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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Fires, Kindness, and etc.

Dear Caring Sillies,
I find myself going silent in times like this. As you likely know, massive portions of Northern CA have been destroyed and the destruction continues. The fires are 75 miles north of me, and I'm perfectly safe. Yet safety feels like an incredible luxury right now. Whenever my thoughts stray to the fires, they land at the sentiment that all I can do is be kind and generous to those in need.

Kindness. It's nothing and it's everything. (I'm re-posting an ole and revised poem).

We grapple to find answers
When there are none to be found
Since trauma and destruction
Never stem from somewhere sound
We want to make wrong right somehow
But can't undo the pain
Of spirits crushed by tragedy
Mere words seem so inane
We can offer loving kindness
To those who fight to live
It's everything.
It's nothing.
It's all we have to give.
 Onto fun and cheer ~ the astute and witty Joanne at Word Splash, WON my Giveaway Guessing Game. And she WON so QUICKLY! I didn't think anyone would guess that the blizzard and tornado warnings were in Denver Colorado. But they were. Congratulations, smart lady! 

Two more snapshots:
Wherein I found my zen (from a little chocolate shop in Idaho Springs, CO)
Castlewood Canyon - on the search for waterfalls, which I never found (thus, the half smile).
More to come ~ the highlight, visit with a special person...
On an altogether different, tacky and self-promotional note: The Trumpeter's New Clothes is FREE as an ebook today (7/31) through Saturday (8/4) HERE. 

Please be safe, be well, and treat yourselves kindly.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Where in the World Did I Go? Giveaway Game

Hi, My Dear Sillies,
    I went away last week. Where'd I go? That's for you to figure out. The first to guess this secret locale will win a copy of The Trumpeter's New Clothes, plus a little treat. If the winner already has my book, surely they know someone who'd enjoy a tiny orange-ish gift.
   Now, come with me!
   A bit haggard, we've landed at the airport.
   Hint 1: We're in a different time-zone than California's.

Hint 2:
Hint 3:
Our flight home is delayed by 11.5 hours due to harsh weather conditions. This affords us the time to begin and finish (reading) a new book; exchange words with United employees, meet nice people, and connect with a former colleague who happens to be booked on the same flight. If you're still with me, we're also going to attempt to sleep on the airport floor. Don't worry, they give out flimsy airport blankets for our convenience. We get free bottled water too, so we're fine. Keep faith. We'll arrive home a day after planned.
   Yet it was entirely worth the adventure be continued soon. 

Take care of yourselves and have a safe, relaxing weekend, Sillies.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

One Rainbow Tribe, One Little Break

My Dearest and Silliest of Friends,
   I'll be taking a little break for approximately one week. Take care of yourselves, and know I'll be thinking about you.
   In the meantime, I leave you with one of my most recent poems. You can find this scroll in The Trumpeter's New Clothes. (Now in e-book for only $2.99!) My exceptional illustrator, Steve Ferchaud, created this illustration using real parchment paper. The message conveys my thoughts about humankind - its threats and its treasures.
PS In case you missed it, the book is here. Wink.
One rainbow tribe!
Love you.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Comment Collage - Starring YOU!

My Beloved Sillies,
It always gives me hearty laughter to pull your comments together.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.
Take care of yourselves.

Birgit said Since Georgie had wooden teeth, I bet other parts were made of wood. He may have invented the term woody.
Debra She Who Seeks said Teef and hung like a hamster? Oooooo baby!
Alex J. Cavanaugh said That's why no man will ever give my wife a massage.
Joanne said Oh heavens to Betsy...wave that flag proudly. Kneel when necessary.  
L. Diane Wolfe said Betsy was a saucy girl. The Silver Fox said So, does that mean I might get laid on Flag Day?
Jono said She is so strong and kind and turns me into a noodle.  
Elizabeth Seckman said Does that make me a virgin? L. Diane Wolfe said He might have a job and teeth but I bet he still shops at Walmart.
Alex J. Cavanaugh said And of course Martha has to horn her way in...Anthony J. Langford said I need a good old gust to come through and hoist that baby!
Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said I do loves me a smart sexy woman who can write about topics that make me stand up and salute her genius.                       Debra She Who Seeks said So THAT'S what Bernie's doing these days! Geo said Robyn, you helped cheer up an old man on a difficult day.
Pat Hatt said It would just be rude to poke an eye out after being invited in.
mail4rosey test... just testing to see if this posts. Janie Junebug said Don't you mean John Handoncock?Love, Janie Connie said Whew! It was already hot here, and now it's even hotter!
Elephant's Child said Swoon. Sandy said Read an article a few days ago the a Veteran posted, he says the most patriotic people he sees, are those kneeling. Hurrah for him I say.
Birgit said I'm sorry but I need a cigarette and I don't even smoke.
LD Masterson said And don't let it get rained on unless it's properly lit. (Oddly enough, that's actual flag etiquette. Sort of.)
Connie said You crack me up, Robyn.
Elephant's Child said Patriotic duty suggests that if the flag is erect during the hours of darkness it should be properly illuminated.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Saluting John Hancock

Sorry, Friends. 

Rest assured, though, the image could be worse. I tried to enhance it to its original size, and - wow! - that was way too big!
Wherever you live, whatever your politics, may you appreciate all that inspires you to drop to your knees.
Love ya.