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Saturday, December 4, 2010

On Being Jewish This Time of Year

Jenny Matlock

Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus challenge involves creating a piece within 100 words based on a prompt. This week's prompt is bolded below. Check out Ms. Matlock's site for lots of fun Centus posts and other great stuff. Happy Christmas prep time. May your lights be easily untangled. xo

Being Jewish was especially hard during the holidays, so I was thrilled to help Maria with Christmas decorations.

“Hurry, we’re making the native tea scene.” I rushed to Maria, sitting by the tree. She handed me a doll and tiny blanket. “Wrap it.” “Not like that!” Maria grabbed them. Flinging her hair in know-it-all fashion, she wrapped the baby just as I had.

“Go pull those apart.” She pointed at the bin of tangled up Christmas lights.

“Can we make fudge next?” I asked. This had to get fun soon.

“Mom does that, without help.”

I just wanted to go home and play dreidle.


  1. This was good...children thinking the grass is greener....but adults do it too!

  2. Is there a difference between Christmas lights and Fairy lights? Are there Jewish fairies? These are the questions I want answered.

  3. GB, sweetie, let's talk. Fairies aren't real - in any religion. xo

    Bookie and Major, thanks so much. ;0)

  4. You captured these voices perfectly! The Native Tea Scene - so cute. Sometimes things aren't nearly as exciting as we imagine them to be. I'm with you, I would have rather been making fudge :) Kat

  5. You did a really good job with that!! You're very talented. :)

  6. LOL! I JUST figured out what the Native Tea Scene was meant to be! (I'm a bit slow on the uptake this afternoon.) Loved this! - G

  7. I wanna play Dreidel!! Is it kinda like spin the bottle?

  8. Haaaa..xmas prep wasnt too much fun with maris...Id rather play dreidle to..I bet she wasnt much fun most of the time...Hope all is well with you...go have some holiday cheer..!!

  9. Is she from the south?? :-) ~Ames

  10. Perfect take on this prompt! A kid's perspective is always so fun to read.

  11. This was a creative direction to take, and it rings true. (We've all done it, one way or another!)


  12. Sounds like little Maria needs to have her snobby little butt get some Christmas spirit instilled in her.

  13. Thanks Gayle. xo

    Kat, thank you. Yes, and the best thing about making fudge is you need to sample it throughout the process. ;0)

    BabySis, that means a lot. Thanks. xo

    Georgina, I'm laughing with you. I don't think I would've gotten it either, if I hadn't thought of it myself. [-=

    Marlene, sorry to disappoint. It's similar but different. Just subtract the risque factor. xo

    Thanks Marnie. ;o}

    SmArtee, you ARE smart. She was difficult all year long. It had nothing to do with religion, though Catholic school probably didn't broaden her perspective. xo

    Sarah, LOL. Thanks. Even 30+ years later, it's good to be supported around this. ;0)

    Ames, her family's from Mexico, very traditional. She tried hard to convert me, but chocolate tastes so much better than a wafer. xo

    Cheryl and Sue, thank you, co-centusians. <-;

    Gautami, I appreciate your visit and comment. Thanks. xo

  14. I liked that! It was exactly what children would do and say.

  15. That's why Jews and Christmas don't mix well, accept with a general helping of fudge,

  16. I wasn't allowed to help with the fudge OR untangle the lights in my house...

  17. Fudge Vs tangled lights? Give me the fudge everytime. Nice take.

  18. I'm sorry your time helping Maria (that little snot!) with Christmas decorations was such a bummer. You would have had much more fun at our house when we were kids--and been a lot better fed! You don't mention that Maria's mom fed you at all. Who ARE these people!!??

  19. This was wonderful. I guess most people forget that others don't celebrate Christmas. This was a good reminder to us all especially those that get their panties in a wad over saying Happy Holidays, ha.

  20. I LOVED 'The Native Tea Scene' - wonderful! ;-)

  21. I hope you all get some yummy fudge this season, whatever you celebrate. xo

    Viki, exactly. Thanks. ;0]

    FYI, the Maria character is loosely based on a childhood friend. It was actually nice to get doses of Christmas and Christianity from them, albeit quite challenging at times.
    Happy Holidays! xo

  22. Fudge....the fudge....I often wonder why it is that this is the only time of year I spend hours making fudge. It is DELISH...why not make it periodically all year long?

    Having some chocolate in each hand equals a balanced diet, right?!

  23. well coming from a land where Hindus (me) are a majority but studying in a convent school run by Christians has broadened my outlook...remember singing Carols in fav was the "Drummer Boy"...having catholic friends prepare a special veg/or liqueur free treats for u was touching...but yes they never participated in Hindu festivals, Muslim friends did but...they still view us as pagan I guess...Enjoy ur holidays...

  24. "they never participated in Hindu festivals," too bad I like to participate in everyones holidays.

  25. Congrats! You won second place in my 700th post blogiversary giveaway!

    Now all I need is your mailing address. Oh, and please come and post your choices in order on todays "winners" post, so that I can determine what prize to send you once the first place winner has made her selection.



  26. What a lovely story, Robyn!
    Nicely done!!

    Wishing a great week ahead!
    Big hugs
    B xx

  27. Always hard trying to be something you're not. Amazing how these religious differences become manifest at such a young age. My Catholic friends and I seemed to be living in two wholly different realities.

  28. You still have Chanukkah!! Isn't it interesting how a minor holiday has grown so much just to compete with Christmas??
    Happy Chanukkah, Robyn!

  29. Thanks for this timely - and well written -written reminder that our society is not so homogenized as we think.


  30. God is Good, God is Great, Let's Eat FUDGE!
    I would love for you to read this post, I think you would get a kick out of it! Here is the link, hopefully I did it right!It is from Oct.14th
    Happy Monday!
    gi gi

  31. Yeah, Christmas isn't all it's cracked up to be. I mean, the presents, sure. But the rest of it is kinda just crap. I do like egg nog, I guess.

    This was really funny Robyn

  32. Daffy, absolutely. That's a balanced diet. Keeping fudge going throughout the year would help keep it balanced, too. I like the way you think. xo

    Rek, that sounds tough. You were open minded, but not others weren't. Ultimately, they are the ones who missed it. ;0)

    Tweeks, thanks. xo

    csmith, I agree. It can be fun and fascinating to experience diverse practices. [-;

    Sue, you made my day/night/week! Thank you. xo

    Betty, thank you. Big hugs and well wishes i return. =o}

    NP, you're right. I appreciate your comment and visit. xo

    Judie, yes. It's kind of nice and kind of a shame. I do love Chanukah, though. <-;

    cj, thank you. There really is beauty in diversity. Isn't there? xo

    Gigi, I love your little blessing and I'll be over to check out the link. Thank you! Hugs. :0]

    Cheeseboy, thanks. I like egg nog, too. Well, some brands are much better than others. I think my favorite is Borden. Cheers. xo

  33. Am I the only gentile who was jealous of all the fun Jewish children had at Hanukkah? LOL! What a fun and heartwarming story, Robyn! Great job!

  34. Smart girl she figured out so early in life - it isn't always greener. . . Fun take!

  35. Love this. Christmas at our house always was and remains today, filled with people of all faiths, eating, drinking, cooking and laughing together. Having a Jewish brother-in-law also meant that Hannukah and Christmas with our two families became one giant celebration with all of us together. I can hardly seperate the two anymore.

  36. Robyn, this was incredible. I loved the view of this and it is definitely one I've never thought of.

    Thank you for both the smile and the eye opening. And, hey, if you want to come and make fudge with me...I am always open!