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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Weather Report

Jeremy and Auntie Robyn, Summer 2010

We work hard to shield kids from all things bad. In the process, though, we rob them of opportunities for self protection.

I wish I'd been taught that life's unfair, instead of being hit by pain, time and again, completely ill-prepared.

I wish I'd been given an umbrella, one that I could use in the sun or rain.

I wish I'd been raised like my nephew, Jeremy.

On the first morning of my visit, Jeremy entered the guest room to announce, with arms outstretched in explanatory fashion, "It's a sunny day! It's a sunny day!"

"You're right, sweetie." I colluded with his denial, as rain continued pounding on the window panes. "It's a sunny day, Jeremy."

"Yeah," he sighed, plopping down beside me on the air mattress. "Rain is too scary. It's dark. I don't like it."

"It is scary," I confirmed. "But today is a sunny day for us."

With that, Jeremy popped up and began jumping wildly on the mattress like a yo-yo on crack. "I'm a rock star! I'm a rock star!" He shouted. "Oh yeah! I'm a rock star!"

Mind you, the kid's growing up in L.A. where everyone and their i-Pod is a rock star. In fact, all inanimate objects suffer from some degree of rock stardom. Soda cans are labeled "rock star," chewing gum, gaudy sunglasses, and glittery T-shirts. You name it. All rockstars. None is quite like my Jeremy, though.

So when I called him to say "Happy Hanukah" last night, Jeremy told me that he got a Toy Story mm-brella for Hanukah.

"You got a Toy Story umbrella? That's very special," I assured.

"Yep. I used it today. 'Cuz it's raining," he said with excitement.

With his umbrella, Jeremy now welcomes the rain.

I hung up longing for the childhood during which I was given an umbrella, one that I could use in the sun or rain. I'm glad Jeremy has one.


  1. Sounds like he'll be okay in life!
    And I bet he's fun at parties as well.

  2. Aww... what a sweet story! He looks like the love of your life...and he's so adorable!

  3. he sounds like a scream - mind you most kids are on crack - my daughter is like 'I'm so excited to be at your office' - I'm like 'are you having a f... laugh?'

  4. Like a yo yo on crack...yup, I've seen that one many times :oD Jeremy's a hoot!

  5. I have no idea what this post says as I got distracted by the attractive red head in the picture. What did you say again? lol

  6. My niece and nephew have the same whimsical view on life. FYI...they also got a toy story present on the first night of Hanukah – A buzz something.

  7. :)
    this is so wonderful.

    a fantastic story.

  8. Alex, he is the life of the party. At his little girlfriend's b-day party, which I went to, he was inside the jumpy house shouting "Auntie Robyn!" I loved it. Wish I had it on tape. xo

    Marlene, that's exactly how I describe him.=o]

    David, it is hilarious how kids want to do grown up things that we hate doing. xo

    Marnie, lol. You've gotta wonder what's in those cheerios sometimes, huh? <-:

    OT, well, his hair is more brown than red. J/K. I appreciate the compliment. Thanks. xo

    CB, I guess Toy Story remains alive and well, at least during Hanukah. It's a good thing. Glad you have rambunctious kids in your life too. ;0P

    Margg, thanks so much. xo

  9. That's a really lovely story. He sounds like a really happy child.

  10. what a perfect see the sun even through the rain...and an umbrella..!! somedays I do feel like that....others not so much...but his post gave me chills...for all that IS possible..! Have a great day....!! email is not linked to your blog so I could not reply by email..Just sayin..!

    December 10, 2010 5:48 AM

  11. That really is a sweet story. It makes me happy to know that my nieces and nephews are being raised by my siblings knowing how they want to do things differently. If everyone did it that way, every generation would only get better! :)

  12. He's adorable. Must be the same something running in the family. :)

  13. Wow. You can't beat a happy ending!

  14. I guess that's good. But as my Grandmother always said, "The proof will be the pudding." I think you're doing great with your umbrella, Robyn.

  15. ah beautiful story Aunt Robyn! except its not a story, but its nicely put together.. and i like the touch of suits you!.

    yeah, the curse of celebrity.. extends far beyond LA im afraid..

    cute pic too!



  16. sniffle...dammit really?...sniffle sniffle

    I want to go back too....NOW....

  17. Wondering if I prepare my children with an umbrella for the sunshine & rain. Thanks for making me think! (BTW, I loved the yo-yo on crack analogy. Sounds very familiar with my two boys) (BTW again, I loved "alionses"- ha! Very clever!)

  18. That is such a beautiful story Robyn--and don't get me started on how cute the picture of you two is..! The expression "yoyo on crack" really made me laugh :P

  19. TS,thanks. Yeah, he hates going to sleep and doesn't want to miss out on anything. xo

    SmArtee, thank you. I'm honored that you had such a reaction.
    Stupid blogger. I don't know how to change the settings. I think I've tried everything. Sorry. ;0)

    Bettyl, thanks for the comment and visit. xo

    Manzanita, that's true. Some of the real challenges hit as one ages. When the foundation is solid, though, things are more manageable. [-:

    John, thanks. Hugs to you. xo

    Anthony, much thanks. Are you saying there are yo-yos on crack in Australia? =->

    TIS, yeah, me too. But to a healthier household. Shall we look for the Bradys or the Partridge family? xo

    Kelley, I have no doubts that you're a great mom. Thanks for liking the definition. My weirdly twisted thought patterns took me right to it. [o:

    Sarah, thanks so much. Your visits always brighten my mood. xo

  20. What a fantastically original and perfectly hilarious kid. Funny how an umbrella can make a rainy day awesome. A Toy Story umbrella has to be off the hook!

  21. Great post, Robyn. I absolutely love the photo of the two of you. That read curly hair is to die for.

    You so remind me of family. Next time I am out in West Hills, we need to have coffee.

  22. Love this story! He sounds like a great kid!

  23. Its never too late to relearn....

    Seeing life through the eyes of my 2 year old has taught me much! ANd I am SO grateful and thrilled to be a better happier person for it.

  24. What a lovely story!
    He looks like a very happy boy.
    He's sooo cute!

    B xx

  25. Yep, kids are full of whimsy and wonder until life beats it out of them.
    Hey, I'm calling you on the blatant "norcal" bias....