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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quirky (or Honest? or Quirky and Honest?) Quote

This weekend, my little neighbor friend, Trista (age 3), declared:
"Robyn, you are almost funny!"
Everybody's a critic!
Here's to an almost funny week for me, you, and the world. xo


  1. Wow, that was almost a compliment! It's something to be treasured from a 3 year old human cub.

  2. Love it! Thanks for the chuckle!

    Have a great week ahead, my dear friend!

    B xx

  3. Love it! only kids and old people can get away with that stuff

  4. I love how kids say cute and funny stuff.

  5. That put together with the Winnie picture .. priceless!

  6. Lol!! Kids say the cutest stuff sometimes. Nice Pooh picture. :)

  7. Soooo cute..... I love it!!! I'm almost normal...winks..

    love ya!!

  8. I move to amend baygirl32's comment to:
    ...only really little kids and some old people...

  9. Shows how much a three year old knows! (not much, that is)

  10. If anyone said that to me, I'd be fired up.

    I didn't know 3-year-olds could talk.

  11. How cute! I love the way kids just say things, without having to think about them.

  12. 'almost' beats the hell outta 'not at all'! :P lol

  13. GB, almost. xo

    BM, thanks. You too. ;0>

    Baygirl, so true. Thanks. xo

    Oilfield, it really is. Almost. [-;

    MMH, thanks. Who doesn't love Winnie and Piglet, and an almost-insult? xo

    Babysis, thanks. =-]

    TIS, hugs to you! xo

    Alex, true. That might have almost been more of a blow to my almost ego. {-:

    IT, fair enough. I approve of your amendment. xo

    Marnie, you said it. She's as adorable as they get. Good thing for her! ;-b

    Sarah, well, thank you. I needed that. xo

    Vodka, damn straight. Where'd she learn to talk, and to talk like that? LOL. d-:

    Ca88, it is pretty cute. xo

    LaughingWolf, true. Thanks. Now I can almost go on with my attempts at humor. =-]


  14. Three year olds are the best when it comes to one-liners.