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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Centus, A Bit of Whining

Jenny Matlock

Hi friends. For a change, and thanks to my buddy Tom's encouragement, I gave the Saturday Centus thing a whirl. The task is to work with a prompt, keeping the piece within 100 words (not including the prompt). My effort follows, with the prompt in bold. This wasn't ea***



Her hopes soared. Their first New Year’s Eve as a married couple would include a delicious meal, juicy wine, and romantic music. They would gravitate to the bedroom, apathetic about the hour.

Alas, he was a pill. She, a klutz. The chicken was undercooked, cd player broken, and wine too tart. Perhaps semi-accidentally, she spilt (red) wine onto the carpet. He glared. "Crap!" Now, she’d be lucky to get a lukewarm handshake at midnight. "This is never going to come out," she thought as she scrubbed at the spot on the worn carpet.
 He google’d a recipe for red wine stain removal. It worked. It was a happy new year's after all. For him.


  1. Oh wow!! I could never make a real story in less than 100 words. You're lucky I can do a COMMENT in less than 100 words!!

    This reminds me of a story somehow...

    The FIRST time I cooked for my new husband, in our home, I made a chicken pasta with veggies in it and a caesar salad with homemade caesar dressing.
    We then learned that he's extremely allergic to zucchini. Or maybe something in the dressing. Within 5 minutes he was in the bathroom for the rest of the night. Yay! We're married!
    And people wonder why it didn't last...

  2. Welcome to Saturday Centus! Sounds like a New Years better off forgotten. Wonder if they are still married lol.

  3. I like it!! I just hope my first New Years being married doesn't turn out like that. Of course, at least I know there wouldn't be any wine spilled...

  4. So much for romance...


    PS. Nice debut with the Saturday Centus!

  5. Miley, that's so true! It's hard to stick to 100 even for comments. Love your shared story. Thanks! xo

    Kat, thanks. No, they aren't. I mean, I imagine their divorce went through last year and she's much better off. Rhetorically speaking. ;-)

    BabySis, yeah, I - I mean she- hardly ever drink/s wine. She thought it was necessary for New Year's. In some way, I suppose it was. xo

    Sue, thank you, new friend. [-;

  6. I smell potential romance writer in the air. :D With a humorous twist of course! Good use of the prompt!~Ames

  7. Bravo, and I'm glad you resisted the temptation to make it a semen stain.

  8. I was going to write something but I burst out laughing at Gorilla Banana's comment. Now I can't remember :0)

    You did a good job considering it was limited to 100 words.

  9. Fantastic! I love short short stories. You managed to hit an entire story in 3 paragraphs. Brevity is a skill I lack.

  10. totally giggle worthy...reminds me of some of snaffu's in my own world. nice job

  11. For your first time, you did a really good job. Loved where you took this prompt. I hope you'll join us again

  12. this is great.
    i can imagine it'd be quite difficult to stick to the 100 words :)

  13. Actually, if the wine spill hastened the breakup, it may have been a good thing!

    And if one stain is all it took to break up a marriage, then they were poorly matched from the outset.

  14. Baygirl, thanks! xo

    Ames, I really appreciate the encouragement and the follower. ;0)

    GB, it did cross my mind. I mean, what are you suggesting - you dirty minded ape?! xo

    Marnie, I know. GB is hilarious, and I love him for it (though probably not in the same way as he would like me to love him). Love ya too! d-:

    TS, thanks so much. You definitely COULD do this, but it's amazing how quickly you get to 100 wo*** xo

    Terra, thanks so much. It's great to have you visit. ;0>

    Viki, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I will surely do this again. xo

    Margg, thank you. Yeah, I do lots of cheating with non-sentences. Like this. [-:

    JuneFreakingCleaver (I wanted to experience typing your name out. It's a great name!) That's all very true. I appreciate your feedback and visit. xo

  15. Pretty cool...Concise.. but inclusive..I like it..
    Based on this, I'm guessing there won't be a 2nd New years

    Will we get a sequel?


  16. Great job for your first time! I just started doing this meme too :) I love how you stated that she "semi-accidentally" spilled the wine. That must mean that she had somewhat planned it. Don't blame her though given the crappy night she was already having.

  17. great job. cute story. you will become a pro. have a great unday. rose

  18. Love it! Awesome job, Robyn!
    Cool story in only three paragraphs.


    B xx

  19. Good God. Sounds a bit like my life...


  20. LOL! What a terrific debut, Robyn! I'm so glad you decided to join in! Now the rest of us Centusians can see what a gifted writer you are too! And you really did it in only 100 words! Excellent job!

  21. 100 words? You could be the next madman (or woman).

  22. Welcome to Sat Cent!!! Always fun to meet new bloggers. Keep at it! This is a great group to hang out with.

  23. I'm not very good at these writing prompt things, but you rock at them!!

  24. What a great job you did here!! Love the details!

    BB gives you and A+.

  25. For him...that says it all on what kind of lover he is! Great job Robyn!!

  26. A refreshing take on the prompt. You made me laugh! The best laid plans of mice and men....

  27. you know what gets out red wine? White wine.

  28. an evening with high expectations never turns out right! well done with your first Centus

  29. Anthony, thanks. No, no second one for this couple. Rhetorically speaking, that is. xo

    Myori, thanks so much, and it's great to have you stop by. :0)

    Rose, thank you Rose. Be well. xo

    BettyM, hugs back to you. Thanks. [o;

    Pearl, really? I'm so glad I'm - I mean she's- not alone. ;->

    Tgo, thank you, fellow Centusian. xo

    Copyboy, do you mean Alfreda E. Newman? {-:

    Tina, thanks. It is a great group! xo

    MMH, thanks. I'm sure you'd rock at it to, if you gave it a try. ;-]

    BB, wow, it's been a long time since I saw an A+. That makes me happy. xo

    Sarah, good point. Not a lover at all. I mean, so I suppose. <-;

    PJ, thank you. So glad I made you laugh. xo

    PTM, yeah, and pink wine is kinda pretty. ;-)

    RockiBottom, so true. I - I mean, she - should've lowered that bar below sea level. Thanks for visiting!


  30. LOL!!! Ya did good, girl!!!!! ya did good!!!!! (See, this is why I don't write....I write like I talk some days!)

  31. Great post - well rounded with a happy ending - for him!!

  32. Replace the wine with Mt Dew and you have the story of my life. Except I rarely get that happy ending.

  33. As a klutz myself, I've gotten used to things never going to plan, so I can relate. Glad it all worked out for them though, kinda. Haha.

    Great 1st Centus! Glad Tom converted you. He converted me too and I'm really liking it, but then again, "father knows best".


  34. Great post! This prompt lends itself well to problems that couples have. Good that you saw this. Great take on the theme.
    Best wishes,
    (Sara Cat sends purrs)

    Anna's SC-Week-20
    Sara Cat's SC-Week-20