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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Celebrating Bumpkin's Life

Thanks to my sweet bloggy friend, Georgina/gi gi, I'm reminded that today is Lisa Gaye's birthday. Lisa, the blogosphere's beloved Bumpkin On a Swing, would be turning 41. Cancer prevented that. With every post and comment, Bumpkin's humor, compassion and spunk jumped off of the screen. Today, we celebrate Lisa's neverending spirit, and I'm reposting this in her honor.

In Loving Memory of Lisa, Our Bumpkin On A Swing

The loss of a bloggy friend feels intensely shocking, especially when that person was as exceptional as our Lisa, our Bumpkin On A Swing. I never saw her face, but I know that she was beautiful. Full of zest, spunk, and heart, cancer took Lisa's life within a few short weeks. Please see Trish's beautiful tribute and Bumpkin's blog. Every post is a work of art (on both of these blogs). Despite feelings of inadequacy, I also wish to honor my unique connection with this phenomenal woman.

Our Bumpkin left the earth more healed, and all those she encountered more loved. Lisa saved lives as an Animal Welfare Activist. She and her beloved life partner, Captain John, founded an animal rescue foundation. They also kept us updated on all of their struggles and successes as they fought to tame the devastating effects of the Gulf oil spill. Recently, Lisa and the Captain braved the waters to rescue sea turtles.

I am honored and indebted to our Bumpkin for entering my life this past April. I don't know how she found me, as I don't think we had any mutual followers. In fact, I am like a square peg amongst the glamorous, hospitable Southern belles and fashion divas - nearly 300 of whom have connected with our Bumpkin through the blogosphere. But leave it to Lisa to find me, a Northern California klutz and tacky dresser. She left this comment in response to an Internet Dating/Blind- Date-From-Hell post of mine:

Bumpkin on a Swing said... I love a lady with balls. In the dating world, you just have to stand up for yourself. I vote for a little Demi. [I wrote that I'll be damned or I'll be Demi if I'm going to have a huge age difference with a man again.] ..You get a bloggy thumbs up from The Bumpkin, and you have a new follower!

I was suddenly energized by Lisa's spunk. Blogging was more fun, and I became motivated to dress better. (Sorry Lisa, I've got a long ways to go, babe. But I'm keeping in mind your motto of "champagne taste on a koolaid budget.")

The Bumpkin's kindness continued when I put out a plea to reach 100 followers:
Bumpkin on a Swing said...I'm working on this for you darling, have you met My Trish, she's a beautiful Cajun Belle who will gladly steal your 100th spot! It's gets worse this obsession we have it gets much much worse.

It's easy to tell why Lisa and Trish instantaneously became the best of friends. Trish embodies so many of the same qualities and was happy to help me out too: Trish said... Hi Robyn! Happy to be your 100th follower thanks to my amazing friend Miss Bumpkin! :) YAY for 100, break out the bubbly!

Bumpkin on a Swing said... Cheers to you my friend! Tink!

This is in response to my post about the beach with the above photo:
Bumpkin on a Swing said... We are soul sistas, sniff, sniff, sniff, my beach, my waves, my sand, sniff, sniff...

My last comment from our Bumpkin followed my post about a seductive massage, (7/6/10): Bumpkin on a Swing said... Firing it [a cigarette] up too! Damn it girl!I looking up massage in the phonebook as we speak!

Hers was a spirit that cannot die.

Hers was a life lived with full passion and purpose.

She is an angel among angels.

Our Beloved Lisa, Our Bumpkin On A Swing 12/29/69 - 8/8/10

“She belongs among the wildflowers, she belongs somewhere she feels free."~The Time Traveler's Wife (This quote is taken from Our Bumpkin's blog.)


  1. This is such a thoughtful tribute. I'm sorry you lost your friend, Robyn.

  2. You are such a Class Act--all Heart and Love!

    I so appreciate you!

    Hugs and Love,


  3. May we all inspire such a tribute after we are gone.

  4. this is very touching, Robyn. Tragic that she died so young. It is strange how people make friends on the blogisphere; I guess it's the exchange of ideas etc. best David x

  5. A sad story and a touching tribute.

  6. Thank you. I don't mean to bring everyone down. Lisa would be scolding me for that. She was such an upbeat gal and has given us much to celebrate. It is amazingly how deeply someone's written word (and photos) can touch the reader - when they write/post with passion.

  7. PS amazing not amazingly. I wish there was a way to spellcheck my comments.

  8. That is beautifully written. I shall keep her family in my prayers.

  9. A beautiful tribute to what seemed like an amazing woman.

  10. That was really sweet, Robyn. People like that are rare.

  11. Oh, Robyn what a wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful, amazing post! I am so glad Lisa found you, and in turn you found me :)
    I never saw her face either, in fact still don't know what she looks like, what I won't forget is how she made me feel! Wow, did she pour out love and support to me! She was such a big part of my beginning blog adventure! Her, Trishy and a few other special gals inspired me to start my going glam with gi gi blog!
    I never thought I would make FRIENDS blogging! I also didn't expect to be sooooo heartbroken to lose one! This isn't suppose to happen in Happy (Escape) Blogworld!
    Boy, I am rambling! I just loved her, and I always will!
    I loved this post, you sure have a way with words! I KNOW she loves it!
    Much love
    gi gi

  12. Gigi, thanks hon. It IS amazing how Bumpkin brought so many of us together, within a short amount of time. Yet we never have, and may never, meet in person. More reason to celebrate, right? You expressed that perfectly and Bumpkin-style.
    Much love back,

  13. I am so happy to see you did a post dedicated to Lisa. I miss so much talking to her everyday... blogging just isn't the same without her! Thank you dear for doing this!

  14. Have you heard how the Captain is doing? I sure miss him and his posts too.

  15. Blogging is a wonderful world isn't it? We get close to each other in ways that we don't realize. You have written a wonderful post about your friend!

  16. Jen, I worry about him. I haven't heard anything. I joined Bumpkin's blog just before he started contributing posts. They were so on-the-same-page, I got confused about who was writing what. xo

    Thanks Gayle. xo

  17. I'm sorry I missed the chance to meet this person. Sounds like the world is a little less bright since her light went out. A very nice tribute.

  18. sorry to hear about your friend. its a shame when you get to know someone like that and they are no longer there. god bless :)