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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Bar Mitzvah Mensch, My Not-So-Little Nephew

Dear Sillies,

I went away last week, and I returned this week. 

My love bug nephew in So Cal (the chocolate-smudged cutie in the right side-bar of this page) had his big day. Finally. 

Jeremy turned 13 just as news of COVID broke. His big day was thus canceled, rescheduled, canceled, and re-scheduled again. In the meantime, his 14th Birthday went by.

His last living grandparent, now 91, had a big health scare and went from her nursing home to the hospital. She pushed through and attended his Bar Mitzvah this past weekend. Approximately 70 people did, including me.

With only three weeks to learn and re-learn the service -- we got news about the temple's tenuous future, so the family had to plan quickly-- he led the service eloquently. I was and still am k'velling (boasting, expressing pride).

  2016, age 9 (and 49)

2021, age 14 (and 54)

When did he grow to be so tall?! I look up to him even more than it appears here. He's more resilient,compassionate, patient, and mature than me. He's also very clever and witty.

In his speech, Jeremy thanked his parents for "giving me the freedom and opportunities to choose my own spiritual path." He's chosen both Judaism and Christianity. We're all very proud.

If you're wondering, the proper greeting for an event like this is "Mazel Tov." This means "congratulations." 

Thank you, and I love you, my dears.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Lake Tahoe Getaway, Showtime

Dear Sillies,

I've been very fortunate to embark on exciting getaways these days, despite the pandemic.

Mother's Day weekend found me in glorious Lake Tahoe on the CA-Nevada border. (I'm late on posting this, I know.). Thing is, I went there for a show. Well, more specifically, I went to perform in said show! 

The marquee reads "Funnyball Comedy." This comedy included headliner Johnny Taylor, five other male comic friends, and...Me. The guys are all very nice. There was no ego to deal with. Johnny's a talented, witty, and humble gentleman.

Yeah, I've been doing standup comedy for approx three years. A friend from Chico moved to Nevada and arranged the show. He booked me as the only woman in the show. Woohoo!

It was one of the best weekend's of my life. I was treated like a celebrity and felt like one. They comped our rooms, drinks, and gawked over us. I made friends, fans, and had an all-out remarkable time.

While I didn't deliver a perfect performance (I forgot some things and messed up one of my lines), I wasn't terribly nervous. Most importantly, I looked good. If I do say so myself.

 I'd post the video of my 10-minute standup set, but I can't. Not because it's too naughty. I mean, it IS too naughty to post. But I don't yet have the full video. I'm still waiting on it from a comic friend who filmed the whole thing.

Here, I'm taking in the ambience before driving back home from the experience of a lifetime.

Be well, my darlings.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Ben and Jerry's Colin Kaepernick's CHANGE THE WHIRLED

Dear Sillies,

The warm weather provides excuse for my latest indulgence. As do you. 

So here I am with some Ben and Jerry's Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert. As labeled, it packs "caramel with fudge chips, graham cracker swirls and chocolate cookie swirls." I know, right? But hear me out: It's NON-DAIRY and thus well, never mind. It's not at all healthy. It's healthier than ice cream, however, and I wouldn't have guessed it's non-dairy. 

The base tastes like smooth butter cream. The swirled chocolate-graham cracker-cookie mix tastes divine. I have no words, except to say I'd take a knee for it. It earns a 9 on my 1-10 scale.  

Stay sweet, cool, and silly, my dears. xo

Monday, May 3, 2021

May Pole Erotica

Dear Silliest of Sillies,
   It's May! We all know what that means. Yeah, it's time to polish up the ole May pole, remove a few layers, and go wild.
   Or just take time to smell a lovely rose.