My Story, Yours Too.

Monday, June 18, 2018


Dear Sillies,
Summer shall make its grand entrance this week.
That said, please do whatever it takes to stay cool AND hot.
I love ya.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Betsy Ross, Sex Goddess

Dear Sillies,
If you have one, yank it out and wave it proudly!
{Incidentally, Thursday is Flag Day.}
Take care of yourselves, my friends.

Monday, June 4, 2018

The Trumpeter's New Clothes! Warning: Not for those who lean Orange

FOR YOU, my Dear Sillies ~
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"I'm the most top best," he blurted.
"I never get hurted!"

Another gloat-show had been botched.
Nobody cared.
No-one watched.
                              An uplifting, hopeful finale ~ a more beautiful world.

E-book is underway. Sorry I don't have link yet.
Paperback is HERE.

A collage of your comments during our Sneak Peek game:

Birgit These 2 ladies are the cheerleaders for games and hope their handkerchief will be picked by Sir Cops a feel.
Geo. "Who are these women?" They are victims of the upsidedown icecream cone fashion fad.
"What do they want?" To be restored to their former seniority over frozen confections.

The Silver Fox These ladies may have been the first groupies in history. As for the third woman? Well... Everybody's a critic! Pat Hatt 
A bad voice got the 2nd one in a snit.
Debra She Who Seeks That instrument is the trumpet sticking out of Donald Trump's ass. Elephant's Child What do the women want? The same thing that women have ALWAYS wanted. And the woman with her hands over her ears is not listening to those who say that she can't/shouldn't have it.
Anthony J. Langford I'll say it's a wedding that the 2nd lady didnt want to happen..kind of like Harry's ex. Joanne The instrument is a flugelhorn (very Dr. Seussian) and the porcu-bear had to save the damsel from drowning in a chocolate fountain.
Sherry Ellis The instrument is a shlongophone. My father-in-law plays one.

Connie I don't know what the missing word is, but I've been giving all these clues some thought. Is your book based on the story of The Emperor's New Clothes, and is it starring Donald Trump? DING! DING! DING! CONNIE WINS FREE AUTOGRAPHED BOOK!!

   As I not-so-subtlety revealed in the last post, the creature is in fact a porcupine. The women are Rushing Brides, and the instrument is a trumpet. (Yeah, Debra!). From QUEENS arose a King. The rest, you can find out on your own.
   This Orange babe, my contribution to the resistance, and my fuel to energize us in creating a more beautiful world, is thanks to two grand men: illustrator Steve Ferchaud, and my all-around lifesaver, Bryan Pedas. I’m also indebted to bloggy buddies, Debra, Janie, Sue-Elephant’s Child, and Connie; and to my good friend, Lara – all of whom put their obligations aside to purchase my book, write reviews, post about this, and support me through the finish line (and now, new starting gate).

Love, Love, Love!
One rainbow tribe. (You'll see these words in Trumpeter.) 
PS Book link is HERE too!