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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sundays in My City for Monday, Welcome back to Chico!

Unknown Mami

Unknown Mami hosts a great worldwide party on Sundays. Check it out!

Thanks for coming back to Chico. It's my one-month anniversary of residency in this fine city. Step a little closer, with binoculars in hand, so I can point out a few things.

Map and photo are courtesy of the Chico Chamber of Commerce and Visitor's Bureau.  The hand sculpture graces Chico's downtown mall. [Sadly, Paradise did not make the map. It's a tad northeast of Chico.] We are here at the pretty orange-yellow star, in California's true North.

A tree in my neighborhood. Look closely through the branches towards the left corner, and you'll find the moon.

Boats are a common sight, though I'm not sure why. The ocean is hours away, and I have yet to see a lake around here.
That concludes our tour. Safe travels home, and have a wonderful week! xo  


  1. Is that the moon or an orb? Wahhahahahaha.

    I am glad that you are getting settled in and are happy with your move.~Ames

  2. Glad you're all settled in! Nice pictures too!

  3. The peacefulness of small town life. Relish it.

  4. I'm just a little disappointed that Vacaville wasn't good enough to be on that map. Yet, it shows Oakland. Sad.

  5. what a beautiful and quiet town!

    love the photos.

    happy monday!

    big hugs!

  6. Lovely Shots all 3....lovely hand sculpture... want a big pic of that one.
    the moon hidden from prying eyes for some well deserved privacy.
    the boats with wheels sure make skates defunct...
    Enjoy your stay...look whose talking!!

  7. I SEE IT!!! I spy the moon.

    Being married to Fisherhubby I can 'splain the boats. If water is within several hours driving distance, a Fisherhubby NEEDS a boat - - - and $$$$$$$$$$$worth of OTHER fishing paraphernalia.

    Or so he thinks.

  8. Boats in the middle of no where, hmmm...

  9. Thank you for joining the tour, my friends. Have a great day and week!

    Keetha, that explanation really helps! Thanks.


  10. PS Shan, you're right. Those outlet stores are the best. I would've put it on the map in flourescent lettering. xo

  11. Paradise is on the map. You just can't see it because one of the points on the star has it covered.

    You've been there a month and have yet to hear about Lake Oroville? You could spit and have a hard time missing it.

  12. BTW - where I live is on the map, too.
    Oh, and I was wrong about Paradise location on the map. It is more like covered by the armpit of the star's point.

  13. lovely shots! i like the finishes on them, too.

  14. All the boats are there so the people can escape on the rivers of blood that will accompany the end of the world scenerio that I am convinced your town is at the nexus of. I am telling you. Pack your purse with roat flares and carry an umbrella sword and a Star of David for your own protection. When it all goes does just stay alive! I will find you!

  15. IT, that explains why I drove by the lake yesterday but didn't see a lake. Thanks. xo

    Freckles, thanks for visiting. ;0)

    Kal, study that boat picture. I'm living there now. You've scared me straight. Find me soon, okay? I don't have much chocolate left. xo

  16. Ha ha....we've got boats everywhere here too, despite the fact that we're pretty much landlocked unless you go to the shore an hour and a half away, or up to the Poconos another hour and a half away!

  17. That hand sculpture is a trip. I'd love to give it a high five.