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Monday, July 18, 2022

Comment Collage by a Strumpet

Dear Sillies,
Recipe for Laughter: 
1) Get silly. 
2) Shake things up. 
Enjoy the final product, made of your recent comments. 
Stay cool and hot and loved.

Geo. said Bel Air: met Richard Kiel at the deli counter. June, the deli-lady told him how Normal he looked and asked about steel teeth he wore in the Bond film. "They hurt", he said. 

Alex J. Cavanaugh said Go get 'em, Robyn!!

Birgit said A massage with the tongue is always a blessed event.

Elephant's Child said Smiling. Thank you.

Mike said Will there be video?

G. B. Miller said Sadly, the only June I can come up with is Pepe LePew's "romantic" grovelings: "Ahh, the moon! Ahhh, the swoon! Ahhh, the June!"

Sandy said June also always makes me think of Watergate.

Moving with Mitchell said From the state of things currently, maybe they all should have kept it in their pants.

Her Royal Highness said YOU STRUMPET!

Janie Junebug said My goodness! You should have warned me I was being celebrated. I would have had more fun. Thank you. Love, Janie

Debra She Who Seeks said I must apologize for my cat and her outrageous judginess. How she got her own email account is beyond me.

Debbie D.  said Cocktails like Margaritas and Long Island Iced Tea go well in the heat. L. Diane Wolfe said Now that was hot.

Mike said Biting makes it more interesting. Denise Covey  said And hilarious is all I can say!  jono  said There are the June Taylor Dancers who always did the overhead camera shots making them appear as geometric patterns. Joanne said You are a rose amongst many thorns.

Mary Kirkland said It's going to be 109 here tomorrow.

Martha said That was fun, Robyn! You always make me smile.

They don't call me a STRUMPET for nothing, Martha. (Robyn said this one.)

Monday, July 4, 2022

A July 4th Tribute to John Hancock, The Biggest of All

Dear Sillies,

Apologies for this one. It's dedicated to John Hancock. His was the biggest of all.

Despite everything, I do believe we have a lot for which to be grateful. May you agree.

Happy Independence Day!

Be good. Be safe. Let the sparks fly.