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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

VOTE HERE! VOTE NOW! Change the world, or just pick your favorite anti-Valentine's message.

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I challenged you to complete this statement in no more than 50 words: "Dear Cupid, Will you..."  Fourteen brave and creative souls participated. Only one will win the grand prize, chocolate and a copy of my book, Just the Right Time. It's up to YOU, dear readers, to decide who wins. I'll accept ballots through midnight WST, Feb. 13th. Secret ballots may be sent to my email. Otherwise, vote in the comments section. Candidates are allowed, and expected, to vote for themselves. But only once. All duplicate ballots, hanging chads and illegible entries will be sent to Florida. They like that stuff.  Chocolate bribes accepted by the Elections Committee any time of the year.

In random order, here are your candidates:
1. Pat Tillett said...Dear Stupid, will you...Oops! I'm sorry, I meant "Cupid." Every year I hope to fall into a coma the day before Halloween and not wake up until the day after your day. Oh yeah, I HATE roses sealed into acrylic more than anything. Stupid dust catchers...

2. A Beer For The Shower said...Dear Cupid, will you please remove this protruding arrow from my chest? I know you're just trying to help, but now the woman I'm wooing doesn't want to kiss me, she seems to think I need urgent medical attention.

3, YeamieWaffles said...Dear Cupid, Will You pull out some cupid magic to stop anybody from asking me what I'm doing this Valentine's Day? From a guy who's beginning to sound a little jaded when he jokes "I'm going on a date with my television" time and time again.

4. Empty Nest Insider said...Dear Cupid, Will you keep your arrow in your quiver? Last year's love match made me shake and shiver.
Instead of fair-trade dark chocolates,
You sent me week old chopped liver.   

5. Baby Sister said...Dear Cupid, Will you please pierce Snooki and Justin with the same arrow? That way they'll find love and then die immediately after. That would be divine. Thank you.

6. Pat Hatt said...Dear Cupid, will you take your arrow as you float around like a sparrow and pull down your diaper putting it on your head, then to make sure valentine's day is good and dead. Latch onto that arrow with such class that you shove it up your ass.     

7. Anthony J. Langford said...Yo Cupid, Will you get it right? I live Down Under so you mixed upside the head. You delivered the wrong one to me, so now I sleep beneath the bed.

  8. Powdered Toast Man said...Dear Cupid, will you shoot Justin Bieber with an arrow so that it either kills him or makes him fall in love with a horny porcupine.

 9. Stephen Hayes said...Dear Cupid, would you please put on some clothes, maybe some nice red Underoos. You're suppose to be the god of love but seeing your little pink body is a real distraction and a major turn off.
10. Adam said...Dear Cupid, will you please explain how I got called ugly that one time I took a guest tour at that blind school? Seriously that was cold.
*real events may not have happened*

   11. Chuck said...Dear Cupid: "Will you PLEASE give Robyn her dream date!!! For the love of chocolate, help her find the string cheese."
And to somewhat quote Tom Skerrit in Top Gun, "if you get to V-Day and need a date, give me a call, I'll be your Valentine ;)

  12. Yvonne said...Dear Cupid, Enough already. I get it. I'm un-cupid-able. Now go away. Die a thousand deaths. But please leave some chocolate for me. Help a sista out.
Love,  -me.

   13. Anne said...Dear Cupid. On a Midsummer's Eve, whilst dancing under blazing trees, a man so fair of form you struck for me. And I for him did fall so true, in love it seemed. For passions spent in a glen that night did bring forth great delight. But gone, with suns rise.

****BALLOT ENDS HERE.**Thank you for exercising your right to vote. Have a nice day.


  1. dear cupid, next time if you're going to shoot me, shoot him too!


  2. Number eight - PTM!
    Number eleven, Chuck's, is a very close second.

  3. My vote still goes with number eight but Adam's is a close close second in retrospect, really made me laugh for some reason regardless of whether or not it's a true story.

  4. Hard to choose! All very witty!OH...and Happy VD! LOL

  5. Betty, good message. I like it. Hugs back to you.

    Alex, thanks for voting. Yeah, I'm biased, but I really like Chuck's too.

    YW, thanks for doing your civic duty. =)

    MommaFargo, happy Chocolate Day.


  6. I'm sticking with ABFTS. I don't hate Cupid, so I couldn't mock him. He shot my Hubby for me and after 25 years, I'm still deeply in love and am grateful to the little diaper wearing cherub.

    I know I should be cynical, but that's what's expected and I just can't bring myself to be normal. It goes against my nature to fit in.

  7. I have to go with #12 as I can relate to Yvonne there LOL.

    They're all fun, great idea! :)

  8. I liked #3 and #11 the best, but they all made me smile!

  9. I vote #12. Never trust someone with an arrow aimed at your heart, I don't care if he has wings and flies.

  10. Thanks for voting, everyone. Polls are open for appox 9 more hours!


  11. I may be a little biased, but #5 has to at least have one vote. ;) The rest are all really great!!

  12. I give them all a vote, but #6 was truly 'sweet'!

    Very funny and lots of fun, you should have made it a blog hop!

  13. I vote for Empty Nest Insider.
    Her cheeky stab at poetic bliss
    made me sing and dance.
    A double entendre I couldn't miss.
    Instead of quiver...maybe pants?

  14. I like #2, it still makes me laugh! They are all enjoyable. Now back to our regularly scheduled programing.

  15. I vote for Al Penwasser for looks best on the throne, and all around nice guy. He gets bonus points for writing an even better poem about a poem.

    In case the judges won't allow Al as a late entry, I vote for the talented Anthony Langford.

  16. I vote for me. Cause he seems like a good guy

  17. I cast my vote for #12 -because I'm awesome like that! :)

  18. yay - definitely celebrate Valentine's Day with string cheese, Robyn xo

  19. What a great mix of votes. Polls are still open. It's a very tight race!!



  20. Al, super poem!

    Empty, yes, Al gets bonus points, while Anthony gets your vote.

    Thanks, everyone. Campaign headquarters will continue calculations through the night.


  21. I'm voting for #9 because you've got to sort out the sartorial issues before moving onto matters of the heart.

  22. I think it's too late, but MY vote goes for no. 5 - Snookie and Justin Bieber in same shot. Genius!

  23. GB, a well reasoned argument. Thank you.

    Dawn, yes, that one arrow is worth billions. Thanks for voting.

    I'm still awaiting word from the kind folks at Florida's Elections Committee Chad and Final Vote Tabulations Because We're Retired and do this all year long. Actually, I'm heading out for work. Announcements to be made later today. In the meantime, you can still vote. It will only further confuse the judges, but it's all good.

    Happy Day-Before-Chocolate-Prices-Drop-Back-to-Normal!

  24. We happily vote for ourselves. Is that two votes? Because that seems like cheating.

  25. My vote goes to #7. Heck, it even rhymes.

  26. BnB, I'm counting it as one vote, though I consider you to be two people (kind of me, huh?). Thus, there were 14 entrants but only 13 entries. =) Thanks for adding your vote.

    Stephen, thank you. I agree, rhyming is impressive.


  27. I like Empty Nest Insiders. I don't think Cupid should waste his time on Justin Bieber. LOL