! I’m not budging." I see that. "Do you have any idea? Any idea what I’ve been through? I stayed. I stayed for 18 f*ckin hours. I stayed to protect my home in Concow. Not just for me, for my neighbors, for my friends. I stayed and kept hosing it down, the lawns, the roofs, the trucks, everything. Only me and my buddy Dan stayed. What do I get for that? It’s all f*ckin burned! The whole town." He turned his head to his side and spit out a wad of saliva. "My only home. My mama’s home. Now you’re telling me to leave. These people are feeding us and being nice to us. It’s like family here. But I can’t even get FEMA help because I lost my ID in the Fire. And you’re telling me to leave. F*ck that!"
   "You can’t get FEMA help?"
   "No, no ID. You have to have an ID."
   That didn’t seem right. "Can I make a phone call for you?"
   His demeanor lightened. "Yeah."
   "Okay," I extended my hand. "I’m Robyn."
   "I’m Joseph. Hey, I’m sorry. I’m just," he huffed, "It’s been one hell of a year." His eyes welled.
   "I’m sure it has."
   I plopped down on the ground, pulled out my resource list, and called FEMA. Someone answered. She was helpful too. I wrote step-by-step instructions for Joseph, and I gave him my number.
   He said he’d be fine taking it from there.

                           He wouldn't be. Stay tuned. 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Halloween Erotica, the Original

Dear Sillies,
   We're getting closer to Hallow's Eve. As a reminder, please avoid purchasing Hersheys candies. And Hersheys owns all the big cheap candy companies (Mars, etc.) Despite ongoing political pressures, that monstrous entity continues to condone child labor. Its chocolate stems from the West African Ivory Coast, where children are enslaved on cocoa plantations. Horrifying. I suggest giving out Fair Trade products and/or anything NOT Hersheys.* You might have to spend a bit more, but your conscience will thank you. *(Organic lollipops or other candies from Trader Joe's, granola bars, fruit snacks, European treats, raisins, taffy, jelly bellies...)

   Otherwise, let's move onto some sinfulness. Years ago, I set out to write a playful Halloween poem. Halfway through, though, I noticed that I'd scrawled out erotic verses and images about sucking, licking, biting, fingering. After wiping my brow and saliva, I went full-throttle erotic. My poetic erotica series had thus begun. Apologies. It happened by accident, and it's my insatiably lustful sweet tooth's fault. 

Happy pre-Halloween days.
Stay safe. Stay well. Be a little naughty. 

Monday, October 7, 2019

Cado's Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream: The Latest in Chocolate

Dear Silliest of Sillies,
   We're creeping further into Fall, closer to Hallow's Eve, and -well- yeah, the world's falling apart. But hey, we're still here, and we're still keeping it silly.
   When I saw this at the grocery store, I knew that I needed to once again sacrifice my taste buds for your benefit: Cado's Chocolate Avocado Ice-Cream.  
   You love avocados, right? Chocolate ice cream too, naturally.
   And despite my look of shock or horror or outright weirdness, this stuff is really good. The chocolate tastes divinely rich but not heavy. Avocados seem to have the perfect texture to make for a tasty and healthy ice-cream. It doesn't taste avocado-y; it's a nice natural blend. Relative to other desserts, this one's low in fats, low in sugar...and yeah, we'll ignore the 4 servings thing. I finished it in two sittings, give or take one sitting. 

   All in all, my friends, I give Cado's Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream a 9 out of 10. Were it a bit cheaper, it'd be a 10. (It costs $5 or $6 - can't quite remember.)

   Might you try this? Are you an avocado fan? It might be more of a California fetish, or just my own. 

Keep a smile and stay silly, my dears.