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Monday, July 19, 2010

My Auntie Has No Tv!

Yo, Gabba Gabba,

I missed you on the weekend cus I was with my Auntie Robyn and Mommy and Daddy. My Auntie is the betterest. She cooks me yummy things like serial and french fries. We had a special dinner at McDonald's. What does "gourmet ghetto" mean? I love my auntie, and she loves me. She always squeezes and kisses and hugs me. It's kinda noying, but don't tell her.

We slept at her home, and I like-ded it, but I was fuzed. There was no Tv. I told Auntie Robyn we will buy her a Tv. She laughed and told me, for the millionth time, "You're so cute." Well, I know, but that does not have anything to do with my Auntie not having a Tv. So we went to the beach, and we went swimming in the swimming pool, and we had fun. But Yo, I missed you.

Last night, Auntie and Daddy said I could watch Toy Story. I didn't believe them, because there was no Tv. Then Daddy put the movie on this thing called a puter. I was so x-sited I kept-ded laughing. By the way, I'm so cute and beautiful and lovable. I know because my Auntie Robyn kept-ded telling me. And she's smart. And she's nice and pretty. I don't know why she's single. I'm fuzed. What does "Most single men are *****'n *******!" mean?

Anyway, I watch-ded Toy Story on the puter and it was getting late, like 10:30pm. But I like to stay up late, because I am a potty boy. So Auntie Robyn and Mommy and Daddy were all falling asleep, and I was still happy watching Toy Story. Then it ended. I shouted, "Are we going to buy Auntie Robyn a Tv now?" Because I love my Auntie and she loves me.

Yo, I'll catch you next weekend.
Auntie Robyn's precious Jeremy


  1. No tv can sometimes be a good thing!

  2. Awwwww......I'll bet Auntie Robyn loves you too!!!!

  3. What does "Most single men are *****'n *******!" mean?

  4. Hahaha Cute!
    I want to sit in that couchy thing! Looks so comfy!!


  5. Sounds like that young man deserves to have his Auntie give him some chocolate.

    I always get back to basics! :-D

  6. Gourmet Ghetto.......ha ha ...... A fun one

  7. Awww that's cute!! And hilarious! :)

  8. I wonder if Auntie Robyn can resist the temptation to pinch his cheeks.

  9. That's a little, tiny puter thingy!

  10. That's so cute. Jeremy should have his own blog.

    I sometimes wish someone would take my tv away so I don't waste so much damn time.

  11. Your nephew is adorable! I love the fact he couldn't get over you not having a tv...priceless!

    One benefit of no tv, you got to miss Yo Gabba Gabba. That show did my head in when Bianca was smaller. I swear the producers were on crack or meth.

    Gormet Ghetto...I will have to remember that!

  12. "Serial"...cute!

    Auntie Robyn's hugs and smiles are 2-Die-4, I'm sure.

  13. Heeheehee!!!! I'm seriously thinking about pulling the plug on MY TV, too. Damn cable rates!

    What a cute bloggy post!

  14. Tv is over-rated anyways.. gourmet ghetto, I'll have to remember that one too funny!

  15. gourmet ghetto is the only way to roll....

  16. I am so glad you all had fun!! What an angel he is ...and you......

    Love and hugs!!!

  17. MMH, yes, I've been abstinent for nearly 2 years. I blog instead. A good thing. Thx. xo

    BB, thanks. I love my Jeremy sooooo much. :-)

    TS, no worries. It does not pertain to you, plus my blog is not for adults only. I'll tell you in a few years. xo

    Anthony, you noticed that couchy thing. It's my fun, funky swivel chair. It's the hit of my little apt. :0>

    John, we always get back to basics and eat chocolate around here too. Thanx! xo

    Manzanita, thanks! (-;

    BabySis, glad you like it. Thank you! xo

    GB, nope, can't resist that one. His cheeks are quite pinchable. ;0}

    MsA, yeah, it's the newest thing for kids. He can watch movies on it. But he watched Toy Story on my bigger puter thingy. xo

    PTM, I agree on both counts: Jeremy needs his own blog, and Tv's a waste of time. [-:

    Marnie, LOL. Thanx for telling me what I'm not missing with Yo Gabba Gabba. I don't know why it's one of his favorites. xo

    Blase, thank you. ;-) + xo

    Marlene, plus, there's the expense factor. Not pretty. xo

    Baygirl, yes, Tv's gone downhill into an abyss of dark despair since The Little Rascals. I don't (usually) miss it. [-;

    SirT., I agree! xo

    Thank you, TIS. We try to live up to our name. Well, he doesn't try. Engel means angel in German. Love and hugs, always, friend! ;o]

    xoChocolate kisses,

  18. Oh.... that dredged up some memories. I remember what it was like when I had to stay at my grandparents. None of them had TV. They listened to radio.

  19. Nothing is better than being the favorite aunt!!!

  20. No TV? My kids would die...although the computer works great for movies!!

  21. No TV? to heck with the kids, I would die!

    funny post Robyn!

  22. Oops, TS, I didn't mean to bash your age - which I'm jealous of. I just meant I'll tell ya down the road. :-)

    IT, radio sounds much worse than watching the grass grow! xo

    Ninja, yeah, I wouldn't be Tv-less if I were a mom. (-:

    Pat, really? You must have cable. There's nothing worth watching on regular Tv. xo


  23. Haha that was funny!

    Hey R2 - I award you a special gift:

  24. My goodness, what great hair!

    So really, you don't have a television? Really? I can understand why your nephew would be a little concerned.

  25. a home without a tv is rare. given time people in the house ould have better relationships

  26. LOL! No TV? I grew up with no TV and as soon as I moved out of home, buying a TV was high on my agenda. Whether watching it or not, the TV is always on - must be a direct result of growing up without it!

  27. There's nothing worth watching on TV. I may cancel my cable soon. I use it to put me to sleep at night...

    Glad you had fun with your auntie, cutie!

  28. Jeremy, I think that you shouldn't give up trying to get your auntie a television. Then all three of us can watch trashy reality TV and comment on what we see. Plus you are too young to go without TV for periods longer than 24 straight hours. It will stunt your growth and straighten out your curls. So next time you see Auntie you make those big eyes and tell her to get down to Circuit City.

  29. Geof, you rock! Do people still say that? Well, I just did. I admit, I'm a nerd - a rawkn one. Thank you! xo

    Cheeseboy, for reals. I have been abstinent for going on two years. I haven't had a tv for that long either. Remember, I am not a parent, so I don't need one to survive. :0)

    Rose, true. Tv is so lousy nowadays. I admit I'm still addicted, but I find better things to do (e.g., blogging) with my time. xo

    Ca88, I don't blame you. It was the opposite for me. I wasted much of my life away in front of the tv until I went cold turkey.<-:

    Sarah, yes, yes. Even cable has gone down the tubes. Thank you. xo

    Kal (was I spelling your name wrong all this time, or did you switch to a "K"?), so funny! Nothing but nothing could destroy my Jeremy's curls - except if he tries to plug a Tv into the electrical socket. I can't and won't let that happen! Do people still plug Tv's in nowadays? I'm so out-of-touch. xo

    Chocolate Tv-less kisses,