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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Primer Gets Me! InSanity Reviews

Dear Sillies,

Excuse me for this, but if I can't brag here, where can I brag? Besides Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat...But Musk owns Twitter now, and I'm on #TeamJohnnyDepp, so this will get interesting. Musk and Heard had an alleged affair, and he gave her a Tesla AFTER he bugged it. OMG, do I really eat up this tabloid drama? Clearly, I do. I'm not well in the head. But that's a given. Even strangers know it.

When strangers are moved by my writing, it's a whole new level of reward. Thanks, "Primer", for your very thoughtful review of InSanity, from this little, "little over the edge" woman!
5.0 out of 5 stars Wow!!!
Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2022

What a read! Loved it. The first person, in your head of a "little over the edge" woman is done flawlessly. The writing is crisp, the subject matter very relatable. I could envision everything and feel everything the main character was experiencing real-time. The means by which the chapters are each their own little "life experience" comes across as brilliance personified. The story flows as fast as the snarky wit of author Robyn Alana Engel can readily produce the prose. The sometimes borderline psychotic narrative is rife of wit and sarcasm, though at times delves into dark and serious issues, before again rising to near hilarity! The novel undoubtedly contains every emotional ingredient necessary so that we all could have a good look into ourselves, while too a chuckle at today's society. Bravo!

Be well, my dears.

PS Buy my book here.

Love ya.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Martha's Chard and My Love

Dear Sillies,
She's back again! Martha, Martha, Martha! Apologies, friends. Martha Stewart signed with 19 Crimes. She's a felon, afterall. You can drink her Chardonnay now. 
Have you, per chance? Even if I drank, this wouldn't make my list.
 Most reviewers like it, so I dug a bit to find these:
  • 1-star I wouldn’t even use this for cooking. Super heavy on the honey notes. Don’t waste your $. 
  • 3-stars I mean it’s okay. We all know why we bought this.
  • Otherwise, it's been a nice Passover-Easter weekend and springtime. 

I HATE, HATE, HATE those lovey dovey "I'm so happy with the best partner in the world" posts. Don't you? But he is a very handsome gentleman. Wouldn't ya say? The most handsome, right? Well, compared to my other exes (bar's awfully low.) And JT's fine with me posting photos of him. I had to promise I'd never capture George, for example, on my blog. When I caught a snippet of his jacket sleeve, that sent him into an anxious chastising. Really dude?!

So I AM boasting that I found one man who isn't weird. 10.5 months now, and holding (my breath). 

Take good care, my Sillies. 
I love you.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Starring Alex J. Cavanaugh and his final Cassa book, CassaDark!

Dear Sillies,
Over a decade ago, we were going to participate in a group blog, along with three others, but that never took off. Since then, Alex has become a good friend and an ever loyal source of support. He's far and away the most kindhearted, determined, and brilliant of bloggers (err, Ninjas). I like to say that Alex J. Cavanaugh is blogland's greatest gift, because he is. In fact, Alex is such a talented writer that I developed a crush on one of his characters. I think you'll figure out which one. 

Folks, we're incredibly lucky to welcome Alex J. Cavanaugh to Life by Chocolate's studio! The audience roars. American Ninja Warrior's theme song by Rapid Fire blasts our eardrums. Alex appears dressed in a sleek black Ninja warrior suit, with electric guitar. He sets what looks to be some sort of teleporter, perhaps, to his side. Robyn eyes this tall, shiny gadget, and she casually moves closer to it. 

Robyn: Oh, um, congratulations, Alex! CassaDark is your sixth project. You completed a sextet! Woo-hoo, it's getting hot in here. Robyn fans her face. That must've taken a lot out of you, am I right? How do you feel to have climaxed, Alex? You crossed the final finish line!
Alex: Exhausted! No wait, I can do more. Crap, what’s the right answer? Four novels, one short story, and a boxed set. I’d say I did damned good with the series. A fitting end. 

Robyn: But are you sure about that? I want more Byron. How's he doing, by the way? I mean, sometimes us authors decide we're done writing books but the next book nags at us. So what's next, and how's Byron? Is he still with what's-her-name? 
Alex: Byron is still with Athee. Mates for life, remember? He’s retiring and ready to enjoy life. And you do know he’s getting up in age, right? Oh wait, you like the older men, don’t you?

Robyn: Sigh...Bernie, Byron, and the Pope. How's Byron? I mean, what message would like us all to know about CassaDark and the entire Cassa series?
Alex: Again, he’s fine. CassaDark takes us on an adventure with Byron’s son, now a grown man. He’ll face a lot of hostiles on the prisoner planet of Ugar, uncovering layers of lies in the process. Just might make a man of him yet!
Robyn: Where can we get ahold of Byron? I mean, where can we find and purchase your book? Robyn whispers to Alex: In case JT and I don't work out, and he's not with what's-her-name, have Byron contact me.
Alex: I don’t have his number. Do you have a teleporter? He’s currently on Tgren. You can borrow mine if you don’t have one. Just don’t tell Byron I let you use it. Well, maybe that’s a bad idea. Never mind.
You can find my book here:

Robyn: Thanks Byron, I mean you, Alex. It was great to have you here. All the success in this and other worlds with CassaDark and your next adventures!
We love you and Byron. 
Alex: Thanks, Robyn! Wait, where are you going with my teleporter? Robyn? Robyn!

Friday, April 1, 2022


Dear Sillies,
Happy April! 
Let's enjoying some foolishness through a medley of your recent comments: 

Joanne said Always a fun romp in the clover. And alas, not keen on Irish whiskey to knock me out.

Anthony J. Langford said Funeral services love them though. Those Extra Large 'curvy' caskets cost a bomb!

Joanne said F yoga and Pilates too.

Debra She Who Seeks said You know, you're going to give poor old Bernie and Francis a heart attack.

Debbie D. said BTW, Short Person's Day is Dec. 22.

Moving with Mitchell said I used to google myself but I find it so tiresome to be reminded of my criminal past. 

L. Diane Wolfe said George of the Jungle was a better song than movie. Especially the version by Weird Al.

New Release Books said Nothing does anything for me now.

Mary Kirkland said Ah yes, I have found my people! Ha! Pull up a chair, pass the box of donuts around and bring along the chocolate shakes. I'm fat and I'm ok with that. Bring on the cookies!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said Is poking a badger with a fork an original sin?

Birgit said Why don’t they just call it Fat Day and show pics of the Walmart people.

Annalisa Crawford said My favourite, which I didn't have room to include this month, is Procrastination Week. Mike said Looks like you're ready for church!

Elizabeth Seckman said Look at that trampy Martha eying that guys sausage!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said Reminds me of the singing telegram in Ferris Bueller's Day Off - 'I'm here to restore your pluck 'cus I'm the nurse who likes to...'

Sandy said Oh my, oh've made me speechless.

Al Penwasser said Did Tori Spelling get stung by a bee? Or the whole hive?

Jeff  said BTW, have you seen your former governor, Arnold's, video to the Russia people? It's good!

Elizabeth Seckman said Sticking it to the beaver...I can't top that comment.

Pat Hatt said A carrot treat hopefully not to be beat.

Birgit said Who hasn't thought of doing it I the pews. Bernie would blush but the Pope? Maybe a scowl with a slight knowing smile.

balanced a.f. said But anyway, this was quite the eye-opening festive read for my early morning.