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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Special Announcement: The Anti-Blogfest Gary Fest, August 12!

Gary, please know that Mark Koopmans and Captain Ninja Alex are to blame. I'm innocent, I tell ya. Someone must've hacked into my account and posted this...

Announcing the "Anti-Blogfest Gary Fest" on Monday August 12, a blog hop in honor of Mr. anti-blog hop himself, Gary at Klahanie. Don't be fooled by his picture. Gary is one of the good guys. Just don't mention "blogfests" to him, and nobody gets hurt.

The rules are *very* simple.

Create the titles of three PG-13 rated blogfests you would never join - and then add a descriptive sentence or two. That's it! For example, per Mark/Alex, I would never sign up for the:

1) Cheesecake & Cauliflower Bloghop - "where dinner and dessert is mixed in one dish."
OR the
2) Blocked up Toilet Blogfest - "where crap happens."
OR even the
3) Alphapet Zoo-mbie Bloghop - "where cuddly undead toys learn how to spell."

Hosted by:Mark “Madman” Koopmans,Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh, "Life is Good" Tina, Morgan "The Morg" Shamy, and me, Rawkn Robyn at Life by Chocolate.

Sign up here!
If link doesn't work, please sign up at Mark or Alex's sites, linked above. Thanks.

His humor is quirky

He's noble and kind

A sensitive soul

His words lift and unwind

He fights for what's right

A man of virtue

His thoughts on the blogfest:

It stinks more than poo!

So Gary, dear Gary, this bloghop's for you!


  1. Brilliant! Like I would never join the "proud of my disco dancing fashions pics".
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. I've not heard about Gary until now but I love the idea of having a blogfest about him when he's in big opposition of blogfests, even though he's not a fan I think he's going to actually enjoy this!

  3. Oh, you are cracking me up early in the morning! LOL

  4. Leave it to Gary... but I think this is a wonderful idea.

  5. I'm going to have to give this some thought.....

  6. Hey, I'm just saying I'd probably join a bad bloghop with some toilet humor (I.E. backed up toilets) before I'd join something like "the post every single day and lose all of your free time" bloghop...

  7. haha oh what the cat could do at his zoo

  8. What an interesting idea. I need to spend some time thinking about this one.

  9. Gary is awesome so, naturally, I'm in! :)

  10. This one tickles my funny bone. It remains to be seen if it does the same for Gary, lol!

    I'll be the first to say, I don't like doing lots of blog hops. I usually don't have the time but I do participate now and then. So I do understand Gary's reluctance.

    I'll have to think on this.


  11. Very cool poem! Happy to be in this surprise project with you.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  12. Thanks, all. If you're not following Gary, he really is an exceptionally good, kind man. His posts are well-worth seeing and reading. And this blogfest will be fun for us all.

    I hope Monday's kind to you.

  13. Ah dearest Robyn,

    I cannot even begin to tell you how my heart sings with the exaltation of such a thought-provoking anti-blogfest. I totally believe your innocence in this, Robyn :)

    Good thing there is no mention of "blogfests" in your posting. What did I just type? Arrrrgggghhhh! Phew, sorry about that. Feel much better :)

    You know I could think of lots of examples on blogfests I would never join. Wonder what they might be...

    A blog hop
    Make it stop
    A blogfest
    Just a jest
    Mentions of the alphabet
    How strange does it get
    Thank you my friend
    To the very end
    And speaking of poo
    This thought is for you
    I'll flip a coin
    Perhaps I might join
    Heads or tails
    It never fails

    Thank you, Robyn

    Your bewildered fan,
    that I am.

    I say! :) x

  14. Gotta remember this...mustn't forget...anti-blogs, yeah...hopping's a pit....

  15. I see that Gary has seen this bit of awesomeness delivered to his door. FANTASTIC!!!

  16. What a clever idea. Very funny examples of possible bloghops. Although...I question if cauliflower could ruin the yummy factor of cheescake. I might not be totally against participating in that. The toilet one is a "for sure" I wouldn't participate.

  17. Cheesecake and cauliflower? Sounds like a craving I had when pregnant.

    His site is beautiful, I loved the waterfalls and seascapes.

    Hmmm. what would be unappealing? Yodeling Marathons. 101 Photos of Body Vermin: Head Lice, Ticks, and Crabs, Oh My! Okay, that's only two, but I have already squicked myself out.

  18. What a great idea! I bet people will come up with the funniest things.

  19. I don't know Gary, but I do agree that blog hopping just isn't fun. I only do the Wordless Wednesday hops because I find some really great photography from time to time. Otherwise, it's a real pia!

  20. Thank you, dear folks.

    I think Gary is making more friends already. Lots of people are expressing their dislike for bloghops.

    I don't like it when I follow people who don't return my follow (which is happening more and more these days; common courtesy is leaving blogland), and/or when people write long, long (i.e., boring) posts. You have to read at least a portion of it to leave a viable comment.

    Be well!

  21. Hey Robyn,

    LOVE the poem - that is soooo awesome - and very cute of you to take it to the next layer.

    (I'm nicknaming you Tiramisu :)

  22. Thanks, Mark, and I love the nickname! Great, great job with this one. xo

  23. Oh I so would do the blocked up toilet one. That post I did about my former SIL blocking my toilet on Thanksgiving would work well there. :D
    I've been having a thinking problem lately. If I think I can come up with something, I'll sign up.

  24. This is a wonderful idea! Loved your poem too! Gary is going to love/hate this!


  25. Laughing! So glad to be a part of this with you, Robyn. I'm still laughing at the whole concept! The poem was fabulous. <3

  26. I read this as Anti-Blog Gay Fest haha

    Yeah, the pic is a little scary.

  27. Thanks for supporting this anti-cause cause, all. It'll be a fun party!

    Have a good Friday and weekend.

  28. Thanks for explaining Gary's invention to me. I'm all signed up now. It'll be fun! (And maybe Gary will learn to like blogfests after all. Heh, heh, heh.)

  29. I can't wait to read what people come up with! Great idea...

  30. Lol. How fun. I like what you came up with.