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Monday, July 5, 2010

My Summer Seduction

Dear Friends, this collage represents my time in Big Sur last week. Gulp. I see you don't buy it. Well, that works for me, because I'm not all that comfortable being deceitful. Thus, I admit that the photo collage is not realistic. My "special friend," if you will (or, rather, if HE will) and I are not quite that tall relative to the setting. I tweaked the scale. Okay, carry on now. No, I mean, stay here! Carry on with reading this! It's not too long and rather tantalizing..

We met at the mineral baths. The afternoon sun pierced through the clouds, with sounds of waves thrusting against the rocks far below. He said he remembered me from when I first arrived. Flattered, I played it cool. "You do?" I asked -casually. "You are so damn cute, I could @!#$%* you right now!" I thought - aggressively. I nervously sputtered a few more words. His smile calmed me.

I didn't plan on anything like this, but I decided to give into my desires and enjoy every second of it. It was my birthday trip, after all. Life's been quite challenging, and I haven't been close to a man in, well, who's counting the hours? Okay, I am. Just carry on. Would ya?..His touch was magically warm, sweet, and seductive. He fully focused on me. I can honestly say, too, that I thought only of him. [I'll spare you the details, except to say that he was really, really good and very giving. He seemed to know just how to meet my needs.]

Eventually, I was in such a heavenly state that he seemed to assume I was asleep. I wasn't, but he walked away anyway. Truthfully, I was too satisfied to feel any sense of weirdness or disappointment. When he didn't return, I got up slowly, to gather my clothes.

I took a few steps, and there he was. He even asked how I was feeling. I wanted to say, "Wow. Wow again. Again with more wow's. You have no idea. I haven't been touched like that in..well, maybe not ever before. Kindly do it again. And again. And again. Please!" In real life, though, I tried to be suave. "Thank you for the great massage," I managed to articulate. I proceeded to leave him a huge tip.


  1. had me going're such a great storyteller!

  2. Having fun with your blog followers, huh? You little trickster! :-D

    Very glad to hear you enjoyed the massage. I love getting them. Not nearly often enough.

  3. Stop by when you get a chance. I have an award for you.


  4. Sounds a lot like my last trip. My massage wasn't quite as sensual.

  5. Damn girl. Now THAT is how you tell a story. When I read it I had that old time porn movie music in my mind.

  6. It sounds as if he deserved that tip. Did he apply any oil to your skin or was the moisture all natural?

  7. Great twist! Ummm do you think you could send him down here???

  8. Who says the photo collage is not realistic? It sure is. Except for the huge pink flower.
    Hilarious post. Smiles...

  9. wow! i wasn't certain where you were going with this. you may have to do this again.

  10. Test comment: Robyn, you are awesome!
    Real test comment: Are we all having problems with blogspot? I don't know what to so close to 200..

  11. Damn! After reading that... I need a cigarette!

  12. Firing it up too! Damn it girl!
    I looking up massage in the phonebook as we speak!

  13. GB, come on. What are you talking about? Wink.xo

    Ca88, not sure I want to share this one. :)

    Thanks Mr.S. You always make me smile.xo

    Rose, yes. I need to do it again and again. {-;

    MMH and Bumpkin, got a ciggy to spare? I could use one myself, even though I never smoke. love ya. xo

    John, where'd you go? I'm kidding. I know you're always loyal to my blog. I also saw a bunch of other comments earlier that I'm sure will reappear when they decide to. ;0>

    Robyn, between you and me and I, I love my followers, as do me and I. All 200 OF THEM!!! YES!! Join me in some Rawkn Robyn Happy Dancing, my friends. All 200 of you!! :) :)

    Love you all, except Blogger!
    chocolate kisses,

  14. Totally loved the happy ending here! Did you have to pay more for that? Laughing....Sounds amazing!! I love the way a man feels when he's feeling me,,er,,uh,,blush.... or at least I did the last time,, it was in 1902 If I remember correctly ... Bread was a penny and the loving was free.

  15. That ending tricked me. Great build up. I was on the edge of my seat. Was it a wet tip?

  16. TIS, you are so funny. Were you standing in front of me at that corner store with a penny in your hand for a loaf of bread too? That dark room next door (with the, uh, boys..blush), it was a fun place, wasn't it? I have a vague recollection too. Love ya. xo

    PTM, thanks. It takes a lot to trick the Man of Powdered Toast. I feel rather victorious. As for the tip, only in my dreams was it wet. ;-]
    Hey, can we write this stuff without Blogger getting prudish and removing it all? We shall see.

    Chocolate kisses,