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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

F is for Fat Albert!

I dedicate this month-long challenge to children, with nephew Jeremy topping my list. Much thanks to the animated or more serious characters who agreed (or not) to conduct interviews this month. Sure, I had to promise them 80% of my profits, but a few are altruistic to the core. At least, that sounds good. Right? My point: Have fun reading this or doing something else. Give a child a hug today too.


Robyn: Excuse me, um, Roger? Are you Roger from "What's Happening?" Have you seen Fat Albert?

Fat Albert laughs heartily. I get that all the time. Pre-Jillian, I was mistaken for Rerun. Now, post-Jillian they call me Roger.

Robyn: Amazing! Mr. Fat, er, svelt Albert, you're a fraction of your former self! You say it's thanks to Jillian?

Fat Albert: Oh yeah, all the stars do it with her. She knows how to work you. He winks.

Robyn: You're looking good. She winks back. I've always enjoyed you and the Junkyard Band, Fat Albert. What are you and the boys doing these days?

Fat Albert: We're on tour. First we hit East Philly, then West, then Northeast, then Southwest. You get the idea. In between gigs, we shoot hoops with the Harlem Globe Trotters - the ones who are, ya know, still around.

Robyn: Your show helped break down racial barriers and increase sensitivities all around. We're talking ALL AROUND.

They share a laugh.

Fat Albert: Yeah, there's less of me to get around.

Jillian storms in. What are you doing sitting on your *bleep*? I see that belly starting to bulge! Get up and give me 20! Right now!

Robyn realizes Jillian's talking to her and not Fat Albert. She scurries to hide behind the enormously annoying letter G waiting on the sidelines. Let me know when that *bleep* is gone, will ya? Thanks! 

His childhood in North Philly inspired Bill Cosby's creation and production of Fat Albert. The show premiered in 1972 and ran until 1985. Thank you, Mr. Cosby, for this gem!


  1. I have actually never seen that show. However, I know a few years ago, someone made a movie of it. I never saw it.

    All I know is that Fat Albert is, well, fat. Ha, I liked your fat jokes.

  2. I loved Cosby too, he was popular in the UK too!

  3. One of the shows I watched as a kid!
    Now where's those twenty pushups, Robyn?

  4. I loved this show as a kid, yet as a chubber, I always felt bad for any kid who happened to be named Al (eek me!) who was overweight. Ha ha!

  5. Hahaha I liked this post. I'll count as you push. ;-)

  6. Great post Robyn.

    And I used to love that show.

  7. Haha, best one yet Robyn. I would hide from her too.

  8. I absoultely LOVED Fat Albert and I still have a anti-drug comic book from the 80s with Fat Albert and the gang!! I also have never-ending love for Mr. Bill Cosby, which I wrote about in my Heroes post! Love it! Thanks Robyn!

  9. Hey, hey, hey! (=
    Bill Cosby is awesome.

  10. Ha ha! I could make fun of Jillian all day. ANd I love Fat Albert, but sadly I can remember hardly anything about it. Except that one kid... the one that looked like he was wearing a penis head. What was that kid's name?

  11. I loved the guy with the stocking cap all the way over his head.

  12. Loving your inspiration for this series! But when did Fat Albert turn into Roger? I'm confused!

  13. Hey, hey, hey, love to play tackle football. The cartoon show was great, but Bill Cosby's monologue was much funnier.
    Until now.

  14. Oh I remember both Fat Albert AND What's Happening! Hey, Hey, Hey!!!!

  15. This post needs more "Hey Hey Hey!!" :)

    I think Netflix just recently put up Fat Albert...I've only seen bits and pieces over the years. Might have to revisit! :)

  16. Liz, you're so right. I realized after I pressed Publish that I completely forgot any heys. Embarrassing. Then again, perhaps Jillian knocked the heys right outta him. xo

    Cheeseboy, I don't know the name of the penis head one. I'm kinda glad for that. :-)

    Beth, the new svelt Albert look like Roger. It all comes down to Jillian's prowess. I'm winging it as I write. xo

    JD, I agree. Mr. Cosby is a hero. Thanks. [o:

    Ally, I'm sorry. I know what that's like. I got teased a lot when Randy Newman's horrible song about short people (we "have no reason to live") came out. xo

    Thanks Misha. ;0)

    Thanks everyone. I just did 50 pushups. Yeah, right! xo

  17. Now I'm sorry I missed that show! :(

  18. Wow, Fat Albert! Haven't thought about him in AGES! :O)