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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Moses Erotica!

Dearest Sillies,

How are you, friends? Be of good cheer, please.

I've been working  on this one for approximately 40 years, or so it seems. My heart breaks for Israel and the people, ALL of them, in that region, so this admittedly took more time than most of my poems. (Emotions both create and stall the art production process, right?) Otherwise, I'm enjoying life and singledom and all. Chocolate keeps me going. Plus occasional fantasies about Yul Brynner and...Moses.


Wait, She Who Seeks, HRH got a great spot in this one too! How'd she do that?

I hope you can read the above. Will try for better next time, but this one is very looong. (She said "long." Yes she did.)

Monday, May 6, 2024

May Pole Erotica

My Dear Sillies,

It's May. You know that, and I hope you know that I always wish you well.

Will let this one express the rest. 

Wait, how did HRH get into my collage, She Who Seeks?