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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween Erotica, The Sweet Climax!

My Dears Sillies,

May your week provide extra sweetness and fun.
I picked apart my Halloween Erotica poems and scrunched them up into this one for you.
Please enjoy, and please be well.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

It's All Greek For YOU!

More on my recent trip to Greece ~

   Did you know that Greece has over 6,000 islands and islets? Most are so small, they're uninhabited.
   Mykonos (the word means "windy") is one of the most popular Greek island. I loved my time there - relaxing on the beach, shopping, eating fabulous food, etc. *[I especially enjoyed the sight of one particular Greek god.] 
   Here's a snapshot of the sand/pebbles on a beach at Mykonos. This one, for JoJo. She makes  gorgeous pieces of art out of shells, pebbles, beads, yarn, almost anything.  Hope you like these, JoJo.
   *Kevin was on Mykonos too. I couldn't help but request a photo. Note: He's not that tall. I'm that short. This photo is for me and anyone else who enjoys looking at him. My tour-mates teased me about getting the photo, while they also admitted to jealousy.

   Now, for Pat Hatt. I was so focused on getting a good shot of the skull, I didn't read the description. While I can't promise you it's in the cat family, Pat, I can promise it looks like one. Right? Plus, it's over  3,500 years old (That's almost equal to the number of days you've been blogging!).
   The Minoan civilization at Akrotiri was destroyed by a volcanic activity in approximately 1600 BC. All sorts of structures and bones/skeletons remain intact for our viewing pleasure, this old majestic cat (?) included.
   Women are respected throughout Greece. Sure, there are some slimy Greeks (By "Greeks", I mean men). But misogyny is not a problem there like it is in the US and other parts of the world. Women are seen as powerful, competent, and worthy of reverence.  Rarely do crimes against women occur.
   Here's an ancient (as in, thousands of years old) creation depicting feminine beauties. It made me think of our empowered and feisty goddess of blogland, Debra. This one's for you, She Who Seeks.

   Crete is one of the largest of the Greek islands. There's a lot of maritime activity there. A Turkish prison too. This anchor, now a monument, can be spotted in the Cretan town of Chania. It's for none other than Sage, our maritime blog friend. Anchor's away, Sage.
   Atlantis Books is the coolest bookstore I've ever seen. This underground store graces the island of Santorini, in the village of Oia (pronounced Ee-uh). There, I found an 1897 collection of Jane Austen's works for only 1,700 Euros. One Euro equals approximately 80 percent of the US Dollar. If any of my loyal blog friends is worth it, it's Joanne. The whole set is for you, Joanne! Enjoy.

   Here's me snuggling up to a little Greek goddess, in a hotel spa (Santorini). I learned that the Minoan civilization was small in stature. Average height for men was 5 foot, 3 inches. (Not sure about women, so we'll say I'd be a bit taller than average. How's that? I like it!) That said, I assume this statue is Minoan. I also assume I'm part Minoan. I'm dedicating this photo to Diane, blogland's Spunk, who's with me on the Minoan side of the height spectrum. Here's to little goddesses all over the world, Diane!
I'll stop here for now. I have more dedications, in time.
Be well, my dear sillies.
Take care of yourselves, and enjoy the new week.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Halloween Erotica and Grecian Dedications

First, and leading up to Hallow's Eve, some Halloween Erotica:

And now, My Annual Public Service Announcement:
   Please keep in mind that Hershey's is evil. By this, I mean that despite great amounts of humanitarian efforts to challenge them, they continue to pay into child slave labor - children work die under horrid conditions in cocoa plantations (mainly, in the West African Ivory Coast) in order to get chocolate for this monstrous company. When shopping for Halloween candy, please avoid Hershey's. Good alternatives include anything fair trade and/or any treats at places like Trader Joe's. Thank you!
   Next, a few dedications. This one, Greek Viagra gelato, is for AlPenwasser because, well, Mrs. Penwasser. She deserves it. And by it, I mean it!
   Our tour guide treated us to gelato in a little village of Oia (pronounced Ee-ah). Oia's on the Greek island of Santorini. Their star flavor: Greek Viagra. I didn't need any, so I went with Italian Lover. It was delicious, and I heard Greek Viagra is too. It's creamy with honey and nuts.

This one is for Gorilla Bananas, who asked if I tried the Ouzo.* Did I try it? Truth is, I readily posed for this photo, after the rest of the group finished all but a few drops. Those drops trickled down my throat and rattled my braincells like never before. Anything for a good photo (for you, that is)!

 *Pronounced oo-zoh, Ouzo is the official alcoholic beverage of Greece and Cyprus. By law, it cannot contain LESS than 37.5 percent alcohol. Whoosh! Yeah. It tastes like very, very, very strong black licorice. I know this ONLY because a few little drops found their way down my throat here.

   Before the Ouzo scandal, I jumped into these warm, clear, salty waters of the Aegean Sea. (That's me in the upper left of the group.) The water is so salty, it kept us afloat. "Swimming" was effortlessly fun. I'm dedicating this scene to fishducky because she's clearly the appropriate recipient of a wet noodle float on the Aegean Sea - based on her name alone.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Okay, my friends,
Please be safe. Be well. And be good to yourselves.
Love to you.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Dedications For YOU from Greece, Part I.

Dear Sillies,
In no particular order, I'm posting snapshots from Greece - each dedicated to one of you. My photography and camera are not great. But you were on my mind, so I hope that makes up for it. Here we go...

T-shirt logo for Captain Alex, The Great.
For Stephen Hayes, classy and classical artwork was everywhere. This, in an Athens' hotel lobby.

Janie, these are for you, but only when WDW is away. {We don't want him threatened by the one that's front and center. Surely, he has no reason to be.}
Ah, the cucumber -- the sweet, refreshing cucumber and various pickled items that enhanced every meal. Dedicated, naturally, to Pickleope Von Pickleope.

The little green car on the right is a "Polizei" car, for Momma Fargo.
Psst, Mitchell didn't tell me that he and San Geraldo would be in Greece. This picture is the evidence. It's obvious, right? He's the one on the right.

Contest winner (see last post), and one of my most loyal bloggy friends, Elephant's Child, will receive a sweet package that I bought in Greece. EC posts wonderfully exotic sights including bird close-ups, kangaroos, uniquely colorful flowers, etc. She's as heartfelt and inspirational as they get. So I decided to dedicate this Grecian dove to EC.

More to follow.
Be safe, and take care, friends.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Guessing Game! Where in the world was I?

Dear Sillies,
   Forgive me. I kept a secret from most of you: I went away. Guess where! Really. Please guess. The first right answer-er will win a sweet little package that I brought home. See, I really was thinking about you these past few weeks. 

Clues follow. You'll be subjected to a series of posts. Apologies. But I'll be dedicating specific pics to some of you, and you won't have to endure hundreds of photos. I'll refrain from commenting about your guesses until we have a winner.

In the meantime, I hope you've been well, my friends. 

Please know that loving kindness far outweighs evil madness. This was a main take-back from my journey.
(1) I only saw one Starbucks there.
(3) People there are not glued to their phones.

(4) It's a country, and here's a snapshot of city life. 
(5, 6,7)

To be continued.
Post your guesses in the comments.
One guess per person.

Take care of yourselves, my friends.
I missed you, and I'm excited to re-connect.