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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Signs of the Great North, Sundays in My City

Unknown Mami hosts a picturesque world tour on Sundays. Visit some wonderful places through her blog.

Welcome to California's far North, where:

(1) Street signs cater to the visually impaired.

(2) One can find the infamous STUMPINATOR. 
Note: The stumpinator serves to grind stumps. (I learned this from reading the sign.)

  (3) There is one sign of liberalism.

(4) A mini-quiz, just for fun: A white ladder enters the left edge of every photo. This is clearly caused by:
  (a) My scanner's decision to act weird
  (b) The fact that technology and I will never be best friends,
        as further evidenced by continued problems with my post feeds
  (c)  I failed to stumpinate the images prior to posting
  (d)  All of the above

Thanks for visiting! Have a great Sunday and new week. xo Robyn

The Sidewalk Cafe, A Saturday Centus

As provided by our wonderfully unpredictable Saturday Centus mentor, Jenny Matlock, this photo's our weekly prompt. Alas, we can use up to 100 words again. I hope you enjoy (?) my offering. Please don't  lose your appetite. Also, check out the other writing pieces through Jenny's blog. You'll be glad you did. 

Have a shvitz*-free weekend. xo Robyn
Welcome to
The World’s Only True SIDEWALK CAFÉ

Where the toast’s rather toasted
Hot links, super hot.
Coffee’s fully roasted
Cold o.j. is not (cold)
Hash browns are hash blacks
You can take ‘em to go
Fruit salad’s like soup
We suggest that you blow.
The eggs are well boiled
Even when they’ve been fried
The bacon keeps bakin’
(Always a great side.)
So nosh while you shvitz*
And shvitz while you pay.
Curbside seating for all

Open weather permitting (Must be at least 95◦F or 35◦C).

*Yiddish for sweat like a (kosher) pig.