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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Inspiration & Dedications from My Vacation

Dear Silliest of Silly Ones,
May this post find you smiling about something, anything. 
And now, I'll bring back some photos from Bali. 

Can you believe this voluptuous woman was once a tree? Incredible artists, those Balinese wood carvers. Debra and your Rare One, this one's for you. I just thought you'd appreciate it as much as I do. Or more.  

Young, talented dancers. Holli, for you, for the love of dance.

For our dear friend, Janie Junebug. The quote behind me: "If we never stress, then we will never succeed."

I'll stop here.
Take good care of YOU!
Til next time.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

EastErotica, PassovErotica, Springtime Urges

My Dear Sillies,
Please enjoy some Springtime nibbles.
You are a fun-loving, spry bunch.
Be good to yourselves, and Happy Holy Days (Easter, Passover, whatever else you celebrate in public, private, or the church's final pew -- which counts as both).
Love you.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Cock Fight

Dear Sillies,

This post is dedicated to Al Penwasser (for reasons that defy explanation).

Bali isn't all harmony and rainbows, there's also cock fighting. When I listened to these men teach about the cock fight, I found my hands moving towards my midsection, to protect my tender nether regions...The cock fight - that one doesn't sit easily. Right? Guys, imagine your cocks trapped in cages until they're ready to do battle against other cocks! People gamble on the cock they want to win, and/or the one they themselves raised! Imagine the humiliation of your cock being publicly beaten by another man's cock. Men, and not their more peace-loving female counterparts, are all about the cock fight. 

"Do they always fight to the death?" I asked, cringing.
"No, not always. We stop it sometimes."
Phew! "Oh that's good." I really don't like the idea of a dead cock. 

Look at the sweet, staunch and proud dark cock on the right. And then look at mean Whitey, ready to pounce on him. (Kinda symbolic. Right?) 

This tradition goes back thousands of years. It's outlawed in many countries, but not Indonesia. 

After a fight, the beaten cock is cooked and devoured. 
In that sense, though I hate to admit it, I likely supported the cock fight. (I ate lots of delicious chicken.)

What are your thoughts and/or feelings about THE COCK FIGHT, my friends? Would you raise your, or someone else's, cock for such an endeavor?

Monday, April 1, 2019

Bali Bliss and Joanne's A Winner!

Dear Sillies,

Our good friend Joanne Faries is the WINNER!! Woohoo! She guessed right. I flew to Bali, Indonesia! A sweet Balinese package is on its way, Joanne.

It wasn't a planned or bucket-list trip. A great opportunity to attend a storytelling workshop* fell on my lap (*led by a fabulous comic, Alicia Dattner). By "great," I mean that I owed more in Fed taxes than I paid for the all-inclusive workshop AND round trip plane ticket. Crazy, right? Anyway, it was the most magical trip of my life, much more pleasant than writing a whopping check to the Feds.

And now for more dedications ~

For Silver Fox, blogland's treasure trove of info on memorable characters.

For HRH, a low hanging crystal chandelier in the hotel room. She'd have approved!

For Elephant's Child. We missed and love you!
Glad you're back!  

She's a live cat, though she looks like a statue. For Pat Hat.

Be good to yourselves, my friends.
You deserve vast amounts of goodness.
More congratulations to Joanne!
Well wishes to all the A-Zers too.