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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Humanity, A Poem

Brotherly love: Robyn (22 mos.) and Glenn-David (5 mos.)


It crosses the skin with a sleek caress
The joy of a lifted spirit
The shock of a life forever altered
The inertia of a dream realized
The pain of a shattered heart
The warmth of connection
The angst of not knowing
The triumph of accomplishment
The confusion of
Love and loss

It says, “Hold me. I’m scared.”
“I love you.”
“You hurt me.”
“I’m thrilled.”
“My sorrow’s ever flowing.”
“I miss you.”
“I can’t believe it.”
“God help me!”
“I have no words.”
“It’s because of you.”

A life cut short
A new start
A love cut short
A hopeful heart


In the purest expression of humanity
A teardrop is shed.

by me today


  1. Full of feeling!

    Is he pulling your hair?

  2. I never understand poetry. It seems so elegant and beautiful but what is it saying.

  3. I was just sitting here thinking the same thing.

    What..can't take a lil' hair pullin'?

  4. MsA, yep, he's pulling my hair. (I think it's a hilarious picture.) xo

    PTM and Blase, didn't mean to confuse. I don't know how to write real poetry - the kind that makes you say, "WTF?" This is just about tearfulness - the good and bad. The pic shows that I was (past tense ONLY, of course) a bit dramatic. xo

  5. Don't knock yourself, Robyn. Meter and form might matter to critics, but to normal people it's what lies behind what said that counts. Good job.

  6. I suck at poetry....but I do feel like I wanna pick up your crying little self in that photo and comfort you!!

  7. I was wondering why you were crying, then I saw what he was doing. Boys...

  8. That's the poem Muhammad Ali should have recited before his final bout with Larry Holmes.

  9. very beautiful. in all that happens good as well as bad we respond by crying or other responses. in picture crying because hair pulling

  10. Wow, that is fantastic. Tear driven beauty. My favorite type of poetry. where bitter runs sweet. Thanks for sharing. Great picture too.

  11. I know why you are crying - those high waisted pants look horrible on anyone, especially if you are forced to lie down next to them.

  12. So great Robyn. The first sentence was amazing.

    BTW, I thought you were in Chicago!! I mean, I seriously did. I am so sorry.

  13. John, thank you. PS What do you mean by meter and form? xo

    Marlene, where were you when I needed you? Then again, had my parents comforted me instead of being invested in getting a good picture, they would not have gotten a good picture. :0)

    Sarah, like they say on the playground: Girls rule and boys drool. xo

    GB, I like the image. Thanks. (-:

    Rose, thank you. Tears say so much. xo

    TS, thanks so much. Your comment is poetic in and of itself. ;o]

    Kal, LOL, so true! What were my folks thinking? That style is for the grampas and uncles. xo

    Cheeseboy. Thank you. No worries. I don't think Chicago is my kinda town. Then again, it could provide more BDFH fodder, since I've exhausted the local gene pool. ;-}

    MegO, thank you!

    MMH, thank you too. It's nice to get positive feedback, since poetry is not my thing.

    Chocolate kisses,

  14. very cool... i like it alot...plenty there to enjoy..

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  16. That's a nice poem Robyn!
    If it works and it has meaning to you, then it's good.

    also, your bro was pulling your hair because he was pissed off about those "hi-waisters" he was forced to wear!

  17. Thanks so much, Anthony. Your feedback as a writer means a lot. xo

    Nan, thank you! Be well. :-D

    Pat, I appreciet it. Yes, it's the hi-waister factor. He should be the one crying! LOL. xo