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Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Meshugenah

Meshugenah = Yiddish for craziness.

Part I.

This arrived in the mail last week. I'm not sure why California State Controller John Chiang sent me 46 cents, but I assume that's how much he appreciates my hard work on behalf of folks who need a lot of support to get through the day. Thanks, Johnny C.!

Then I wondered, can I deposit this? What will happen? Come with me to my bank, where there's no extra fee for using the ATM. Watch, I'll just place it in the check slot, and hmm, "Amount Not Detected." Understandable.

So I input the .46 manually, and it went through! WOOHOO! It's a wonderful thing to be working two careers jobs, helping people in need, having received degrees from two of the nation's most reputable universities, and savoring the blessing of medical coverage -- all the while receiving thousands of dollars in med bills, added to a debt that's growing by the minute. Alas, Mr. Chiang saves the day! Thanks, Mr. Chiang. I'd send you a thank-you note, but I can't afford the stamp.Please forward another check for .05 cents and your note will be forthcoming.
Part II.  I recently posted about Kim and Kanye's spawn's name here

Update: They've since explained their reasoning for choosing the name "North West": "There's nothing further North than North" they say. "North represents our highest point as a couple," they add.

Do you think anyone will ever inform this moronic duo that North isn't up, because the world is round??

Part III. Hospitals are designed to enhance the patients' comfort, in theory.

During my post-surgery hospital stay in May, I walked down the next wing. A big sign overhead read:
"DEFINITIVE EXIT CARE UNIT".  I didn't take a picture, because a pale, elderly, lifeless looking woman stood nearby. I didn't want to seal her fate; she appeared ready to embark on a definitive exit. There was also an Emergency Exit a few yards away.

I quickly turned back towards room 295A, my room on the post-surgery wing, very grateful I hadn't been placed in the Definitive Exit Care Unit, even though I heard the play-by-play regarding another patient's bowel movement progress. We were all very happy for him, except, perhaps, those in the DEFINITIVE EXIT CARE UNIT.

Happy Monday and new week. 
Laugh at all that's meshugenah. 
Keep a smile and a stash of chocolate!


  1. So they wasted the cost of a stamp to send you a check for... the cost of a stamp?
    If not for that poor woman, you really should've taken a picture of the Definitive Exit Care Unit. i believe I would've taken the Emergency Exit at that point though.

  2. I received a check for $1.48 and decided not to deposit it. I am hoping in the short term it will cause the books in the comptrollers office to be off $1.48. I realize they will write it off in 180 days but in the mean time I have 180 days to reject their offer of money.

    I don't think I would be comfortable with a hospital dept. called definitive exit...just as I wouldn't want my lifeless body sent down to the definitive too late for you to exit dept.

  3. Wow. You're rich!! Or something like that. I think would be overjoyed to receive a check for $.46. Maybe so overjoyed it would lead to "are these people serious?" Lol

  4. I love reading your stuff. North West.
    So funny it's sad.

  5. That's a riot! But seriously, .46? What a waste of paper and a stamp!

  6. don't spend it all in one place

  7. You really kicked ass here and took some names here, especially with the North West thing, somebody should point that out to the couple, perhaps you in a future ISWG post haha! I can't believe they wasted paper giving you that cheque, just ludicrous of the government.

  8. Wait!!! The world is round!!?? Oy, gevalt!!

  9. Matthew: 'Government' and 'ludicrous' is redundant.

  10. Ha! I can't believe they didn't round that up to an even fifty cents. Cheap bastards. :P

  11. LMAO 46 cents won't even buy a stamp up here. And yeah one exit i wouldn't head for.

  12. I have another friend who is posting a series right now called, "Are Americans Too Stupid To Live?" and it is funny and sad all at the same time. Sadly, this post could be part of that series. Logic seems to be lost on most people. The government. All companies and organizations. Pretty much since they are all run by people.

    I was watching an episode of Family Feud with my mom while I was cooking dinner. One of the questions was name a three letter word that ends with "x." One of the people in one of the families gave as her answer "tex"... as in a tex message. I just looked at mom and shook my head. She groaned. This moron actually appeared shocked when it wasn't on the board.

    This is the world we live in. So, what are you going to do to celebrate your (big) check????

  13. Hey Robyn,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of banking. Sometimes, okay, a lot of the time, you feel like crying, all the way from the bank.

    I once received a letter from a bank, whom I no longer with. They charged me £25 about $40 to inform me that they had made a mistake and were charging me the £25 administrative cost to inform me of their mistake.

    Definitive Exit Care Unit. Kind of gives Exit a whole new definition. I was going to change my name to "EXIT", because I always wanted to see my name up in lights!

    Yours sincerely Mr. Chiang, um Mr. IWSG um, Gary:) x

  14. What idiots... It cost them as much to mail it as it was worth. No wonder the US is in trouble.

  15. The joke's on you, Miss Smarty Pants Know It All, because don't people always say "up north"? Well, we do in Canada. And we know up north, eh?

  16. Debra She Who Seeks,

    How's it goin', eh? With that, I shall grab my toque, sing Bob and Doug McKenzie songs and confuse the hell out of all my friends here in England, eh!

  17. North isn't up? No wonder I get lost all the time.

  18. The Feds did that once too with our 'stimulus' check of a few dollars. What bugged me more was they would keep mailing letters 'telling' us the money was coming. Every piece of paper, envelopes, printing, postage ALL COST TAXPAYERS MONEY. Politicians just don't get it. W.C.C.

  19. 46¢? That's a lot of money right there! So, Robin... Don't you recognize me? I'm your long lost cousin. Got any spare change you can give me? lol

  20. My understanding is that management is payed to make decisions. Someone could have decided to just keep the money and say nothing. Someone should have and could have but didn't. They should be paid for what they do which is nothing but it would be okay with me to give them 46 cents.

  21. Mr Chaing sent me a letter advising me that the state did know owe me $523 (they do) because they'd already sent me a check for $34,000. Um, NO! I wish.

    I wonder sometimes what they're doing up there in Sacramento ;-)


  22. Maybe Mr Chiang is a fan of Little House on the Prairie. I think you could buy a lot of sweeties for 46 cents in the Oleson's store.

  23. Thanks, all. I could only laugh about that check. I'm grateful I got a check at the same time for book sales. It had two digits in it BEFORE the decimal point.

    Al, sorry I ruined your plans to sail to the edge of the earth.

    LG, cheap bastards indeed. LOL.

    Robin, I'd love to see your friend's series. And that is hilarious about "tex". I thought she meant an abbreviation for "Texas". Worse yet, she thought that's how you spell "text." I'd say many Americans are too stupid to live.

    Debra, why not then say "right-side East" or "left side West"? I guess if they met in Canada, I might kinda understand, but the "highest point" in their relationship is NY not Canada. There's no way to make sense of this, even using Canadian lingo.

    Gary, your bank story is much worse. Sorry. If you change your name to EXIT, people will run through you all the time. That might hurt.

    Stephen, no. North is North. Sorry to break the news to you.

    WC, it reminds me of all the mailings I've received to tell me that I'm going to get a mailing to inform me about the Census.

    Joanna, LOL. Does that mean they misplaced $34000 and are trying to retrieve it from you. Nice try, idiots.

    GB, I could probably buy one little piece of candy with it, but I'll let it sit in the bank and accrue interest. I'm gonna be rich by the year 3420.

    Thanks, all. Be well.

  24. I bet they still think it is flat

  25. I guess it's a good thing that I've never seen the Definitive Exit Care Unit. I would much rather spend the day hearing about stranger's bowel movements. Good for them, and sorry you had to waste gas depositing your check.


  26. That .46 check is as bad as getting a bill for that amount.

  27. what are you going to do with all that cash?

  28. John, no doubt.

    Thanks, Julie. Good thing I drive a hybrid.

    L.Diane, good point.

    Poster, I thought I might splurge on a party. Instead, I realized I can only afford a paperclip. But they don't seem to sell those individually. I think I need to let it accrue interest in the bank. By the year 3000, I might be able to buy a small pack of paperclips.


  29. heehee! Forty-six cents? For no reason at all? That's it. Pack up the Honda, honey, we're moving to California!

  30. Following you from Bloggerdise New Blog Follower Club=)

    Jeanie Huston

  31. wow. that is just crazy. I think you would've been happier if he sent you an actual stamp you could use.

  32. I love getting checks for less than than what it costs to process a check. What ever happened to common sense.

  33. wow! 46 cents! What are you going to do with all money? I hope your new found wealth doesn't change you...
    I know why Kim and Kanye named their kid "North!" They did it because they are morons.
    I hope that sign in the hospital didn't mean what it sounds like it means. Geez!

  34. Maybe K & K can have a Definitive Exit next time, rather than another spoilt brat to be - waste of oxygen. Kid will grow up as stuffed up as them - cue a massive insecurity complex due to shitty parenting - equals drug problem - early overdose.

    Maybe electronically debit them the 46 cents to buy a condom.



  35. Dawn, yep, there's gold in them here lands.

    Thanks, Jeannie!

    Nutschell, yes. I'd much prefer that.

    LD, it's becoming more uncommon by the millisecond.

    Pat, I think it does mean that. It's a religious hospital. There was a chapel close to the sign. Smiles.

    Farawayeyes, I had to keep reading about it before I could accept it as true.

    Anthony, well done. I like how you worked that all in together in a highly effective and humorous manner. I think they might look at the .46 for a condom and say "Damn, you cheap b*tch! A condo costs more than that." Thanks for making me laugh.

    Be well, friends.