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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On Why I Choose Celibacy, Reasons #90-97: Being a Farther and Farther

REASON #90: Oh yeah please know Game playing thank you. Sure. Twister, Yahtze, or Ants in the Pants?

REASON #91: I see my self politically as a nonpartisan, until both of the the party start listing to what us the common man & women have say. In the United State Constitution! it say this country was found for the people & bye the people, and when two party that are running this country start listening to us the people will thing get better…Long may the flag that represents our frredom wave. Run, Forrest! Run for office!

REASON #92: hey your kind of cute evein if ya don't have your pic with a dog horse or motorcycle lol     I’d take a pic with a dog horse, but I can't seem to find any around here. 

REASON #93: must smell good and no bullshit or drama just smiles 4 miles. ya im dreaming. done the married thing. it could of worked but i didnt listen 2 well. i try 2 just smile and mind my buissness. i do enjoy fishing the outdoors and getting naked.:) Whoa! Listen, that’s not my buissness, babe.

REASON #94: Lonely dogg wants to meet you! Would you kindly tighten his leash? Thanks.

REASON #95: well hello im, i like to do many things ,hobbies are diving, fishing woodworking, cooking , i like to travel to the coast ans check out small towns, also garding to. A gal does like feeling protected. id like to meet a woman that has some iof the same intrests and i willing to learn and be oped You mean, you write for the paper? Cool!, minded- im a giving and loving man and would like to be married some day, faimley is the hub of goals i feel your would be mine , i like being a is calming to me and takes me out of self, old rock, blues, some country, bluegrass, and jazz, love it, did i sai was a great kisser ? oh well ask me anything you like lo How much a farther do you like being? ‘Cuz I like being much a farther, darlin'. Much, much a farther.

REASON #96: I'm like to stay active outdoors and looking for a healthy/active woman who'd like to share with me in my favorite outdoor activities and have me sare some of their's ; ) This may sound selfish, but, I've gotta tell ya, saring doesn’t work for me. Sarry!

REASON #97: i would say on the first date would depend on intrests of lady out going hopefully a little dancing getting to know each other try to keep it light definenately no rush or push I’d suggest barefoot boogie. It’s definenately lacking in rush or push. Good luck, Fred.


  1. This is why I love reading your blog, Robyn!
    And you are awesome. One of the most caring spirits I've ever met.

  2. I had a neighbor with a dog horse... or was it a Great Dane?
    Are you taking these from the CN&R. Do you even see the CN&R?

  3. #1 reason why I choose celibacy: My hubby has reached his sexpiration date.


  4. I love ya, Alex. Thanks! xo

    IT, I get enough data from plentyoffish. That's my main source. I've seen the CN&R, but haven't seen any ads in it. You're right; there are some dog horses out there. I wouldn't want to pose with one, though. ;0)

    OT, thank you. xo

    Keetha, that is a great comment! I'm so glad for our recent connection! [-:

  5. Slim pickins, I'd say. Maybe these men just can't type and think at the same time... maybe. (See, I'm being nice AND positive, which is SO not like me.)

  6. Robyn, I just love you!!!! Oh, these poor stupid men, ah ha ha!
    I do understand your reasons for celibacy!
    Come on over to my blog for some BOOM BOOM POW!
    (I'm not getting any either :( not by choice tho' ah ha ha!
    Love you
    gi gi

  7. OMG....I laugh so hard every time you answer with THEIR spelling errors!! It's funny as hell!

  8. Are you kidding me? Did these come from or plenty-o-duds .com?

  9. You had me at 'Ants in the Pants' I loved that game. Kids and adults can play it and there is no way that your age helps you kick some kid's butt. You know I think I OVER proofread my stuff because of you. Can't you cut a brother some slack. It could be he is so overwhelmed by you that he can't slow down enough to get to words right. Okay, scratch that. I don't wish a 'quick finisher' on you. Do you ever answer these quys with your rapier wit in real life? Now that I would love to see.

  10. These people sound so smart in their ads it's down right scary. May they never stop for blogging sake!

  11. Hey Robyn, I think I am gonna join you in the ranks of celibacy.

    I've gotten back on and the results are so screwed up... no ones even winking at me... Do I have the plague? I promise I've shaved my legs and waxed my bikini.

    Maybe I should become a nun, cuz I'm getting none and its pissing me off.

    Love ya my sister from a Jewish mister,

  12. Ms.A., maybe they can't type or think. (I'm not as nice as you.) xo

    Sarah, definitely scary. ;0)

    Marlene, thank you. I always enjoy making you laugh. xo

    Ames, yes. You're good! Thanks for the laughs. <~;

    Sarah, I don't expect it will stop anytime soon. No worries. xo

    Lisa, sister, we'll join the convent and be nuns who get none together! Love it and you. ;0)

    Gigi, I love you too. Thanks for the Boom Boom Pow. It was good for me! xo

    Kal, I have on rare occasion, with the rude ones. They deserve my snark. I've posted one or two of those. It's been a while. Perhaps I need to dig 'em up.

  13. too funny Robyn - I particularly liked "faimley is the hub of goals i feel your would be mine" which is disconcerting to say the least...

  14. #1? Seriously? And faimely is important, so you should go for #95. :)

  15. LOL---If it weren't so serious! Are these really real--like really? I could do this! I know I could ride that Dog Horse Farther nekkid while fishing than anyone else!

    Then you would be hooked on me!

    LYMI---You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. hilarious!im glad i found your blog through the a-z. i'll be lurking around for more celibacy reasons.

  17. You had me fall off the chair with these....well the faimley man makes me glad, dating is not my thing and that I am halfway across the globe...farther enough, you think?
    As for lonely dogg, I bet my pyjamas, he is just looking for some poop scooper. Have a great week ahead and more gamers up your literary sleeve. ;D

  18. Loved your response to #91. And #93 is repetitive. Of course if you want someone to smell good there isn't going to be any bullsh!t around. Duh.

  19. Perhaps if all the idiots are writing to you, there are some intelligent men out there just waiting to write to me??? Wishful thinking huh?

  20. hilarious! i particularly liked "93, 94, and 97."
    i love your great sense of humour.

    big hugs!

    betty xx

  21. This series would make a great book along with illustrations :0)))))) I'm always in stitches reading this.

  22. I've got some catching up to do! I'm guessing these are actual ads placed by actual (obviously idiotic) men searching for some love? Wow. Had no idea it was that hard out there ;-)
    Tina @ Life is Good

  23. I bet he wants to rush and push!
    Please, dont let Mr Farther breed! Or any of them for that matter... no wonder the world is stupid.. they let the stewpied breed!

    Wow, 20 posts in 16 days! Is that a record?

    Sorry I can't get to more.. I'm still struggling to get my one a week out.. lol..

    Take care darlin and keep up the great work..