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Monday, June 22, 2020

Are You Ready For the Summer? It's Here!

Dear Sillies,
Whether or not we're ready, summer's here.
May you stay both cool and hot, in whatever ways work best for you. Wink.
Love you!

Monday, June 15, 2020

The Eating of the Ball: A Putrid Distraction

Dear Sillies,
   I'm really sorry for this, but I'm good for my word. My word, however, isn't always good. For example, I said "sure" to a friend's challenge. I mean, what could be so bad about sour candy? But even chocolate would not have helped.
   This video serves to discourage you from eating sour pickle balls. Is it too late? Have you already indulged? Please let me know.
   If you haven't, do not ever do so.
   I'm still recovering.
   Love ya!

PS The Jo/Joanne I refer to isn't one of our fabulous Joannes. It's another Joanne who's a nonblogger and probably doesn't like me nearly as much as I thought she did.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Black is Beautiful!

Dear Sillies,
   I've been a bit caught up in the historic uprising. Despite how I come across, and despite my love for Chico, its police department is strongly rooted in racist ideology. Our greater community also has a hateful, ignorant, old school (white privileged) undercurrent.
   Three years ago, a young Black man, Desmond Phillips, was shot and killed when his father reached out for police support in the midst of Desmond's mental health crisis. Three years later, justice for Desmond
has yet to be served. This is far from the only similar local incident of police brutality.
   From our protest last Friday:

Love you!

Monday, June 1, 2020

June's Here!

Dear June,
   I've known you were coming. It's no secret. For 11 months now, you slept on the side-lines. Yet you still managed to barge in unexpectedly. How'd you do that? I like you, kinda. Then again, you bring the start of miserably hot weather. You make me a year older, over which I have no say. 
   As far as all the months go, though, you are one of the best and prettiest. You also remind us of the importance of not going too rough on the Beaver. You're really quite special that way.
   So make yourself comfortable, but please don't overstay your welcome. Thanks. 
   Have a safe, inspiring, special June, my Dear Sillies.
 The June Bug ~ red-brown beetles that we tend to see here in the Northern Hemisphere during warm evenings.

June Cleaver (actress Barbara Billingsley)