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Monday, October 25, 2021

Halloween Erotica, Bernie's Back!

 Dear Silly Ones,

The countdown begins. Halloween is less than one week away!

Annual Public Service Announcement: Boycott Hershey. Hershey owns most all big candy companies in the US (Mars, etc.) Its chocolate stems from the West African Ivory Coast, where children are enslaved on cocoa plantations. 

If you do Halloween, please consider Fair Trade products and/or anything NOT Hershey.* You might have to spend a bit more, but your conscience will thank you. *(Organic lollipops or other candies from Trader Joe's, granola bars, fruit snacks, European treats, raisins, taffy, jelly bellies...) 

Best option: Shut the lights and have a sweet, naughty Halloween alone or with a "friend." Wink. 

Friday, October 15, 2021

The Double Dog Dare, Pre-Halloween Nostalgia

 My Dear Sillies,   
    We've become a wonderful fan base for each other. That's a very nice thing. 
   On the flipside, some beloved bloggies are painfully missed, like Jenny Matlock. Jenny used to do a Saturday Centus exercise. I occasionally participated. 
   This photo was the prompt. The challenge: using all five senses, write about this in 100 words max.
   Here's my story, The Double Dog Dare...

“I double-dog dare ya to go in,” Johnny challenged. He was cute so I acted brave.  

“Okay.” I swallowed my jelly bean whole. Salty black-licorice flavor stuck to my tongue.  Entering the creepy old shack, the smell of mud overtook me.  I was blinded by darkness.

“Welcome!” A boyish voice came up through the floors’ wooden panels.  I noticed a gaping hole at my feet and felt the sudden firm grip of fingers clasping my ankles from below.

“Let me go! Help! Help!”

A familiar giggle slowed my pulse.

“Johnny, you poo-poo head! That wasn’t funny!”

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Halloween Erotica, Screaming Candy Corns

Dear Sillies,

Warning: Halloween madness starts now.

Stay sweet and naughty!