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Monday, April 25, 2011

V is for Velma Eugenia Dinkley

I dedicate this month-long challenge to children, with nephew Jeremy topping my list. Much thanks to the animated or more serious characters who agreed (or not) to conduct interviews this month. Sure, I had to promise them 80% of my profits, but a few are altruistic to the core. At least, that sounds good. Right? My point: Have fun reading this or doing something else. Give a child a hug today too.


Robyn: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm excited to welcome Scooby Doo's Velma Eugenia Dinkley. Velma enters the stage in her typical attire, gripping her glasses nervously. Nice to meet you, Velma. Have a seat and relax. Velma sits at Robyn's computer desk and begins Internet research. Sure, be my guest. My password is...Oh, you figured it out. You know, I used to identify with you, a nerdy outcast and all. How does it feel that Daphne gets so much attention? Let’s face it, she’s not quite playing with a full deck.

Velma: Well (blushing), Daphne is pretty hot. I mean, we all work together as equals. It’s all good.

Robyn: I see. But there’s been some ongoing tension between you and Shaggy. Right?

Velma: Actually, after that one kiss Daphne and Fred pressured us into, I don’t know what I ever saw in him. He chose Scooby over me anyway. That’s ok. Jinkies, Daphne’s pretty -um- pretty. And Fred, well, talk about not playing with a full deck. I barely notice him.   

Robyn: It sounds like there might be something you’d like to come out with. Yes? Now’s a good time. Our audience is very accepting.

Velma: Well (taking a deep breath), okay. Though perceived as illiterate barbarians, the ancient Vikings actually encrypted an enormous quantity of documentation in stone, wood, and metal. Clearly highly communicative, they utilized mysterious symbols known as runes to transmit messages. Runes were instrumental for writing, telling fortunes, and casting spells.

Robyn: Thanks, Velma. Don’t you have a mystery to solve right about now?

Velma: Oh yeah (looking at her watch and logging out). Gotta go.

Scooby Doo was created for Hanna-Barbera Productions by writers Joe Ruby and Ken Spears in 1969. Velma’s been a consistent and rather under-appreciated character all along. She does, after all, singlehandedly solve most of the group’s mysteries. Velma was originally voiced by Nicole Jaffe, followed by a series of others. Mindy Cohn of The Facts of Life fame has been Velma’s voice actress since 2002. Keep up the good sleuthing, Velma. They’d be lost without you.


  1. I can relate to Velma's looks. However, I can't relate to Velma's intellect.

  2. Shaggy choose Scooby? Now you need to have him on as well!

  3. I loved Velma. Oh, and my sister looks like her too.

  4. So that's what Mindy's been up to! She was always my favorite Facts-of-lifer. Nowadays I picture Velma as the techie-nerd from Criminal Minds. - G

  5. I didn't know Mindy Cohn did Velma's voice. Now that you say it though I can totally hear it.
    Cute post as always.

  6. One more reason to love Mindy Cohn. As if I needed another. I did not know that little tidbit before encountering this post. Come to think of it...slap some horn-rimmed glasses on Mindy, and voila! Theeeeere's Velma!

  7. I never knew her full name! You're the best. Great post xo

  8. I loved her because she reminded me of myself...glasses, nerdy and all...well not that nerdy..
    Lovely character you choose, my friend...the nerds will remember you forever in cyber space. :D

  9. Dang, I thought you were going to get her to admit something there for a moment.

  10. I just found your blog via A to Z. It looks like you've been having a lot of fun with the challenge!

    Velma Eugenia Dinkley...that's some good trivia. I hope I can remember it for future reference.

  11. I always did like Velma. I appreciated her smarts. Fun interview!

    Good luck with the remainder of the A to Z Challenge!

  12. I wish there was an episode where some guy pulled off Velma's glasses and kissed her full on the lips. It would have been a game changing event.

  13. When I still took my kids to the movies, I took them to see one of those Scooby Doo flicks. It was the one where Velma got all "gussied" (NOTE: Old uy expression. Sorry) up. Took her glasses off, wore a slinky dress, etc. She was blind as a bat, but hot. Beauty AND brains. Jinkies!

  14. Happy Tuesday or is it Wed? Oh, Happy Whatever day :)
    I have missed you so! I see your are still Funny :)
    I love this post ( ok, I love all your posts) I'm off to read more( I have missed so many :(
    ps, that Al is funny with the "gussied", ah ah ha!
    Love ya lots
    gi gi

  15. I always liked the "smart" girls vs. the blondes in the cartoons! Heehee!

  16. Thanks, all you Velma fans. Somehow, I think this gave her ego a boost. After what Shaggy did to her, she needed it.

  17. Little Hailey loves Scooby...not sure why but she does!

  18. i'm a big velma fan, too!!

    betty xx