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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Self-Googling for Public Voyeurism

Dear Sillies,

This is the only Yogi I've been drawn to. Well, not this particular one, the cartoon version.  Retired Jellystone Park Cartoon Icon 9" Plush Yogi Bear Doll

Do you do yoga? I've been googling myself, and it's not as stimulating as it sounds. I learned that Robyn Engel is a beloved yoga teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"She (Robyn Engel) has a beautiful vocabulary and speaks amazing sentences to the class. So much so that I glean words from her and dwell on them all week."  

-yogi who loves Robyn Engel

    Girlfriend, Seriously? You dwell on Robyn Engel's f*bleep*n verbiage from Robyn Engel's f*bleep*n amazing sentences, all week long? That's just what a hippie dippie yogi who's inhaled far too much organics would do. Get help, child. Er, glean positivity vibrations from whence professional assistance hath made itself accessible to thine flexibility. 

   I mean, I hate yoga. It's supposed to calm you. How can it calm a person to balance on one foot, while placing the other such as to form a perfect triangle with one thigh holding still, parallel to the floor and only slightly touching the standing leg with the flat of that foot, coordinated so the rest of the class doesn't have to hide their laughter at what an inept tree - buffoon you are in Robyn Engel's class? F*k yoga! Am I right?   

Another person wrote of Engel VERY NICE AND CUTE BUT  NOT MUCH ELSE

This person's describing the Engel cooler. 

Or are they?19-Quart Cooler/Dry Box thumbnail 1

Do you google yourself? What do you find? Or do you prefer to keep this to yourself? (I respect that too.)

Love you regardless, Sillies.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

She Who Seeks, Wins!

 Dear Sillies,

Competition was as fierce as it was silly.

And the winner of this year's Life by Chocolate Valentine's Day Hatefest is         Debra She Who Seeks  for

A nip and tuck
Improves romantic luck
Helps you find a cute guy in a truck
And finally get that . . .
[Oops, word limit reached]

Birgit takes a close second place with
You're so special to me
but you nag rather than let things be.
Now you are buried under that old oak tree.

Debra will receive a very sweet mailing for this worthy victory!

CONGRATULATIONS Debra! And congratulations, Birgit. Thank you to everyone who entered and weighed in. (But don't weigh yourselves. Do indulge in real/non-Hershey's chocolates this week or whenever.)
Love ya. 

Sunday, February 13, 2022

VDay Hatefest Contest! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

My Dear silly creatives, 
This year's annual VDay hatefest entries are the best ever! This is gonna be tough. Please pick one and only one that's your favorite. Vote for anyone but your own. Note that there's always one rule breaker; 25 words was the max. (But a man of the cloth must be forgiven.)
Thanks for playing. 
You're such a fun crew. How can I not love you? I do.
Blood splatter is red
Ultraviolet lights are blue
I've seen enough murder movies
That they'll never find you!

 Elephant's Child 

Roses are red, violets are blue,
A night with chocolate pisses on one with you...

 Mike Will you be my valentine? I could stand to save some money.

 Debra She Who Seeks
A nip and tuck
Improves romantic luck
Helps you find a cute guy in a truck
And finally get that . . .
[Oops, word limit reached]


You're so special to me
but you nag rather than let things be.
Now you are buried under that old oak tree.


Lupercalia To Valentine
From Lupercalia to St. Val.
It's time for every guy and gal
To tryst under our lunar disk
And exercise their asterisks.

Debbie D.  

Valentine's Day is almost here
The merchants rub their hands with glee
Silly people live in fear
Don't they know that love is free?


My woman hates chocolate
so I'll not buy chocolate unless its for myself,
for no one else will,
and if I buy my own,
it (25 word mark here) won't be Hersey's nor milk chocolate,
I want it dark and rich...
And while I'm at it, cupid is stupid,
and so is keeping account of number of my words.

I'm widowed.
I don't want chocolates.
I want a huge ribeye steak that I can eat alone in peace. lol 
I went to the store
To purchase some heartfelt love
Eff. Super Bowl's on!


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

February Love and Hate Fest

Dear Sillies,
I've been slacking. We're already closing in on mid-February. It's time for our annual VDay Hatefest. First, a disclaimer: I'm still dating JT. 8 months now! Both in our 50s, we agree that we wouldn't have worked out had we met years earlier. We weren't ready. We were too different, and too married, and/or too involved with meaningless flings (Nah, that's just me). 

Now that we're mature, as per this photo, 

we can support each other, keep our separate lives going, and I can beat him at Scrabble. (He doesn't blog, so he doesn't know I wrote this.) He's actually WAY smarter than me, which I tell him all the time. I'm WAY more competitive, though. Top score: 394. Woot! 

Back on point, I still HATE, HATE, HATE all that Valentine's Day represents. Your worth is not based on your marital or dating status.  There is no fairytale. Oftentimes, being single is a very good choice. And if a couple needs to showcase their love, something's wrong. Self-respect and self-love are key. Hershey chocolates are neither fair trade nor edible. Romantic love doesn't ONLY exist as it does in the media (between straight men and women who happen to be white, gorgeous, single, and stranded together in a snazzy ski resort). 

So bring it! Give us some hate. Comment by 2/14, in less than 25 words, with hateful sentiment towards any or all aspects of what St. Valentine's Day's attached to according to our superficial, money grubby, close minded media and Hallmark.  

Must be a follower, and please no curse words but you're welcome to use an *asterisk* (e.g., f*ck Hershey chocolates). 

You'll vote for your favorite, and the winner will receive a very sweet mailing from me.

Thank you, Silly Loves.


Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Tribute to Jeremy Hawkins

Dear Ones,
   Often our connections become much more meaningful than we imagine would transpire from mere words on a screen. Tragically, this also means heartache upon losing members of our blog family. 
   Jeremy Hawkins is one of those people. COVID took him just over one month ago. I wish I'd appreciated Jeremy more and had gotten to know him better. So it goes sometimes, sadly.
  Jeremy was incredibly generous and heartfelt. He gave freely with never an expectation of money or recognition. He was a deep thinker, had a fun and silly side, and was just downright nice. Jeremy's artistry and techie skills were top notch and truly unique.
   My heart is heavy for Jeremy Hawkin's family, for his blog brother Alex, and for Jeremy's other countless loved ones. 

May Jeremy's family feel an abundance of love from us today and on an ongoing basis. Blogland isn't the same. 
He's dearly missed. 

  I'm glad to now show you my Batman and Robin shirt from Jeremy's family business. Holy cow, Batman. It's fabulous! I love it. Please consider supporting the family by claiming your own here. There are tons of fun designs. (This is a Medium. They run slightly small, and exact measurements are provided. The company is VERY friendly, with reasonable prices, and discount offers. Well worth it, especially for the sake expressing our love for Jeremy and his precious family at this heart-wrenching time.)

Rest in Peace, Jeremy Hawkins. 

Your memory is a blessing to us all.