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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tribute to Jeremy Hawkins, Entertaining Celebrity Book Reviews

Dear Sillies,

In case you haven’t seen Alex’s blog, which you likely have, please visit it here. I talk about being crazy, and about songs with “crazy” in the title. My point is that there’s a good kinda crazy and a bad. What “crazy” songs come to your mind?

On a somber, very different note, Alex has planned a  FEBRUARY 2nd tribute for a close friend of his and many. This very special family man and blogger passed away in early January (from COVID), JeremyHawkinsJeremy was incredibly open hearted. He designed the IWSG logo, t-shirts, page headers . . . you name it. He refused to take money from us for his work. Such a sweet, special person. Jeremy’s artistic talents were spectacular too. Please consider supporting his family in any of the ways that Alex mentions

 ~~~~~Onto minutiae, I've been scanning celebrity book reviews to find some entertaining ones for you. Here we go:

4.0 out of 5 stars OK, so you're Rob Lowe? Now try and impress me.............PS If you think Rob is handsome you have never seen his dad! 

To save you the time, his dad's a well respected lawyer in Ohio, indeed quite attractive.


Bad title, Mariah. Really? The meaning of you

In fairness, I did read a bit of it and you're a good writer. I got distracted, though, by senseless italicized words and quotation marks. Otherwise, I know you know that your book's been very well received. However, not everyone feels the same:

3.0 out of 5 stars A loooong trip to the therapist with Mariah

 1.0 out of 5 stars The meaning of who cares Poorly written and and full of ego. 

Shania’s book looks to be the most vapid of these three. 

I like Shania Twain, but I won't buy this one.

but i have to say, shania criticizes the 'other woman' for seducing mutt, but it takes two to tango, in my opinion and mutt was a big boy who knew exactly what he was doing.

Um, yeah. Damn mutt! FYI: Mutt is her ex husband who divorced Shania after Mutt had an affair with Shania's (married) friend. In turn, Shania married the man who was married to this "friend." Go, Shania! But do stop the whining, girlfriend.

Obviously many people have been divorced but few have the hundreds of millions of dollars and a castle in Switzerland to cushion them when starting over. 

Excellent point. What could be so devastating that a romantic getaway with your hubby to your castle in Switzerland wouldn't help fix?

Sunday, January 2, 2022

New Year, New Book, InSanity Cover Reveal!

"Never before has a book so completely changed my viewpoint on mental illness and suicide (with the exception of Moby Dick)."
-Ken Lynch, Author, Blogger, US Navy Veteran
  • Please judge this book by the curls. Or read sample and decide.
  • Available in Kindle e-book and paperback HERE.

I SO lucked out. Approximately one month ago, I put out a desperate plea for a local graphic designer. My new bestie, Steven Kistler, responded. We'd never met, but we did the very next day. I shared my vision, and he got busy. Steven decided to play with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Images of the galaxies. This color combination was a glorious accident, and we both loved it. I'm beyond thrilled with his work. It's truly out of this world, yes? 

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

New Year's Eve Erotica, 2022, InSanity

Dear Sillies, 

It's almost -- gasp -- 2022. Weird but okay. Let's welcome a good new start.  Hopefully?

Now please excuse my blatant recycle of a two year old post. Thing is, this dress covers my nipples so well, I haven't taken it off since New Year's Eve, 2019. (Fashion tip: Super glue for the nips, scotch tape for the hair. You're welcome.) 

I'll be launching InSanity on Monday, January 3rd
So I'll show you the cover now: 
 Oh good lord, Martha! What's wrong with you?
Not getting enough attention these days? Dagnabbit. I'm sorry, friends. Excuse me. Security! Security!  Martha: "Get your grubby hands off of my -bleep!- you -bleeps!-"

Phew. Now I can show you a portion of the actual colorful cover--to be revealed in full a Monday, January 3, 2022.
This is from a selfie I took in Greece years ago.  

Bryan Pedas of A Beer for the Shower wrote: "It's a mad, mad world out there and Robyn Engel does a brilliant job of breaking down all of the quirky, too ridiculous to make up insanities of everyday life with both kindness and laughter." 
By the way, I'm very glad to report that Bryan's doing great.    

Safe, Happy, Loving New Year's, my Sillies.