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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Justice Remix'd Ice Cream, A Ben & Jerry's Creation

Dear Sillies,
   When all else fails, there's ice cream. Plus, it's always nice when I come upon a new reason to indulge...for your benefit. You deserve the best. That's Ben and Jerry's, right? So I grabbed this off the shelves (and paid for it too - $3.99) - Justice Remix'd, "Cinnamon and Chocolate ice creams with gobs of cinnamon bun dough and spicy fudge brownies." 
    Our criminal justice system is far from perfect. You can help create positive change by eating this ice cream! [A portion of profits go towards criminal justice reform.]

Before digging in, I watched a few popular reviewers' Youtube videos on this ice cream.
Here's a summary: "This is dope!"

"Well, if you eat the dark chocolate part you taste dark, and if you go for the vanilla, you taste vanilla." *This astute observation was expressed by a woman in Kentucky. Note: There's no vanilla flavor, nor is there "dark" flavor. I decided I could perhaps give a more informative review. 

My take: 
   The cinnamon is a bit too  overpowering. The cinnamon bun dough, though, tastes divine. As for the chocolate part, I wanted to delight in a more hearty chocolate fudge brownie taste. I loved both, separately, but they aren't mixed in this Remix, and there's nothing particularly harmonious about the pairing. 
   I kinda find it ironic that "Justice Remix" has distinctly segregated flavors. B&J simply threw together already developed recipes. 
   I don't know how justice should look or taste. But I can't imagine they landed with this one.    
   That said, I loved it and finished it too quickly. 
   I give Ben and Jerry's Justice Remix'd a 7.5 on a 1-10 scale.

Have you tried this? Want to try it? Thoughts on how justice should look or taste?

May you have a sweet and spicy day, my Dear Sillies.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Presidential Erotica: The Rising of the Caucus

My Dear Sillies,
   The more things change, the more they get more strange.
This is to say, I'm back to Berning for my man. (I did give up, but he never has. Thus, how dare I? Plus, he and I -well, it's personal).    
   The "female" in my rhyme, the one who does nothing for me, is a different one this time around -- 4 years later (Warren). 
   Yet caucusing is on the rise (I think. I never understood those things). However, I do believe that we're hard pressed to talk about it shamelessly. Embrace it. Coddle it. Bring it out in the open, and do so with pride.

   Keep a smile, and be naughty. It's the only way through the madness. Plus, of course, chocolate. Lots of it.
Love you.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Elizabeth Seckman's Ode to the Battery!

Happy Pro Self Love Day, week, year, lifetime, my Dearest Silly Hearts!

Happy Day before ridiculously priced waxy cheap chocolate with the most ugly of stuffed animals and nearly dead flowers get knocked down to 1/2 and 3/4 off, my Dearest Silly Hearts!

Happy Day in which...

Ode to Batteries
Rayovac, Duracell
Powered up they’ll ring the bell
Energizer, Eveready
Won’t even ask that you wear a teddy

   My good friend, Elizabeth, will receive a wonderfully sweet package. No batteries included. I take it, you're stocked up, Elizabeth.

Much love to you all.

LOVE YOURSELF publicly, privately, first, last and always.

You are all you have - besides your hand (that's a little, or not so little, nod to Pat Hatt) and batteries!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Anti-Valentine's Day Hate Contest: Pro Self-Love Entries

Dearest Silly Hearts,
   The announcement was made. The entries were entered. This momentous decision is up to you!
   Please vote in the comments on your favorite Pro Self-Love Entry. Must be a follower of this blog. Vote for one and only one that isn't your own. If there's a tie, I'll break it. The winner will receive a very sweet package from Life by Chocolate's self-loving team (of one).
   I love you, my Sillies.
   Thank you!

I love me tender, love me true.
The rest of you can 

get back in the line.

Honey, please go take a hike.
My hand I love, you I only kinda like.

Ode to Batteries
Rayovac, Duracell
Powered up they’ll ring the bell
Energizer, Eveready
Won’t even ask that you wear a teddy

Self-love is my theme. Self-love is my dream. 
My psychiatrist and I scheme 
and decide it's hallucinogens I need 
to block the Valentine's screed. 
Bite me, Chocolate.

Looking into the mirror, I'm as special as I can be, 
cause there's nobody quite like to be you!

It pains me to have to disqualify these 2 below, due to word count (They're over 36 words). But they're very much worth the read!

I'm a pro, I'm the best
My love for me is above the rest
See my selfies, hear me roar
stuff of legends, part of lore
Never alone in my bed
all the voices praise in my head
turn out the light
but wear a teddy (just kidding Elizabeth)
love,love,love me
I am ready

Looking back on 11 years retirement, there are many jobs I hired that I used to do myself: tree-trimming, roofing, under-house plumbing --all within parameters of my pension. But love? Almost all who loved me never sent me a bill. (Sorry, 4 words over the limit)

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Annual Anti-Valentine's Day Contest, Pro Self Love!

Dear Sillies,
   It's that time.
   You have one week from today to submit an anti-Valentine's message.
   You'll vote for the winner. That winner will receive a very generous and sweet chocolaty package. 

  •    SELF LOVE is the theme.
  •    Message must be under 36 words.    
  •    You need not keep it perfectly clean (we're here at Life by Chocolate, after-all).
  •    Entries may be submitted in the comments or, if you prefer, sent via email to Rawknrobyn at aol dot com.
  •    DUE by day's end, EST, FEB 12th.
I love you.
Love yourself - in public, in private, first, last and always.