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Saturday, December 31, 2022

2023! Whole Holy Beautiful View, A New Year's Poem

My Dear Sillies,
Like it or not, we're at 2023.
I brought you a poem, a real one this time. I hadn't written one in years. I hope you like it.
Moreover, please be good to yourselves in 2023. May life be good and gentle to you.
I love you, my Sillies. 

Friday, December 23, 2022

Naughty Santa, Christmas Erotica

Dear Sillies,
   It's time! Yep, time to get naughty! (As if I wait all year for that.)
   Santa's about to penetrate all sorts of chimneys the world over (How is he not too girthy for this?)
   At any rate, please be safe, well, silly, naughty, and loved. 
Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Merry everything to all.  

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Happy Hanukah!

Dear Sillies,

Spell it any way you like, Hanukah (Chanukah, Channukah, Chanukkah, Hannukah, but not Festivus) is here!

May you notice and appreciate miracles this season and in the coming year!

Love you.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Justin Two and December, Who Invited You?

Dear Sillies,
   I'm shocked, shocked I tell ya, that December arrived. Who invited December? That cheery, fat alcoholic on the North Pole? I mean, it wasn't me.   
   Needless to say, I hope that you're faring well, staying as warm as possible (and/or as cool as possible for our friends in Australia), and feeling reasonably good about the approaching festivities. 
   It's not all easy-peasy here --with health worries and procedures, with the passing of friends/acquaintaneces, with the general strife of life, work, ecsetera. I say this so as to NOT be one of those annoying people who pubicizes their "perfect" life and "world's best" relationship. 
   Justin Two and I, however, are doing alright. We do occasionally snicker and bicker. But he's a good one. I'm a good one. Mostly sometimes on occasion. Smiles.
   We've made it to 18 months. We're 1.5 years old! I know. I can't believe it. To celebrate, we went to the Sierra Nevada foothills this past weekend (Grass Valley). It was raining hard, but that was okay. It meant we "had to" stay in a cozy room and relax. Or go out for food and warm drinks.

   Oh and note what finger this ring is on. Yeah, but you know how I don't conform to societal expectations.  
   I found this cheapie ring in a store there. Justin Two purchased it and put it on my (wedding) ring finger. He then declared us Permanently Engaged. Woohoo! (We've both been burned by marriage. CA divorce settlement laws are twisted and antiquated, too. Thus, we plan to never marry.) 
   I'm loving my pretty P.E. ring. 

Be well, Sillies.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Thanksgiving Erotica, Martha without Snoop - Did He Have Enough?

Dear Sillies,
Are you ready to feast?
Apologies for this old timer, and that Snoop refused to pose with Martha. Can you blame him? Ugh.
Have an appreciative, highly satisfying Thanksgiving time and know that I'm grateful for you.


Thursday, November 10, 2022

Friends and Matthew Perry Wants a Girlfriend (Must be a 5'2" Brunette)

Dear Sillies,

Are you doing okay? I sure hope so.

Whatever your political views, we've had some exciting wins! Yippeeeee.

Halloween seems like ages ago. We had fun. JT and I won the vote (by me) for 

Couple Most Unlikely to Breed (Estelle Getty and Peter Pan).

                                                        Sorry for the bad lighting. You're better off, though.

Then there's Friend Matthew Perry. He was "meh" on Friends, right? Now, only 18 sketchy months into recovery, he's getting interviews galore and uproarious attention for his memoir. I'm furious! I mean, we work hard to write well, and some of us work hard to publish books that are pretty darn worthy. Next, there's bribery and begging of family members and loved ones to make that one small purchase. Yet they'll get the left over free copies during the holidays. Otherwise, what do we do with all the ones we've failed to sell? Where's the justice? Grrr!

To be fair, I didn't read it. Like I'm gonna pick up that ****! I did see some troubling interviews about it -- troubling because his speech is slurred and he's clearly not clearly recovered. For no apparent reason, he bashes Keanu Reeves in this book, and by "bashes" I mean that he wishes him dead. Shameful!

But let's have compassion, my dears. Mr. Matthew Perry needs a girlfriend. Here's one review:

This book is basically an ad for Matthew Perry to find a wife (you have to be 5’2 and brunette) so he can hurry up and have kids before he dies (even though he has screwed over everyone he has ever dated including Julia Roberts.) He whines about being an addict, brags about being famous, rich and SOOOO funny (that last one is debatable) and seems to have a strange Oedipus complex. He asks over and over in the book why his life was spared throughout his addiction and I don’t know the answer to that, but it certainly wasn’t to write this book. 

Don't waste your time, my friends, on this book, not that you were going to. You're too bright for that nonsense.

Love you.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Halloween Erotica

Dear Sillies,

It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween. 

Have you seen Bernie Sanders? I seem to have scared him away. Drats.

Have a tantalizing Halloween!


Sunday, October 23, 2022

Pumpkin Patchwork and I've Grown Taller!

Dear Sillies,

Look, I grew! 

We adventured to a pumpkin patch and corn maze this weekend. As you can see, I'm almost six feet tall now! Woohoo. 

JT picked out some pumpkins.

He likes to be silly. I like to be silly. I like it when he likes to be silly and when he likes my silliness.

But the corn maze put us on a three-year plan. See, we didn't make it to the proper exit last year. We got out at the opposite end. This year, we ended up exiting back at the entrance - kinda not the goal. So, next year, our third, we'll strive for making it to the exit. Oy. It's not easy. But so fun! Have you successfully navigated a corn maze?

As you can see, the weather was splendid.
I hope you're enjoying pumpkin season.
Love and sweetness to you!

Monday, October 10, 2022

Blonde, One Degree From Stardom

Dear Sillies,

How's October treating you? Wait, October? How did that happen?Well, Halloween's around the corner, and -hopefully- that's fun to anticipate. For now, I have another fun thing to share.

Do you have Netflix? If so, have you seen "Blonde"? It's quite heavy, but very well done. Ana de Armas does an incredible job portraying a tortured, overly objectified Marilyn Monroe.

Here's a firsthand account by an actor in the movie. He's smiling (in a somewhat devious manner) to the lead actress' (Ana de Armas') left, to your right as you look at the screen. 

   "The movie is fictional, and extremely dark and depressing.   But my scene was easy to watch.   I didn't know I would be sitting next to the lead actress.   She was nice.   She introduced herself when she came on the scene to sit next to me.   I just said hello and waited for direction.   I will say Ana de Armas was really focused on set.   She didn't seem to break character between takes.  It was also cool watching Adran Brody close in person.  I didn't get to talk to him.    
   It was cool when I was asked to go on the stage for the second part of the scene.   They also asked us to smoke herbal cigarettes on stage.  I refused.   I told them I didn't smoke.   I didn't think It would look good.   They didn't push it.  They ended up cutting the takes with the other actors smoking anyway.   I also got fed Prime Rib for lunch.  We were treated well.  
   Brad Pitt is one of the producers of this film.  He wasn't there. The film was shot in 2019.  It took a while to get released.   One day I just saw it pop up on Netflix." 

That someone I quoted is my brother, Jonathan. Cool, right?! And good on him for refusing to smoke the herbs. And good on production for respecting his refusal to smoke the herbs. But too bad he didn't meet Brad Pitt. 

Let me know if you see or saw the movie, along with your thoughts.

Be well, friends.
A sweet October to you!

Monday, September 26, 2022

Shana Tova. Happy 5783!

Dear Silly Ones,

It's Rosh Hashanah, a new year for the Jewish people. I like to declare a new year for all. Always a good time to nurture and mark newness. Our mission is everyone's: to bring a more peaceful world, a healed earth. "Tikkun Olam" means just that, to heal the earth. 

So, dear Sillies, Shana Tova. That is, "Happy New Year!"

Only at this time of year, you can find circular challah bread at places like Trader Joe's. The shape represents the cycle of life. And you know how the middle is the best part? Well, it's almost all middle with this one. Thus, it's almost all gone. JT and I went at it last night, and I've nearly finished it this morning. Add honey to challah bread or, more traditionally, apples; eat, and enjoy the sweetness of a new year.

Diclaimer: Forgive this half-tuchased (polite Yiddish word for "assed") rhyme. I'm rusty. Haven't written a poem in years. This is a silly, practice run. Thank you


We're old
and we've begot A LOT

We fought, got caught

We died and then

survived to press 

repeat again 

So hold to hope 

and visions sweet

For where there's care

There's no defeat. 

And heck 

Love keeps us all in check!

Happy 5783

That's darn old 

Or is it just me?

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Chocolate Tastings, In Her Majesty's (Not you, HRH) Memory

Dear Sillies,
For your sake, and in memory of the dearly departed Queen Elizabeth II, I've sampled some chocolate.
   Doesn't it feel as though the world's lost its loving, tough-as-nails Grandma? What a peach she was! And Queen Elizabeth II loved her chocolate. She was smart, after all. Her all-time favorite chocolate was Bendicks Bittermints, a minty fondant covered in 95% dark chocolate. Woowee. 
   If anyone gets ahold of this precious item (even you, HRH), do contact me. I will then bribe you to send one my way and will reward you profusely (even you, HRH).
Sorry to take things ugly now, but what the heck happened to Count Chocula? Look at his "x" eyes, and his Bugs Bunny teeth. 

   As per my sweetheart of 15 months now (I know, poor guy!), JT, this cereal is "okay" but "they skimped on the marshmallows." Also, what's with Count Chocula's hair? And what the heck are those gray puffy things on the sides of his head? Yikes.
   I can only give this cereal a 4, because the Count has devolved way too far. Count Chocula's enticingly dangerous charm is nowhere to be found. 

   I'm now sipping a nice warm cup of Numi's Chocolate Rooibos organic tea. It's pretty good - rich, earthy, with hints of dark cocoa. I actually added peppermint tea to it, which improved the taste. It needs something, perhaps a bit of honey or brown sugar otherwise. I do recommend it, and I give this an 8 on a 1-10 scale.  

Keep sweet thoughts and items in your life, daily.

Love you, my Sillies.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Naughty Teacher: Teacherotica!

Dear Sillies,

A healthy, manageable September to you!

It's back to school time, and I'm a strong proponent of higher education. Learning is good. Learning by doing, even better. Gentle yet decisive individualized hands on guidance (between consenting adults, of course), as good as it gets. 

Enjoy. Wink.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Interview with J Lo Affleck! A Wedding is This Gal's Best Friend!

What a treat today, my Sillies!
   In between weddings, she agreed to stop by our studio. Let's welcome the one, the only, the sultry, the always-ready-to-have-a-wedding Jennifer Lopez er, said in a near whisper, Affleck.

JLo dazzles in glamorous, intricately sequined, multi-colored in shimmering shades of pink and lavender accented by subtle splashes of silver diamonds, fit and sexy as ever, dance ware.

Robyn, in torn jeans and a tank top that reveals her wide and low-hanging boobies, plus newly excited nipples, strolls over to greet her while the one audience member, Ben, nods off. They shake hands.

Robyn: Sorry um, we're super casual here.

*All JLo quotes are real.*

JLo: I judge people on how they smell, not how they look. 

Robyn sniffs her right underarm, realizing she forgot to use deodorant this morn. Stay away from me, girlfriend, she jokes but not really. 

JLo keeps a smile.  Robyn: You and Ben have been married 4 times, in the past month or so. How many times have you actually married, I mean, to different men? 

JLo: I've been married three times and once was nine months and once was 11 months so I don't really count those.

Robyn: You don't count the short ones?  Robyn holds up her index finger and thumb, 4 or so inches apart, bringing them closer and closer as she speaks. Girlfriend, I disregard the stunted ones too.

JLo nods. I believe in love. Robyn: Did you just make that up all by yourself? 

JLo: It's a shame to call someone a 'diva' because they work harder than everybody else.

Robyn: Wait, harder than everybody else? Harder than the 18 year old barely-adult soldiers who fight on the front lines for our freedoms day and night, month after month, year after year? Harder than the single parents with three or more kids to feed and clothe and house after their spouse, who was their provider, abandoned the family to shack up with the hot, young blonde he hired to be his Robyn uses air quotes "assistant"? Harder than--

JLo blows a kiss and dances off the stage in some maneuvers that make Robyn's nipples perk up like never before.

Robyn to the audience: Wake up, Ben! You didn't re-re-remarry a smart one. But she's an incredible dancer. Damn. She's smokin', at 53 too. She smiles, Ben. Try it sometime like your wife does, and like your bestie with personality, Matt Damon. Talk about a hottie, am I right? If you want to see the real talents you married, here's a snippet. I thought you should know, Mr. J Lo. You're welcome, dude.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

InSanity Show

My Dearest Sillies,

It's been a while since I told you about my InSanity Book Launch & Variety Show. Here's a fun-filled  5:22 min glimpse. Note: Please excuse the Betty Rubble laughter. That's

Be well.
Be silly.
Read InSanity.
Know that you are loved.

Monday, August 1, 2022

Martha Stewart Shocks in National Underwear Day Attire for August!

 My Dear Sillies,

   I hope this finds you feeling alright, effectively contending whatever challenges you in these tough times. 
   August was never my favorite. I actually loathe it. 
   That said, let's fake excitement about the new month. Historically, August includes NATIONAL UNDERWEAR DAY!

   Take care of yourselves, stay as cool as possible, and eat chocolate (or your sinful pleasure, whatever that may be) as needed.
   Love you.

From Wikipedia: August was originally named Sextilis in Latin because it was the sixth month in the original ten-month Roman calendar under Romulus in 753 BC. SEXTILIS!? Happy *smirk and childish expressions* Sextilis, my friends! That sounds so scandalous, doesn't it? May it be so.

Did you know that August 5 is National Underwear Day?

In honor of National Underwear Day, nationwide events have encouraged the 80% of us who've worn the same style of underwear their whole lives*  to try something new.

How outrageous! 
But Martha Stewart is ready. She's always ready. For what? That's the question.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Comment Collage by a Strumpet

Dear Sillies,
Recipe for Laughter: 
1) Get silly. 
2) Shake things up. 
Enjoy the final product, made of your recent comments. 
Stay cool and hot and loved.

Geo. said Bel Air: met Richard Kiel at the deli counter. June, the deli-lady told him how Normal he looked and asked about steel teeth he wore in the Bond film. "They hurt", he said. 

Alex J. Cavanaugh said Go get 'em, Robyn!!

Birgit said A massage with the tongue is always a blessed event.

Elephant's Child said Smiling. Thank you.

Mike said Will there be video?

G. B. Miller said Sadly, the only June I can come up with is Pepe LePew's "romantic" grovelings: "Ahh, the moon! Ahhh, the swoon! Ahhh, the June!"

Sandy said June also always makes me think of Watergate.

Moving with Mitchell said From the state of things currently, maybe they all should have kept it in their pants.

Her Royal Highness said YOU STRUMPET!

Janie Junebug said My goodness! You should have warned me I was being celebrated. I would have had more fun. Thank you. Love, Janie

Debra She Who Seeks said I must apologize for my cat and her outrageous judginess. How she got her own email account is beyond me.

Debbie D.  said Cocktails like Margaritas and Long Island Iced Tea go well in the heat. L. Diane Wolfe said Now that was hot.

Mike said Biting makes it more interesting. Denise Covey  said And hilarious is all I can say!  jono  said There are the June Taylor Dancers who always did the overhead camera shots making them appear as geometric patterns. Joanne said You are a rose amongst many thorns.

Mary Kirkland said It's going to be 109 here tomorrow.

Martha said That was fun, Robyn! You always make me smile.

They don't call me a STRUMPET for nothing, Martha. (Robyn said this one.)

Monday, July 4, 2022

A July 4th Tribute to John Hancock, The Biggest of All

Dear Sillies,

Apologies for this one. It's dedicated to John Hancock. His was the biggest of all.

Despite everything, I do believe we have a lot for which to be grateful. May you agree.

Happy Independence Day!

Be good. Be safe. Let the sparks fly.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Being Rough on the Beaver and other June concerns

Dear Sillies,

It's time to celebrate all of the Junes. 
There's June Cleaver played by Barbara Billingsley. 

There's our Janie Junebug, owned by Franklin and Penelope - We all love this Junebug's saucy wit and heartfelt hilarity.

Johnny Cash married June Carter and they made beautiful music together. 

Have a pleasant June and please find ways to beat the heat. My favorite way is ice-cream or gelato with chocolate, of course. What's yours?

Does another June come to mind? 

Thursday, June 2, 2022

InSanity Book Launch and Variety Show

Happy June, my dear Sillies!

As I'd mentioned, I had a big Book Launch and Variety Show this past weekend. To see my writing play out, literally, in heartfelt and wacky ways--uniquely rewarding. 

Sorry, Mike, I don't know how to link video to this. 😞

D. Tremendous ~ 
This character routinely interrupted the show to boast about body parts or his personal "credentials." 
Fortunately, JT aptly hooked him off the stage every time. 
 Two delicate braincells whirled and swirled...landing for a slice of time with breasts pumped outwards. 
Judges Putinontheritz (left) and Pat Riotic kept the score throughout. 

Southpark Kyle played "A Lonely Jew on Christmas." I kid! He performed both crazy and deeply inspiring music throughout. See Kyle Williams, a Chico treasure.

This couple portrayed me and JT. (We meet at the end of InSanity.) Incidentally, we performed on the final weekend of The Lab (a bar and grill) where we met in real life almost exactly one year ago. (I know. Unbelievable.) And since I wrote the script, I chose this gorgeous, young, talented, TALL couple to portray us. He's "Guy Nickologist." She's "Robyn 5.0 Butmuchtaller."

A great crew of multi-talented friends pitched in. We had a blast. I  sold 15-20 books too. 

My message, that we're all sane and insane, so let's just be kind to each other, was well received. 

Please consider giving InSanity a read, if you haven't. Only $3 for the ebook. I'm striving to send its message in bigger and more emphatic ways for all time. 

Go gently, my dears, and keep a smile. 


Thursday, May 26, 2022

Rosy Greetings

Hi, Dear Sillies,

I've been extra busy planning for an InSanity Variety Show and Book Launch. Woohoo. I'll forward photos as I'm able. In short (as I do everything), I've gathered 12 other talents. We'll perform comedy, music and silly skits. I'll sign and sell my book after the show. I'm pretty excited. It all goes down this weekend.

I've also been trying to figure out how to move photos from my phone to my laptop. Google made some changes, as it's ever prone to do, so I had to learn new ways. If you're seeing this rose, I'm successfully figuring this out. 

Since I was a wee child, roses always fascinated me -- the layers, shades of light and color, my Bobbi (Grandma) Rose.

May this one signal your start to a meaningful, peaceful Friday and Memorial Day weekend.

Love and rosy days to you.

Monday, May 16, 2022

Color Me Confused

Dear Sillies, 

I hope you're finding reason to smile these days.

Given the big trial, I sought books on Depp. I found this very nice coloring book that helps you to RELIVE your Stress! Oy. We need that like a hole in the head, am I right? 

Johnny Depp Coloring Book: A Nice Coloring Book With Images Of Johnny Depp. A Way To Relax And Relive Stress Paperback – December 23, 2020


BADWIN: We can't be charting here on your post inbox me
Robyn Alana Engel: No, no charting. We can't do charting. Wow, you are so smart. You didn't buy my books. Go to Amazon. Chart to Author Robyn Alana Engel's page. Buy my books and then I will inbox you because you claim to be a widowed doctor from Syria. Hold me back! My boyfriend would like to be friends with you too. Inbox me your phone number so we can all get to know each other after you buy my books. xxx

Robyn Alana Engel: PS Doctor James Badwin, "orthopaedic" surgeons can usually spell their job title. Use dictionary. Chart it out. You can do it!

Robyn Alana Engel: Doctor James Badwin, where did you go? We were so looking forward to a new friendship. You did good, sweetie. You figured out how to spell "orthopedic." You didn't buy any of my books, however. I'm hurt and disappointed. Surely a fine handsome widowed surgeon like yourself can chart $2.99 for my kindle book. That is, unless you're a rude, creepy, and very stupid hacker. My boyfriend and I were so looking forward to a threeway "as just friends." Note the quotation marks. Wink.

Don't chart unless it's absolutely necessary, my Sillies.
Do keep a smile.
Love you.

Monday, May 2, 2022

May Days and The May Pole Dance!

 Dear Silliest of Sillies,

   It's May! We all know what that means. Yeah, it's time to polish up the ole May pole, remove a few layers, and go wild.
   Or just take time to smell a lovely rose.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Primer Gets Me! InSanity Reviews

Dear Sillies,

Excuse me for this, but if I can't brag here, where can I brag? Besides Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat...But Musk owns Twitter now, and I'm on #TeamJohnnyDepp, so this will get interesting. Musk and Heard had an alleged affair, and he gave her a Tesla AFTER he bugged it. OMG, do I really eat up this tabloid drama? Clearly, I do. I'm not well in the head. But that's a given. Even strangers know it.

When strangers are moved by my writing, it's a whole new level of reward. Thanks, "Primer", for your very thoughtful review of InSanity, from this little, "little over the edge" woman!
5.0 out of 5 stars Wow!!!
Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2022

What a read! Loved it. The first person, in your head of a "little over the edge" woman is done flawlessly. The writing is crisp, the subject matter very relatable. I could envision everything and feel everything the main character was experiencing real-time. The means by which the chapters are each their own little "life experience" comes across as brilliance personified. The story flows as fast as the snarky wit of author Robyn Alana Engel can readily produce the prose. The sometimes borderline psychotic narrative is rife of wit and sarcasm, though at times delves into dark and serious issues, before again rising to near hilarity! The novel undoubtedly contains every emotional ingredient necessary so that we all could have a good look into ourselves, while too a chuckle at today's society. Bravo!

Be well, my dears.

PS Buy my book here.

Love ya.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Martha's Chard and My Love

Dear Sillies,
She's back again! Martha, Martha, Martha! Apologies, friends. Martha Stewart signed with 19 Crimes. She's a felon, afterall. You can drink her Chardonnay now. 
Have you, per chance? Even if I drank, this wouldn't make my list.
 Most reviewers like it, so I dug a bit to find these:
  • 1-star I wouldn’t even use this for cooking. Super heavy on the honey notes. Don’t waste your $. 
  • 3-stars I mean it’s okay. We all know why we bought this.
  • Otherwise, it's been a nice Passover-Easter weekend and springtime. 

I HATE, HATE, HATE those lovey dovey "I'm so happy with the best partner in the world" posts. Don't you? But he is a very handsome gentleman. Wouldn't ya say? The most handsome, right? Well, compared to my other exes (bar's awfully low.) And JT's fine with me posting photos of him. I had to promise I'd never capture George, for example, on my blog. When I caught a snippet of his jacket sleeve, that sent him into an anxious chastising. Really dude?!

So I AM boasting that I found one man who isn't weird. 10.5 months now, and holding (my breath). 

Take good care, my Sillies. 
I love you.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Starring Alex J. Cavanaugh and his final Cassa book, CassaDark!

Dear Sillies,
Over a decade ago, we were going to participate in a group blog, along with three others, but that never took off. Since then, Alex has become a good friend and an ever loyal source of support. He's far and away the most kindhearted, determined, and brilliant of bloggers (err, Ninjas). I like to say that Alex J. Cavanaugh is blogland's greatest gift, because he is. In fact, Alex is such a talented writer that I developed a crush on one of his characters. I think you'll figure out which one. 

Folks, we're incredibly lucky to welcome Alex J. Cavanaugh to Life by Chocolate's studio! The audience roars. American Ninja Warrior's theme song by Rapid Fire blasts our eardrums. Alex appears dressed in a sleek black Ninja warrior suit, with electric guitar. He sets what looks to be some sort of teleporter, perhaps, to his side. Robyn eyes this tall, shiny gadget, and she casually moves closer to it. 

Robyn: Oh, um, congratulations, Alex! CassaDark is your sixth project. You completed a sextet! Woo-hoo, it's getting hot in here. Robyn fans her face. That must've taken a lot out of you, am I right? How do you feel to have climaxed, Alex? You crossed the final finish line!
Alex: Exhausted! No wait, I can do more. Crap, what’s the right answer? Four novels, one short story, and a boxed set. I’d say I did damned good with the series. A fitting end. 

Robyn: But are you sure about that? I want more Byron. How's he doing, by the way? I mean, sometimes us authors decide we're done writing books but the next book nags at us. So what's next, and how's Byron? Is he still with what's-her-name? 
Alex: Byron is still with Athee. Mates for life, remember? He’s retiring and ready to enjoy life. And you do know he’s getting up in age, right? Oh wait, you like the older men, don’t you?

Robyn: Sigh...Bernie, Byron, and the Pope. How's Byron? I mean, what message would like us all to know about CassaDark and the entire Cassa series?
Alex: Again, he’s fine. CassaDark takes us on an adventure with Byron’s son, now a grown man. He’ll face a lot of hostiles on the prisoner planet of Ugar, uncovering layers of lies in the process. Just might make a man of him yet!
Robyn: Where can we get ahold of Byron? I mean, where can we find and purchase your book? Robyn whispers to Alex: In case JT and I don't work out, and he's not with what's-her-name, have Byron contact me.
Alex: I don’t have his number. Do you have a teleporter? He’s currently on Tgren. You can borrow mine if you don’t have one. Just don’t tell Byron I let you use it. Well, maybe that’s a bad idea. Never mind.
You can find my book here:

Robyn: Thanks Byron, I mean you, Alex. It was great to have you here. All the success in this and other worlds with CassaDark and your next adventures!
We love you and Byron. 
Alex: Thanks, Robyn! Wait, where are you going with my teleporter? Robyn? Robyn!