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Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Wishes For You, and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

Dear you (insert name of person reading this), 

I wrote this poem especially for you. 

I love my followers and visitors. You, (insert name as above), cheer me on, guide me, and keep me laughing.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, stay safe and warm, and remember what's important.

With Love, 

Whatever Your Practice

Whatever your practice
Whatever your creed
I wish you the vision
To aid those in need.

I wish you the strength
To conquer your ills
The solace of knowing
You'll take care of bills.

Whatever your practice
Whatever your truth
I wish you denial
To revel in youth.

The loving connections
That tickle your heart
The faith and the courage
To embrace a new start.

Whatever your practice
Whatever your way
I wish you the spirit
To keep hope at bay.

The blessings of safety
The gifts of the earth
The virtues of holding
True to your worth.

Whatever your practice
Whatever your fate
I wish you the inkling,
"It's never too late."

When chocolate's all gone
And life, a big chore
I wish you the means
To go get some more.


  1. That was very sweet and nice of you.


    The Honorary Jew.

  2. Aw, how sweet are you! Big Chocolate kisses to you :)
    gi gi

  3. You know, I was hoping to skip Christmas and just be Jewish this holiday (since the kids will not be with me and I got an invite to hang with some Jewish folks instead) but now I'm at a crossroads.
    1. Do I accept this poem and all of the love that comes with it?
    2. Do I run from all things Jewish (*and honorarily Jewish) so that I CAN accept this poem?
    3. Do I accept this poem AND pretend to be Jewish this holiday, therefore giving me extra benefits? I mean, the atheists put up a christmas tree and give their kids gifts, right?

    I'm going to go with "OMIGOSH, I wish I could send you chocolate for Christmas but you don't celebrate it and Hannukah is over, so when my dear - WHEN - is your birthday?"

    PS - How did you know Elmo + Robyn was my fave?

  4. Thank you. That's a fabulous poem. Many blessings.

  5. Thanks for the poem Robyn! Many chocolate wishes to you

  6. Dear Lord,

    Please give Robyn an inexhaustible supply of chocolate that will keep her mouth sweet forever.


  7. Love it!

    Happy Christmas!!

  8. Robyn, I am not really sure what I believe in any more, except for chocolate. I DO believe in THAT!

  9. Nice one Robyn - hope your Chrismas is filled with lots of chocolate.

  10. That last stanza really speaks to me. Namely of chocolate. haha

    Very sweet poem. Happy Holidays.

  11. Thanks, Robyn - Merry Christmas! And I celebrate the reason for the season.

  12. Happy Holidays Robyn. Have a blast at your friend's and try not to eat too much chocolates. O what the heck, eat a LOT of chocolates!

  13. Babysis, have a wonderful Christmas with your loving family. xo

    Honorary Jew (aka OT), L'chaim! Thank you. Brisket and ham to you and yours. ;0)

    Gigi, back to you, dear friend. xo

    MajorMack, Merry Christmas! Thanks for being a new follower. [-;

    Miley, I love ya. You always make me laugh. My b-day is as far from Christmas - I mean, the holidays- as it gets (end of June). What to do, what to do...I vote for pretending. You know, the "Fake it til you feel it" thing. It's worked for women of all faiths for centuries. Happy, happy. xo

    AFare, you're welcome and thank you, friend. =-}

    Baygirl, thanks. Chocolate wishes back to you for a lovely Christmas and new year. xo

    Dear Lord, please, oh please, consider GB's prayer frequently and often. Thank you. ;0)

    Yakoi, thank you. Merry Christmas. xo

    Judie, the chocolate lords and I approve. Love to you. <o:

    David, thanks. I think I can look forward to homemade fudge. I'm happy. I like this Christmas thing. xo

    IT, hey, you're welcome. Thanks for sticking around for another year.Enjoy the season. ;0)

    TS, I had to end on a chocolate note. Happy holidays to you and yours. Thanks. xo

    Alex, I'm glad someone does. Merry Christmas. (-;

    Sarah, oh, alright. Merry Christmas, my dear real life friend. xo

  14. lovely, sweet words and chocolates too...enjoy the weekend...that's my wish for you... ;)

  15. I think everyone here wants to wish you a happy Hanukkah but no one really knows how to spell it. Hope you have an awesome holiday season!

  16. So what movie are you going to see? What chinese food will you be enjoying? Thanks you for your fill in the blank wishes. Seems appropriate for this shallow time of year.

  17. Rek, thank you kindly. xo

    Cheeseboy, lol. Ask any 2 Jews how to spell Hanukah, and they'll give you at least 3 answers. I've calculated 12-16 ways. It's rather intimidating for such a benign holiday. Cheers. ;0)

    Kal, I'm sad that you read it that way. No movies or Chinese for this gal. I'm home nursing a cold, but I'm good with that. I've got cocoa. Hope your spirits lift. xo

  18. Love ya!!!! Happy Happy Whatever.....

    Thank you for every word you have given me to help strengthen me and warm my heart! I think you have no idea how many people you touch with your comedy and heartfelt posts.

    Hugs as always!!!

  19. That was beautiful!! Thank you so much!!!

  20. Very nice.

    Merry Merry and Happy Happy.


  21. Aww, that was awesome, Robyn! Such a lovely sentiment. You have a wonderful Hanukkah this year!

  22. Merry XXXmukkwanzahgiving.

    Yes, while culturally neutral replacements like 'the Holiday season', or 'Winterval' are easier on the eye and the tongue, I think the above formulation works.

    Either way, this post is neat. It's a shame that I haven't kept up with the blogosphere of late, especially since you were pretty supportive of mine around this time last year.

    Thus, I cordially invite you to take a look at my smarter, sexier, better new blog, Geist Bites.

    If you get a chance, have a look; if you like it, subscribe; if you're full of Christmas cheer, spread the word!



  23. Thanks Robyn. That was beautiful. Plenty O Chocolate here. At least until it's gone. :)~Ames

  24. Fabulous poem - really enjoyed it! Mmmmm chocolate...

  25. That was aweome, Robyn!!

    My best wishes to you!

    B xx

  26. The poem was awesome! Happy belated Christmas!

  27. Hey girl. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  28. TIS, aw shucks (said with a blush and a giggle). Hugs back to you, bloggy sis. xo

    Gayle, you're welcome. Keep enjoying. =o]

    Pearl, thank you. Merry happy and happy merry to you. xo

    Tom, thanks. Enjoy the season. {-;

    Techno, I like your holiday word. I'm guessing spellcheck doesn't. Thanks for dropping by. Be well. xo

    Ames, that's the thing about chocolate. It requires frequent replenishment. =0>

    Ca88, thank you. Here's to another year as blog friends. Hard to believe, huh? xo

    Betty, I probably wouldn't have noticed. No worries. Thanks so much. Hugs for a wonderful holiday season. {-:

    Yakoi, thank you. It's great to see you. Hope the school work went well. xo

    Edlund, you too. Thanks for dropping by. :-)

  29. I just flat out Love You!!!

    Blessings and Happy New Year!

    John Boy!!

  30. A most excellent wish/prayer/expression of love.
    Be well, and be blessed. And continue to be a blessing to others.

  31. Catching up here...
    I hope you had a great holiday! Ours was nice!

  32. Hope you're having an amazing holiday season Robyn! -xxx-