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Thursday, June 2, 2022

InSanity Book Launch and Variety Show

Happy June, my dear Sillies!

As I'd mentioned, I had a big Book Launch and Variety Show this past weekend. To see my writing play out, literally, in heartfelt and wacky ways--uniquely rewarding. 

Sorry, Mike, I don't know how to link video to this. 😞

D. Tremendous ~ 
This character routinely interrupted the show to boast about body parts or his personal "credentials." 
Fortunately, JT aptly hooked him off the stage every time. 
 Two delicate braincells whirled and swirled...landing for a slice of time with breasts pumped outwards. 
Judges Putinontheritz (left) and Pat Riotic kept the score throughout. 

Southpark Kyle played "A Lonely Jew on Christmas." I kid! He performed both crazy and deeply inspiring music throughout. See Kyle Williams, a Chico treasure.

This couple portrayed me and JT. (We meet at the end of InSanity.) Incidentally, we performed on the final weekend of The Lab (a bar and grill) where we met in real life almost exactly one year ago. (I know. Unbelievable.) And since I wrote the script, I chose this gorgeous, young, talented, TALL couple to portray us. He's "Guy Nickologist." She's "Robyn 5.0 Butmuchtaller."

A great crew of multi-talented friends pitched in. We had a blast. I  sold 15-20 books too. 

My message, that we're all sane and insane, so let's just be kind to each other, was well received. 

Please consider giving InSanity a read, if you haven't. Only $3 for the ebook. I'm striving to send its message in bigger and more emphatic ways for all time. 

Go gently, my dears, and keep a smile. 



  1. That looks like it was SO much fun! Love the zany characters who participated! And glad you moved quite a few books too!

    1. Thank you, Debra. Yeah, it was successful. Fun too.

  2. That is so cool they performed your book! Bet that was so much fun to watch. And congratulations on one year.

    1. Thanks so much, Alex. It was a surreal experience, having written a new script for the stage. I really didn't know how or if it'd come together. But it did, insanely well too.
      I appreciate your support in all ways and always.

  3. I was looking for you in the last picture... OH WAIT! There she is! Down there. 😄

    1. The hare hair piece gave me a few more inches, Mike, but still...😜

  4. My comment seems to have gone to spam. Congratulations dear friend - it looks like a heap of fun, and it worked.
    And congratulations on the first year.

  5. Looks like you all had a great time. Huge congratulations x

  6. It's not an article, and I'm not a dude.

  7. Looks like everyone had a good time. Well done on both the show and your book. Keep up the good work.
    Sandy's Space

  8. So glad you have so many friends and talents - a unique book launch/show/and fun fest. Congrats!