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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Chanukah begins tonight. This holiday name can be spelled at least twelve different ways (Spell it however you like, but without an "X."), and is Hebrew for dedication.

On Chanukah, we celebrate the Maccabees' (small Jewish army's) victory over the evil Antiochus (Assyrian ruler) in days of ole We're talking really ole, nearly 200 years before Jesus' birth or the year 0.

At the end of the battle, as the story goes, the Maccabees entered the Holy Temple that had been savagely destroyed. One tiny cruse of oil remained, and this amount miraculously provided light that allowed for sufficient time to rebuild and rededicate the Temple.

In a world where anti-Semitism  - and oppression, in a more global sense - thrives, we are deeply grateful for our freedom to worship publicly (or not). We pray and strive for religious freedom for the Jewish people and all who are oppressed.

Of course, no Jewish holiday is without yummy foods. Chanukah is about deep frying; we use lots of that holy oily stuff called oil. To get a taste of Chanukah, I highly recommend picking up a Potato Pancake/Latke Mix at your local supermarket. You can most likely find these in the Kosher/Ethnic Foods section. Manischewitz and Streit's are two brands, but it's all the same. You just add water and eggs, then get cooking. Mix in a few onion shards, and they'll look homemade. I like to douse mine in the sour cream-apple sauce combination. Of course, I've even enjoyed chocolate chip latkes, but that might not be your thing.

Happy Chanukah! xo


  1. Oooh...thanks for the history lesson! I was just asking on another Jewish girl's blog, why it's spelled two different ways. Had no idea it could be spelled TWELVE different ways!

    The food is yummy, I'm sure!! Happy Chanukah!

  2. Happy first night of lights.

    And I agree with you about the antisemitism in the world. Hell with the liberals in this country and the atheists, Christians and Jews are being bashed.

    And me being a fat ass American, I can dig the deep frying part.

  3. Happy Chanukah Robyn! I've enjoyed a lot of the food you have mentioned. I especially like the chocolate covered Halvah! Been known to eat a whole bar by myself. :o ~Ames

  4. Happy Happy...I know not the biggest holiday but enjoy.

  5. Happy Chanukah!

    We haven't tried chocolate chip latkes before. Chocolates good on everything, right?! lol

    Linda @ Linda's Lunacy

  6. I have actually always wondered about the history behind Chanukah. Thank you :) xo

  7. Marlene, since it's a Hebrew word, we spell it as it sounds. This leaves many options. Jews tend to offer an overwhelming amount of interpretations -or, in this case, spellings-for things. Still, this does not explain the "Ch." Sorry. I don't know why someone added that "C." :0)

    Thanks OT. I'm a liberal, but not an in-your-face one. I think it's all about respectful practices. To each his/her own. I'm guessing you agree, yes? Deep frying, though, that's for everybody! xo

    Ames, thank you. I have yet to try the chocolate covered Halvah thing. ;0)

    CS, thank you. I will. In fact, I just devoured 3-4 servings of latkes. xo

    Linda, you too. Yes, chocolate's good on everything but brussel sprouts. [-=

    Margg, I'm glad. I like to inform when I can, since there's a great amount of misunderstanding about Jews. Enjoy the season. xo
    PS It's said that the summary of every Jewish holiday is this: They tried to kill us. We won. Let's eat.

  8. Happy Hanukkah everyone!

  9. What?! No "X"?!

    Why I oughta...

    :-) Happy Chanakah, my friend.


  10. How would I spell it with an X? Regardless, if celebrating involves deep fried food, maybe I should convert.

  11. Happy Chanukah!! I've never seen it spelled that way. Enjoy your food!!

  12. Ugh!!! Just had 3 Latkes tonight!!! My belly is full!!!

  13. Happy Chanakah my Jewish Princess. "Draddle Draddle Draddle"...I love the food too and scamming those poor children out of their pennies. Ask me the terrible prank my Jewish friends in the far north and their family played on the poor naieve gentile goyem that actually came to the party and TOLD the children the story of the Macabes to NO CORRECTIONS. Never be the only goyem in the room.

  14. Deep frying isn't great for arteries, but I'll try to eat a Jewish cookie. I never realised the Assyrians were still bugging the Jews in 200 BC. I thought the Persians had smoked their behinds long before then.

  15. Happy Happy Chanuaka, Have you gin and tonica, just qouting Adam Sandler, I have his song on my blog right now, he he!
    Have a great day Robyn :)
    gi gi

  16. Season's Greetings. Ditto on the tolerance (religious freedom).

  17. mmmm, now where can a non-jewish me get some tasty trats like those?

  18. LOVE YOU & HUGS!!!!

    You are special!!!


  19. Wally, thank you. Happy holidays. xo

    Pearl, yeah, your "X is for Xmas" post influenced me (in a good way, of course). Hope you don't mind. ;0)

    TS, Pearl did a post on an "educational" toy that teaches toddlers the "X" word "Xmas." I was borrowing from that, just to spread the word that X-ukah would really not work. xo

    BabySis, thanks. I'm not sure why I like this spelling. It doesn't make sense. Perhaps that is why. (0:

    CB, just 3? I go through well more than that in one sitting. xo

    Kal, thank you. I've gotta hear that story. Hugs. ;->

    GB, enjoy your Jewish cookie. If you know otherwise, feel free to correct me. History is not my strength. xo

    Tweeks, say what? What say you? [-;

    Gi gi, great song pick. Hugs to you. xo

    Marnie, thank you. ;0D

    TIS, back to you, bloggy sis. xo

    IT, thank you. Here's to increased tolerance throughout the world. d-:

    Baygirl, I forget what city you are in. There are definitely Jewish pockets throughout your fine country. Any delis or kosher markets? xo

    John, you sweet man. I love you too. ;-}

  20. Shalom, happy Hanukkah week...the book Exodus really got me hooked to Jewish History...have always felt bad about the events...Peace and joy and tolerance to you in this paranoid, phobic world.... :)