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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Clowning Around

I can't understand where I got the idea that the world loves a clown. Please forgive me. I was only 11.5 or so years when I drew this.

Find your laughter today! xo


  1. I love the clown :0) I went right on over. Funny as usual Robyn.

  2. That's a great drawing, although there is a slight resemblance to Hitler which we'll ignore. I especially like his pantaloons. Are those his underpants round his ankles?

  3. Your clown is a freakish kinda way. Really, check out those colors! Not even paint by number, right?!

  4. You are quite artistic at such a young age!

  5. That is a dang impressive picture!!

  6. love the clown. thanks for your comment on my blog re my mother. have a good evening

  7. Your pictures remind me of my daughters. Every letter from camp was a picture.

  8. Thanks Marnie! xo

    John, I can't argue with myself on that one. :-)

    GB, LOL. Yes, let's just pretend that resemblance never happened. I can't remember if I intended to draw his underpants around his ankles. It's a distinct possibility. xo

    Marlene, not paint by numbers. I'm surprised with how well those marker colors kept over all these years. Maybe that's not such a good thing in this case! <o:

    Sarah, thank you. Weird is more like it. xo

    BabySis, thanks. Actually, sometimes I think that I'm probably a worse artist now that I was as a kid. Oh well. ;-}

    Baygirl, thanks. I think that was my goal. xo

    Rose, thank you. Be well. [-:

    TheNinja, it's great how all kids have the potential for silly creativity. xo

    Cheerful chocolate kisses,

  9. Didn't anybody ever teach you that clowns are EVIL? They really are you know...

  10. jumping back. my post bird. if you and I were a bird we could take a vacation without travel costs. have a good day.

  11. Everyone learns Clowns are Evil when they are one, right? Or maybe, that's what I am saying. Anyway, you did draw evil there. Huge ears, hands and shoes. All signs of Evil!
    Hilarious post. That's one cute clown...:)

  12. "I'm very colorful!"
    That had me laughing. Great stuff.

  13. Oh I love this! I love childhood art!

  14. I think another clown threw up a box of crayons on this clown

  15. We have a clown that we got at Goodwill that is so scary looking that we hide it in different places in the house and scare the kids! ha!

  16. So cute! Talented from an early age..


  17. Do not love the clowns. They have always terrified me to no end.

  18. Lovely drawing, Robyn. So tell me, did you take a lot of LSD when you were 11? So wild!

  19. But why, Pat? Why? I just don't understand! Well, looking at my own artwork, I kinda do get it! xo

    Rose, what a lovely thought! Thanks. :0]

    MrS, he is kinda of cute and evil at the same time. Isn't he. Thanks! xo

    TS, yeah, I was a nerd. I still am. It is pretty funny. Thanks. (-:

    Thanks Ally. It is pretty darn weird. xo

    PTM, that is quite possible. Good description. ;0}

    Java, that is truly funny! I love it! xo

    Anthony, thank you. xo

    MMH, sorry to frighten you. I'll stop the clowning after this post. (-:

    xoChocolate kisses,

  20. I like the goofy fingers and colorful costume. This is one clown I would not beat to death upon meeting him I think.

  21. Great job for such a young age!!

  22. Funny thing about clowns, you either think they are colourful and funny, or, as is the case with my son's girlfriend, you are terrified by them. Wonder why?

  23. Love it! I'm quite impressed!
    You're talented!
    B xx