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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lifting Spirits, One CSN Giveaway at a Time!

Sunset on the Cherry Blossoms, D.C., 2000, photo by me

The kind folks at CSN stores have given me the opportunity to award one of you with a $70 gift certificate! Did I mention that’s $70? Did I also mention that they are quite generous? With millions of products to choose from (kitchen tables, fitness equipment, pet supplies, children's toys and games, etc.), think about the fun you could have with this on-line shopping spree.

As a tribute to our beloved friend, Lisa/Bumpkin on a Swing, I’d like this to go to someone whose life has been touched by cancer. This may be because they have survived cancer themselves, or are close with a cancer victim or survivor. They need not be a blogger. I just ask that you be a follower (new, old, or young) of Life by Chocolate. I encourage you to check out Bumpkin’s blog, too, if you’re not signed-on already. It’s really beautiful and uplifting, as was she. Lisa was completely unselfish. I think she’d like this. In fact, I think she’s say: “Tink!”

You can nominate yourself, someone who is touched by cancer, or someone who is close with someone who is touched by cancer...You get the idea. Please just tell me about the person you’d like the gift to go to, and the gift you have in mind. You can start perusing the sites with a visit to Feel free to help spread the word. Thank you! Here’s hoping to lift spirits, and raise cancer awareness, in support of those afflicted by this horrid disease.


  1. I want to nominate Lindsay and Jackson of

    Jackson is fighting the battle now with a very rare form of pediatric cancer. I don't know if Lindsay is a follower but she is an amazing mom and an amazing inspiration to me! She has become such an important part of my life and it has meant the world to me to have another mom who has/is where I have been. She has been a lifesaver for me!

  2. I like!!! I could just pinch your cheeks.

    Looking forward to seeing who will win the award. At least this will bring out some inspiring stories, I'm sure.

  3. What a sweet gesture! Kudos Robyn for caring so much and so well.

  4. That's a really nice way to do Robyn.

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  6. I nominate my friend at "Silver Strands" who cut off her hair in honor of her mother with cancer:

  7. Michelle, thanks so much. I will visit their blog, and will definitely put their names in. (I'm going to draw a name. Everyone is so worthy.) xo

    Blase, it's already bringing on inspiring stories. There's so much heart in this blogosphere. Thanks. ;-}

    Tgo, thank you. xo

    TS, thanks. <o:

    Pat, you are in. Thanks for the reminder, too. You've been so humble about your challenges. Big hugs. xo

    Cheeseboy, thank you! I didn't know about her either and will go see her blog. I'm adding her name too.

    Thank you all for caring.

    I'll keep you posted, and I'll keep this going through the week and maybe weekend.

    Warm hugs,

  8. It's a good thing that I don't know anyone with cancer.

  9. You are a mench, but you already knew that. :)

  10. My very good friend Penny was diagnosed with stomach cancer 2 years ago and I would certainly nominate her. After going thru two bouts of kemo, she thought she had it licked. Unfortunately, it had spread to her bones. She's gone thru kemo treatments galore now and can no longer receive any more treatments for awhile. She sits in limbo, her numbers just shy of being cancer free.

  11. I'd nominate my mom. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 1989 and underwent bilateral mastectomy. My firstborn was just 18 months at the time, and I was TERRIFIED. I thought my mother would not live to see my baby grow up.

    I'm happy to say that nearly 21 years later, she is STILL cancer free! I wish the outcome was the same for everyone who is diagnosed. :(

    What a sweet thing you're doing here.

  12. What a great idea Robyn! you are so very thoughtful. Big cyber {{{{{hugs}}}}}

  13. That's a nice thing to do with the gift card!

  14. Great idea Robyn! I'm not familiar with CSN but I'm going to check it out.

  15. You are all the flavors of awesomesauce mixed together in a cocktail with a chocolate chaser..


  16. What a touching and incredible thing to do. I have 2 I want to nominate. My Sister Sandi who is battling brain cancer ( and Daffy from BatCrap Crazy. She lost her sister suddenly from a brain tumor during the same time my sister was diagnosed. You are an angel!!

    I had no idea CSN has so much stuff. You could shop there for days!!!

  17. USD70!!! mmm... lots of stuff I can buy with that money!!!! I nominate myself. Lost a kidney to the big C - then got bladder cancer, had 4 - 5 ops, one every 3 months, and managed to save it! been "clean" now for just over 10 years. Still spread the word that you can fight this thing with your mind!!!! Salagatle!

  18. PTM, that's unusual. You are lucky. xo

    Copyboy and BabySis, thank you. xo

    FAK, thanks for sharing Penny's story and nominating her. It's nice to meet you too. xo

    Marlene, your mom is amazing. Thanks for sharing. xo

    Marnie, back to you with a big hug. Thanks. xo

    Alex, thank you. xo

    Sarah, I haven't heard of the store until recently, myself. I think it's like a super-Target. xo

    TIS, I love that delicious description of me. Can I borrow it for an on-line ad? Nah, I'd get too many responses. Big hugs. xo

    BellyCharms, thanks for nominating those very special women. xo

    Wreckless, I had no idea, friend. I'm so sorry. You are in the company of so many wonderful people who've been devastated by this horrid disease. xo

    Anthony, thanks. xo

    Oops, I blew it by failing to mention CNS is only in the US and Canada. So sorry.

    I will keep this going for a bit longer, then will do a random drawing.

    Love to all,

  19. So sweet. My friend Karen lost her husband Raul to brain cancer. I'll nominate her.

  20. It's wonderful that you're making something positive and meaningful out of the unfair and cruel.

    You deserve appreciation for this great initiative.

    Have a great weekend.

  21. Sweetheart this is so beautiful and deeply thoughtful of you...I will post it on Lisa's blog first thing tomorrow morning, I know her readers will be so touched. I love you Robyn!!! xoxoxoo

  22. I nominate my youngest brother, Paul, who was 11 when our mother died of breast cancer.

  23. Thank you, Betty. So sorry for your friend's loss. xo

    DDG, thanks hon. It feels so insignificant against such a monstrous disease, but it also feels good to bring bloggers together in this way. It's bittersweet. xo

    Trish, I love you too, dear friend. xo

    Jason, thanks so much. Sorry about your mom. Paul was so young. (You all were, I'm sure.) You're awesome for doing the run and for nominating your brother. xo


  24. Raising awareness about cancer is such a good thing. Well done!

  25. Very cool! Very sweet!
    Kudos, Robyn!

    B xx

  26. I'm not here to nominate anyone, I think this is a lovely gesture. Cancer has touched my family half a dozen times. My great-grandma and Grandmother died 2 weeks apart from different types when I was 10. I lost an uncle to kidney cancer, an aunt to ovarian and have a survivor of an Aunt (cervical & breast) My MIL also has been diagnosed. Kudos on the attention you're bringing to this fight!

  27. What a wonderful gesture, Robyn! I would like to nominate Angela Getter who just recently lost her precious 6-year old daughter to Wilm's disease.

  28. What a wonderful thing to do Robyn. One of the girls that I work with has an incredible story I would like to share... Melissa and Dave were married in 2002 ~ young and in love they had one son and were looking forward to expanding their family. Dave had a scare with cancer in 2006, went in for surgery and they thought all was good. Melissa got pregnant again and then Dave was told that his cancer came back. With the stress of Dave's diagnosis we were afraid that she may not carry the baby to term, but then she was diagnosed with breast cancer! Two days after giving birth to the baby, she went in for surgery then for rounds of chemo and radiation. Sadly Dave passed away last year leaving a very young widow. She is now a single Mom of 2 boys, working full time and she is not yet 35. Now just 2 weeks ago she found out her cat has cancer ~ we laughed ~ not morbid but she was like what is it with me and cancer?? She has a great spirit and has been through so much ~ she is a trooper.

  29. It's such a cruel illness, this is a nice idea ... hi there from DJ, a friend of Lisa's.

  30. Ca88, thank you! xo
    Betty, that's sweet. Thanks. xo

    Birdie, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your stories. It's so overwhelming how many lives this horrid disease hits (in your family alone). I'm so sorry. Blessings and faith. xo

    Lori, thanks so much for sharing. That is very incredible (in the worst of ways). These stories make me so mad. You know? I'm sure you do, though it sounds like Melissa is incredibly graceful and resilient. xo

    Nellie, her 6 year old baby? That brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for stopping by and nominating your friend. xo

    Dustjacket, thank you. I feel a kinship with all of Lisa's friends. It IS such a cruel disease. If only it would stop destroying so many lives. xo


    Thanks so much!
    Keep faith,

  31. PS Wreckless Euroafrican, I'm embarrassed to say I can't find your blog. I forgot the name, and you don't have a profile. So, if you come back and read this, please direct me to it.
    Thank you! xoxo

  32. I'd like to nominate my younger sister, who at 21 had Thyroid cancer(she's 23 now). I'm not sure of the gift, maybe some warm flannel sheets for the winter.
    Cancer is evil, but we can beat someday it if we all work together! Lots of love to everyone!

    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

  33. This is a beautiful post. I would nominate my friends Jerry and Joanne in Ohio. This is really a lovely way to go with this.