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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Trumpeter's New Clothes - a video SHTICK

My Dearest of Dear Sillies,
How are you? Smiling, I hope.

   I'm very fortunate to have a generous, talented group of local friends, in addition to you. Bill Mash, in particular, put this video shtick together, asking nothing in return. It's ridiculously funny, with ear-catching sound effects. 
    To spare you time - and given the average attention span these days is approximately 2.5 seconds - I suggest you listen to it at 58 seconds through 1:41 (43 seconds total, IF I'm doing the math correctly. That's iffy.). My favorite part, though, is the end bit, from 8:06 minutes to 9:18 minutes. (72 seconds and just as iffy).
   This is my book in its entirety, along with a lot of meshugenah.* I'm narrating it, and I laugh every time I hear the Trumpeter King's (a local friend, Jason Allen's) voice in this. Bride Gnat and Bride Knit are played by one phenomenal actress-comic, Annie Fisher. Anyway, I hope you enjoy for 42 seconds or so.

Meshugenah - from the Urban Dictionary
A yiddish word that jews use meaning crazy.
That bitch is meshugenah
by harry shvang August 24, 2006

Take care of yourselves.
Til next time. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Wherein I Hugged an Emu

Hi, Dear Sillies,
May you be safe and well.
Last weekend, I traveled to wine country (Geyserville in Sonoma County) for a friend's birthday gathering.We celebrated at Isis Oasis retreat center and animal sanctuary.
There, I took photos and cozied up to an emu.
The California grapevine. How could I resist plucking and eating one? or two? I couldn't. Ssh.

I don't know this emu's* name. It's approximately 5 foot 8 inches tall -when neck is outstretched- and weighs 140 pounds. That woman? She basically birthed this emu - I didn't get (or want) the explicit details. But when he was a wee wee one in an egg, the egg needed to be incubated for a stretch of time. She took care of that. It's kinda her baby. [Note that I have all sorts of questions. Did she sit on the egg? With panties on? Did she breast-feed once it was born?...] They did appear to be very, very close.*Emus originate in Africa and are the world's second largest bird. First is the ostrich, but you knew that.
Who'd have thought a white peacock would be so beautiful?


Funny how outgoing all the creatures were. This parrot was ready to pose for (very) close-ups.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Happy Jewish New Year! 5779

Dear Sillies,
It's a New Year for the Jewish people, 5779. Oy vey, we're old.
Happy New Year everyone! We can all use a new start, right?
Let's see how celebrities pay tribute to this milestone...
Click on image, if you dare.

Bernie and Robyn

Sunday, September 2, 2018

TeachErotica: Learning Can Be Fun!

It's back to school time, and I'm a strong proponent of higher education. Learning is good. Learning by doing, even better. Gentle yet decisive individualized hands on guidance? As good as it gets! Enjoy. Wink.
Take good care of yourselves, dear sillies.
You are loved, by me and many others.
PS Sorry that Martha needed to show-off her new and improved Dad bod, and I apparently needed to re-post this. Forgive me.