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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Less Words Wednesday

Meet the Engel foursome [left to right: Jonathan, Robyn/me, Dawn, & Glenn-David]. Aren't they cute, in a "Can you tell it's the 70's? Dad, would you take the f*'n picture already! My innocent little eyeballs can't handle any more of the piercing sun!" kind of way? I'm guessing this was 1972-ish in the Yosemite area.

Have a lovely Wednesday! xo


  1. Nice, and check out Dawn's "Leg to the front" pose. LOL ! Luv these old pics we dig up. Must go find some of mine - wont be posting them though - my blog is anonymous, but will still be fun to look through the old albums.

  2. very cute photo!
    Those were some serious socks you had on...

  3. You guys look so cute. And yes, I old enough to remember wearing those lovely kid fashions.

  4. Adorable!!! Oh dear...I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to post some of my kid fashion sense from the 70's! *gulp*

  5. Awww look how cute you guys were! And still are!!

  6. How's my chocolate divine eating friend? What a gang! Good old days when kids just "hung out in the lazy hazy days of vacation.

  7. So cute!! I love looking at old pictures!!

  8. Look at that smile...You shine wherever you are!!!

  9. Awww! Very cute. I love 70s fashion!

  10. This reminds me of one of my old family photos...except our's was in the mid-60's. Yikes!

  11. I love older pictures. They're so cute. :)

  12. Wreckless,thank you! It's always great hearing from you. Salagatle. xo

    Pat, I'm saying. They were faded pink socks too. :0D

    ADSL, thanks. xo

    Copyboy, yeah, but one of us (me) still dresses like that. :-)

    Marlene, come on, I double dog dare ya! I'm sure your old photos are darn cute. xo

    Baygirl, thanks. [o:

    Aww, thanks Sarah. xo

    Manzanita, I'm glad to see you and doing ok here. How are you? Yeah, it was definitely one of those summer moments. Thanks! ;0>

    GB, ah shucks, thanks. xo

    Gayle, yes, old photos make me laugh. [-:

    TIS, you are so sweet, sparkly lady. Big hugs.xo

    Ally, thanks. 70's fashion was pretty darn loud. :>)

    Beth, thank you. xo

    Chuck, well, at least the 60's clothing wasn't as weird. Or, maybe it was..? Perhaps you'll share some photos. (?) Please! d-:

    BabySis, yes, old pictures are fun. Thanks. xo


  13. Ahhh this takes me back. I had shoes and dresses just the same. I loved growing up in the '70's.

  14. oh that's so cute!
    sigh.. the early 70's....


  15. Gorgeous picture! hope you had a great father's daty Robyn!