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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thanks x200!

We've gathered here in this little piece of blogosphere, all scrunched up together, to thank you. Yes, that means YOU. Don't look over your shoulder! I'm not talking to Larry (He's no stud). I'm talking to you, your beautiful self. Thank you for following me and my weirdness and my blind dates from hell and my fantasy ventures and my sorrowful expressions and these annoying run-on sentences that - fortunately - I don't spew out very often.

Thanks to the gal who did it for me this time! She is a very lovely lady with a precious baby, Isis, and a handsome hubby. I'm talking about none other than Cameron, my follower #200. Cameron is en route to becoming a teacher, and her blog is quite enjoyable. See ingenuemom.
I also thank the fabulous Trish. Trish was the last gal to do it for me. Don't get all sweaty now. I'm just saying that Trish was my 100th follower several months ago. She and her delightful husband, Matt, have been dancing to Lady Gaga's telephone song ever since I posted a silly military rendition. They switched to break dancing last week in honor of my birthday. I love them for it! Trish's blog is all things wonderful, Southern, spunky, and warm. (Trish tagged me too, but this sincere praise substitutes for my responses to the tag. Ssh.)
Next, there's my gal, the Bumpkin. Bumpkin swung by, and that's when the fun really began! Bumpkin's blog is like a quick intraveneous dose of world class chocolate. Bumpkin (Lisa) and her husband (John) are true local heroes. They are on the front lines of the oil "spill," and they continue to rescue turtles and sea life. I'm getting goosebumps just writing this. Check out her blog. She keeps us posted on the realities of this tragedy better than all of the forms of media combined. Plus, her blog is fun, meaningful, and filled with beauty.
Another lovely lady I want to acknowledge is Lydia. Lydia recently awarded me a Versatile blogger award. She's feisty, honest, and truly hilarious.
Behind a bunch of good women, there's gotta be at least 1 good man. Right? (He's checking out the view.) Actually, John is a very sincere, sweet man. I really respect his "Adult Content" blog that is also high quality. I applaud John's openness about some of life's most challenging issues, and doing so under his real name.
Sorry if I didn't mention you. I thank and love you too. It's just that I have to get up in 6 hours for a dental appointment, and I should probably floss once before then.
Have a good Wednesday. Keep faith and a stash of chocolate.
200 chocolate kisses,


  1. Congratulations! Sure didn't take you long, to go from 100 to 200! I would NOT be able to keep up. Pretty soon, you're going to need crowd control and security guards. Don't you go forgetting some of us, now that you're all popular and stuff.

  2. I'm just glad I'm in the mix of the 200+.

    Congrats on 200!

  3. Congrats Robyn,

    Now feel free to bask in the glory that is 200 adoring fans and avid readers! (This is a clothing optional thing, just so you know.)

    In any event, take lots of pictures!


  4. Congrats on making it to 200 followers. That's great. And good luck with the dental appointment.

  5. wow! 200 great. floss good for your dental app.. have a good day

  6. Robyn,

    Congratulations to you on hitting #200. As of right now, you're at 203! So, that's great. I am very glad that I found your blog and that you post often... but, I must say that I'm a bit disappointed that we haven't talked much about chocolate as of late! :-D

    I very much appreciate your kind words, but I must correct one piece of it. The name I use on my blog is a pseudonym, not my real name. I thought I made that clear in my blog in several places, so I'm sorry if that wasn't clear to you. It'd be my error.

    With that said, I do go to great lengths to write what is really happening and how it occurs for me in as close to real time as possible, without intentionally trying to be offensive or too filled with adult content. After all, I'm not trying to write some kind of romance novel or something. :-)

    Your participation on my blog is something that I truly appreciate. Thank you very much for the gift of your attention. I hope that you'll continue to find it worthy of the same.

    Now, can we please get back to chocolate? LOL


  7. WOW...

    Bravo, I think right? So now that you have 200 stalkers what is your next move?


  8. Did someone say chocolate? How could I forget? Sorry John. I've been eating and not writing about it. Sorry about the error re your anonymity. It's my error and not yours. You are SO real with your blog posts that I made that error in assuming you are truly JG, handsomely disguised behind the mask and all. Regardless, your writing is genuinely real and good, and I hope many more will learn this soon! xo

    Baygirl, thanks! :-)

    Rose, have a good day too. Thank you. Let the flossing resume. xo

    MrS, I'd ask for your advice on how to have fun with a dental appt, but I wouldn't get it soon enough. Maybe next time. [-;

    Tgo, thanks. It's good to know that garb is not required. That does apply to ALL of my followers too, so I shall get my wide angle lens ready. (Blogger, please don't be a prude and delete this comment. I'm kinda proud of it.)xo

    Blase, me too. It wouldn't be the same without you. xo (-;

    MsA, I won't ever forget the little people, being as I'm one of them. Good idea about a security guard, though. Perhaps I can find a cute, single one. Thanks! :-]

    Chocolate kisses,

  9. BTW, I never said that I *didn't* have the mask, hat and cape... :-D

  10. Congrats on 200!!

    Gee, and I thought I was the only one who flossed right before a dental appointment! (Like we're fooling them......oh yeah, I floss twice a day, every day! Oops....maybe not THAT often.)

  11. Good luck with the dentist. Ask for laughing gas if he's going to do anything grievous.

  12. Wow..I remember back when I was at 200. It was a heady time. Oil spills in the gulf and Lindsay Lohan was free as a bird to flaunt and taunt the law. The month started with an 'A' and a hot summer day was only a future hope. But congrats all the same.

  13. Congrats Robyn! This is great news!!

  14. But,,, But,,,I love you more than ALL of them...Is there a special follower spot for me??

    winks...You rock the Kasbah..

    I <3 your every post and many thousand will soon be here to acknowledge it!!

    And now you need to answer this question:

    ROBYN!! You just passed 200 FOLLOWERS what are you going to do now??

    Only you say: I'm going to Hershey, Pennsylvania, The sweetest Place On EARTH!!

    (screw Disney!)

  15. woo hoo 200! and ewwwwww the dentist. do not like going to the dentist.

  16. Sir Thomas, thanks. I'm interviewing prospective security guards (per Ms.A's suggestion). Feel free to send an 8x10. xo

    John, glad to know the mask and cape are part of your wardrobe. It's a sexy look for you. ;-)

    Mar, you are so funny. Those suckers think we never chew suckers without flossing. Dumb arses. xo

    GB, I asked for laughing gas, but he said my plan doesn't cover that. Can you believe that? Outrageous. ;0}

    Cal, thanks. The world is a better place with Lohan behind bars. May she still be there when we both reach 300. I'm the one tripping now (not about the 300, but about her still being behind bars). xo

    Sarah, thank you, my friend! ;->

    Seductress, of course you have a special follower spot. Who else will I team with to battle the evil forces and scary dates arriving on short buses? Nobody, I say! Nobody but my bloggy sista! Pennsylvania, here I come. I love it and you! xo

    MMH, thank you. Yeah, those dentists can be mean and evil ewwww inducers. :-b

    200 more thanks and chocolate kisses,

  17. And we thank you for writing such wonderful posts!

  18. thanks for your comment on my blog. i'm not certain i like daed animals

  19. well done robber... uh, robyn ;) lol

    i had a dog named 'isis', tho she preferred i call he 'sisi'... go figger :O

  20. Congrats on 200. Before you know it...Oprah will be calling. Nice collage...especially the pose of you dancing with the stars. Such a talented lady!

  21. Hello from Follow Friday 40 and Over!

    Well, you beat that goal of 200 follower...Congrats! I am #206. Hope you get a chance to visit mine too.


  22. Ca88, thank you. You've been such a good bloggy friend all along. xo

    Rose, yes, it's hard to warm up to a dead animal. :0)

    Laughing, thank you, silly wolf with a sisi dog. You are certainly an interesting creature! xo

    BP, can you believe it only took a couple minutes to get that body? (I did some pretty fast cutting and pasting.) Thank you! It's great to see you here, and I'll visit you soon! d-:

    Anna, welcome! That's so much for the follow. I'm hopping on over. xo

    Happy weekend, all!

  23. I am proud to say that I am a follower of ..... what's this blog called again? Oh yeah, Life by Vanilla. No that's not it at all. Let me think about this one and I will get back to you.

  24. Yeah, you do that, PTM.
    PS Psst, did you find them yet?? Don't be looking for the vanilla coconut m&m's now.