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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Review of Reviews of Celebrity Books

Dear Sillies,

How are you, my friends? It seems as though the New Year's celebrations were looong ago, am I right? So much has gone on this month. All the more reason to be good to yourselves.

Now, I'm sharing a few entertaining reviews about a few books.

Disclaimer: I'm not on Team Jessica Simpson but I am on Team Harry and Meghan!

First, Jessica's Simpson's 27 page "book":

One disappointed reader wrote this about Movie Star:

"The cover looks like something you will enjoy. Reminds me of dating a very well proportioned woman and you end up with an empty bra."

One embittered Brit wrote this about Spare: 

"I agree with Harry wholeheartedly. 
They should never have renamed Opal Fruits as Starburst."
Opal Fruits?? Are you kidding me? Harry, I kinda - well - adore you and Meghan, and, well, you. You both seem sincere and you keep getting beaten up. You're so cute, honey. But "Opal Fruits"? No, sweetie. Just no. Starburst is a much better name. 

What do you think, my Sillies?

Monday, January 16, 2023

Martin Luther King Jr., Courage

Dear Sillies,

How are you? Well, that's too big of a question, so I'll just say BE SAFE. Be warm. Be loved. We're faring okay despite CA's state of emergency. But the stormy weather won't let up any time soon. I'm keeping positive thoughts for us all.

And for today: I was fortunate enough to be in the audience over twenty years ago when Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King's then widow, who passed away in 2006; gave a moving speech. Even more awesome, that speech was delivered to a Jewish audience. (George Santos wasn't there. Note: He's Jew-ish. He was born Catholic. Ask him. Smiles. Oy vey.) As I was saying, I couldn't have felt more directly connected with the Reverend's teachings.

As catastropic as things may seem, there's always reason for hope. Without hope, there's no courage. 

A hopeful, brave week to you!

Hope Quotes


Extending the dance 
When you’ve long lost your groove
Swimming to shore too frail to move.

Stepping towards light, when darkness abounds
Permitting a laugh amid no other sounds.

Confronting a beast no one should endure
It strikes with no warning, no reprieve and no cure.
Snuggling with hope, when the pain you can’t bare
Unveiling your heart in the face of despair.

Conveying a smile, when you’d much rather cry
Speaking the truth though it’s safer to lie.

Taking a stance, when integrity’s lost
Forcing what’s right in spite of the cost. 

Holding to faith in your value and worth
Maintaining a grace that softens the earth.

Passing with ease
As you air your last breath
A hero whose soul
Transcends life
and death.
                                     by me, Robyn Alana Engel