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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Centus, A New Calm

Jenny Matlock

Hi, friends. Here's my second effort at Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus. The task is to work with a prompt, keeping the piece within 100 words (not including the prompt). This week's prompt - bolded below - is in honor of Tom's birthday.



He never dreamed when he blew out the candles on his cake that things would get better. But they have. With last year’s frenetic energy lifted, he’s reached a new calm. Driven by a unique combination of humility and pride, he eagerly excels at intellectual pursuits, rapidly expands his social network, and welcomes new adventures without pause. Wherever he strides, the girls eye him shyly. He’s one handsome devil! I think he knows it, but not fully. After all, how much can a three year old actually know?

This one’s dedicated to my beloved nephew, Jeremy. (Sorry Tom. I do wish you a fabulous birthday!)


  1. The Big 3!! Woohoo! Now the really funny/comical conversations will start to happen :0) Ages 3 to 6 are the best ever. Great job at keeping this to 100 words.

  2. Oh wow. What a wonderful use of the prompt words!

    I love your phrasing here: Driven by a unique combination of humility and pride, he eagerly excels at intellectual pursuits...

    I'm so glad you have linked your unique style to SC! Such good fortune for us all.

    Thank you.

  3. This was such a cute use of the prompt! Sounds like he's a little lady killer in the making :) This was fun to read, I really enjoyed it. Kat

  4. Clever! And very descriptive!! Well done Robyn!~Ames

  5. Nice job, Robyn. A fun way to go with this.


  6. Awww, what a wonderful tribute to little Jeremy! Such a lucky little dude to have such a hugely talented aunt to chronicle his exploits!

    Awesome use of the prompt, Robyn! You were born to be a Centusian, my dear!

    And thank you for the birthday wishes!

  7. such creative language making such a great post! Really, really glad you found Centus! It's a great read!

  8. This was so sweet. I'm sure as sweet as little Jeremy. Great job.

  9. I enjoyed your take on Saturday Centus . It was a nice tribute to a little boy . good job.

  10. haha - that got me..
    very cool...and a nice tribute to the young fella!


  11. That's a fun one. Happy Birthday Jeremy!

  12. Thanks Marnie, those young-but-out-of-diapers years are the best. I agree. xo

    Jenny, well, it's all thanks to you! I appreciate the follow, compliments, and great new group of friends. ;0>

    Kat, thanks. He's definitely a charmer. xo

    Ames, thanks. Your feedback means a lot. [-:

    Sue, thank you, new friend. xo

    BabySis, thanks. He is really precious. =-]

    Tgo, thank you, birthday boy!! You are also one handsome devil. xo

    Skinner, that's very sweet. I appreciate it. ;0]

    Viki, thank you. He is pretty sweet, and he loves chocolate too! xo

    Jackie, thanks for the visit and compliments. It's nice to connect with you. ;0b

    Anthony, thank you, dear friend. xo

    Sarah, thanks. (He's 3.5 this month. His new thing is to dress like a cowboy and say "Hawdee." Did I mention I kinda like him?) <-:


  13. aw.
    this is so wonderful.
    i really like this idea of the 100 word thingo.

  14. O.k., I am trying yet again to comment on your story! Hope this one takes!

    What a clever use of words! I loved your story of Jeremy. Hope he grows up to know what it all means! I'll be back!!

  15. Love it. What an apt description of a 3-year-old's state in life. So cute!

  16. This is wonderful! Good job, Robyn!

  17. Margg, thanks. It's kind of hard and kind of fun. You should try it! xo

    Judie, sorry for the computer problems. I'm grateful for your persistence. Your comment means a lot. ;0)

    Jenners, thank you! Nice to meet you, too. xo

    Marla, thanks so much. [-;


  18. LMAO for real. Just loved this twist! Loved it

  19. Ah, the Three-Year-Old Strut! Nothing in the world like it.