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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Thanksgiving Erotica, Martha without Snoop - Did He Have Enough?

Dear Sillies,
Are you ready to feast?
Apologies for this old timer, and that Snoop refused to pose with Martha. Can you blame him? Ugh.
Have an appreciative, highly satisfying Thanksgiving time and know that I'm grateful for you.


Thursday, November 10, 2022

Friends and Matthew Perry Wants a Girlfriend (Must be a 5'2" Brunette)

Dear Sillies,

Are you doing okay? I sure hope so.

Whatever your political views, we've had some exciting wins! Yippeeeee.

Halloween seems like ages ago. We had fun. JT and I won the vote (by me) for 

Couple Most Unlikely to Breed (Estelle Getty and Peter Pan).

                                                        Sorry for the bad lighting. You're better off, though.

Then there's Friend Matthew Perry. He was "meh" on Friends, right? Now, only 18 sketchy months into recovery, he's getting interviews galore and uproarious attention for his memoir. I'm furious! I mean, we work hard to write well, and some of us work hard to publish books that are pretty darn worthy. Next, there's bribery and begging of family members and loved ones to make that one small purchase. Yet they'll get the left over free copies during the holidays. Otherwise, what do we do with all the ones we've failed to sell? Where's the justice? Grrr!

To be fair, I didn't read it. Like I'm gonna pick up that ****! I did see some troubling interviews about it -- troubling because his speech is slurred and he's clearly not clearly recovered. For no apparent reason, he bashes Keanu Reeves in this book, and by "bashes" I mean that he wishes him dead. Shameful!

But let's have compassion, my dears. Mr. Matthew Perry needs a girlfriend. Here's one review:

This book is basically an ad for Matthew Perry to find a wife (you have to be 5’2 and brunette) so he can hurry up and have kids before he dies (even though he has screwed over everyone he has ever dated including Julia Roberts.) He whines about being an addict, brags about being famous, rich and SOOOO funny (that last one is debatable) and seems to have a strange Oedipus complex. He asks over and over in the book why his life was spared throughout his addiction and I don’t know the answer to that, but it certainly wasn’t to write this book. 

Don't waste your time, my friends, on this book, not that you were going to. You're too bright for that nonsense.

Love you.