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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Less Words Wednesday and an If Only Moment

Me, before chocolate was discovered, circa 1969, age 3-ish

If only we were back to simpler times, wearing fancy jewelry and fashionable clothes (with orange-red stripes), all the while enjoying tasteless healthy snacks and smiling innocently.

Feel free to add an "If only.."

Have a simple Wednesday! xo


  1. If only I had at least one comment, I'd feel loved.
    Aah, that's better.

  2. If only I'd acted just a bit sooner!


  3. if only life was simpler and i could eat without getting fat. thanks for your comment on my blog re prague.

  4. Girl.. you are so rocking the beads!!

  5. I had the same hair-do as a child :0)

  6. You may have been eating a piece of celery, but isn't a "candy" necklace you are wearing?

  7. Awwww you are so cute!!!!! Then as well. ;)

  8. Aww! You are too cute for words. And I'm sure you still are!

  9. If only I could pinch the cheeks of that little girl.

  10. Adorable!! I had no idea there was life before chocolate.

  11. If only we lived closer so you and I could share some chocolate together...

  12. If only I could eat chocolate and not wear it on my bum!

  13. Pearl, so close! Thanks. Smiles. xo

    Rose, amen. If only chocolate had zero calories. :0)

    MMH, thank you. I think I felt pretty cool with my beads. xo

    Marnie, it was a great, low maintenance hairdo. Huh? <-:

    Pat, only in my imagination. I think it was some substance other than sugar, though I'm sure I tried to eat it. xo

    Sadako, thanks! I'm glad you visited, so I could discover your blog. ;0]

    GB, thanks. I was kinda cute, huh? xo

    TS, if only there was never any life nor anything at all before chocolate. (-:

    Blase, sigh..if only. xo

    TIS, yes, if only life and all the meanies were cute and innocent. :-}

    Bev, I hear ya, girlfriend! If only it didn't find it's way to contribute to the belly or the lower arm flab factor, too..We can only dream. xo

    Alex, amen to that one too! If only..

    If only you all knew how much I appreciate you. I do. Have a good one!

  14. If only!
    hope you had a great wednesday

  15. What is that you are eating? Celery? That is wrong. Just wrong.