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Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Underdog!

I dedicate this month-long challenge to children, with nephew Jeremy topping my list. Much thanks to the animated or more serious characters who agreed (or not) to conduct interviews this month. Sure, I had to promise them 80% of my profits, but a few are altruistic to the core. At least, that sounds good. Right? My point: Have fun reading this or doing something else. Give a child a hug today too.


Robyn: Welcome to our program, Underdog. You’re a good U!

Underdog: Thanks, and that I know. Polly Purebred tells me so.

Robyn: It’s been 38 years since your show aired. What have you been doing these days?

Underdog: I eat. I walk. I try to fly. Lift-off is hard, I’m not sure why.

Robyn: Do you worry you’ve lost your touch?

Underdog: There’s no need to fear! Underdog is here!

Robyn: This might be a bit personal, but I've always wondered...Do you wear Underoos?

Underdog: Commando is how I roll. Briefs and boxers take a toll.

Robyn: Do you always speak in rhyme?

Underdog: No.

Artist Joe Harris teamed with General Mills executives to create Underdog in 1959. Originally, Underdog served as a cereal icon. The cartoon series aired from 1964-1973. Underdog was voiced by Wally Cox and narrated by George Irving. Thanks to this team for my favorite childhood cartoon dog.


  1. Underoos, I still have some from my boys! LOL!

  2. Neither bird, nor plane, nor even frog.....

  3. I forgot about him! Oh the memories :0)

  4. Sweet Polly Purebread, man that takes me back a long time.

  5. Lol. Made me laugh how you ended it. :)

  6. I LOVED Underdog! (Thanks for this interview--not I know more stuff to impress my friends with.)

  7. I love Underdog... thoughts of him makes me feel so childlike again...

    I know you don't celebrate Easter, but I hope you had LOTS of chocolate anyway!


  8. "Do you always speak in rhyme?" "No." I actually laughed out loud at that. Great U Robyn.

  9. More than we ever needed to know about Underdog!

  10. Great one again in the series....I loved in honesty of going commando style. :)

  11. I actually had a dog named Underdog!!

  12. I never saw him in action, but I still feel sorry for him. He sounds like Mutley's alter ego.

  13. LMAO! Polly Purebred! I loved Underdog! He goes commando R! Remember, on the cartoon? He never had undies on! hahaha

  14. 38 years?!! Wow, I feel old. I remember this cartoon!

  15. You have no idea how much I needed this laugh today!! Thanks, you wonderful woman!!

  16. I'm so glad you all know Underdog.

    Doreen, I'm impressed you had a dog named after him.

    Ms.A, I rewatched an Underoos commercial in prep for this post. I felt sorry for those poor kids. Probably never got a gig since, but Underoos were super new in underwear. I wanted some, but I guess they weren't for girls. No fair.

    Judie, so glad to ablige. Really. I need laughs right now too, and I get them from these comments.