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Saturday, December 31, 2022

2023! Whole Holy Beautiful View, A New Year's Poem

My Dear Sillies,
Like it or not, we're at 2023.
I brought you a poem, a real one this time. I hadn't written one in years. I hope you like it.
Moreover, please be good to yourselves in 2023. May life be good and gentle to you.
I love you, my Sillies. 

Friday, December 23, 2022

Naughty Santa, Christmas Erotica

Dear Sillies,
   It's time! Yep, time to get naughty! (As if I wait all year for that.)
   Santa's about to penetrate all sorts of chimneys the world over (How is he not too girthy for this?)
   At any rate, please be safe, well, silly, naughty, and loved. 
Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. Merry everything to all.  

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Happy Hanukah!

Dear Sillies,

Spell it any way you like, Hanukah (Chanukah, Channukah, Chanukkah, Hannukah, but not Festivus) is here!

May you notice and appreciate miracles this season and in the coming year!

Love you.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Justin Two and December, Who Invited You?

Dear Sillies,
   I'm shocked, shocked I tell ya, that December arrived. Who invited December? That cheery, fat alcoholic on the North Pole? I mean, it wasn't me.   
   Needless to say, I hope that you're faring well, staying as warm as possible (and/or as cool as possible for our friends in Australia), and feeling reasonably good about the approaching festivities. 
   It's not all easy-peasy here --with health worries and procedures, with the passing of friends/acquaintaneces, with the general strife of life, work, ecsetera. I say this so as to NOT be one of those annoying people who pubicizes their "perfect" life and "world's best" relationship. 
   Justin Two and I, however, are doing alright. We do occasionally snicker and bicker. But he's a good one. I'm a good one. Mostly sometimes on occasion. Smiles.
   We've made it to 18 months. We're 1.5 years old! I know. I can't believe it. To celebrate, we went to the Sierra Nevada foothills this past weekend (Grass Valley). It was raining hard, but that was okay. It meant we "had to" stay in a cozy room and relax. Or go out for food and warm drinks.

   Oh and note what finger this ring is on. Yeah, but you know how I don't conform to societal expectations.  
   I found this cheapie ring in a store there. Justin Two purchased it and put it on my (wedding) ring finger. He then declared us Permanently Engaged. Woohoo! (We've both been burned by marriage. CA divorce settlement laws are twisted and antiquated, too. Thus, we plan to never marry.) 
   I'm loving my pretty P.E. ring. 

Be well, Sillies.