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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Letter to an F'er, aka Happy Friday!

-originally posted on a Friday in 2010. Sorry about the photo.

Dearest Friday,
What took you so long? Come closer. Even closer. That's better. Listen, I need you, I want you, and I can't live without you. Do tell me, though, what's it like being so popular – given you have absolutely no value? What’s all the fuss about? You tease all week long, until you're nearly gone. At that point, we’re too pooped to party. Don’t pretend you don’t know this. I hereby strip you of your "T.G.I." “S” is much more deserving of those letters. You can keep the “F.” It's not pretty. Run along now, in shame, you little F’er. See you next week, honey. Speed it up then too. I do love you, sweetheart. I really do. Thanks for getting here. Come back soon. Now scram! Would ya? Make room for Saturday!

It's Friday, and this is good because it's almost Saturday. Have a great weekend. 
Sorry again for the above photo. xo


  1. I used to have a thing for Friday, but now I spread my love evenly over all the days. Apart from Thursday, he's a real bore.

  2. Haha All very true.
    I like Wednesdays. Not sure why. Maybe something about humps.

    Starting to think you love the Beib!



  3. You're right! And Saturday is my one chance to sleep in.

  4. Such a picture should bring shame. Sat can never come fast enough, but too fast and they'll be no more saturdays

  5. I never work fridays, so both are grand in my book.

  6. That is so weird!! I have a repost from 2010 today also. And I almost did an open letter to something like your friday letter. Are we sharing the same brain?

  7. Happy Friday Robyn, it's still one of my favourite days but I know what you're saying here all the same.

  8. Friday's like a big tease. It seems like it's going to be all awesome, but then it gets here and you realize that, Oh crap, I still have to work and stuff.

  9. GB, Thursday has a nice personality. That's about it.

    Anthony, I should've guessed you like hump day. ;-) Bieb does kind of fascinate me. I like his lip gloss.

    Alex, Saturdays are the best.

    John, Sat takes its time getting here, then departs in a flash.

    Pat, that's nice to have Fridays off. I usually do, but it still feels packed with errands, so I like Sats better.

    PTM, that's truly scary. For you.

    YW, happy Friday and weekend!


  10. Karen, exactly. Fridays are good at teasing.


  11. Thank you for sending me your link. I love your sense of humor. What could be better than this chocolate, laughter and POEMs? I think that
    Apocalypse by Stupidity is hilarious.

    I am so happy to find your blog!

    And yes, Friday is a wonderful thing.

  12. The days of the week blur together now that I work out of the house. Sometimes I can't remember the months.

  13. Thank goodness it's been so long since I had a regular job I hardly even remember counting down days until Friday. Everyday is Friday (or Saturday) now!
    You're forgiven for the pic ... barely. :P

  14. I remember years ago back in Ohio, the WMMS radio jocks had a great Friday intro to the weekend at 5PM. Never failed to get me motivated for the night and the ensuing craziness of a youthful weekend.

    How I long for just one more of THOSE F'ers!!

  15. I love Friday, but now it's almost Sunday.
    I hate Sunday, because the next day's Monday.
    But, as soon as Monday shows, we're counting down to Friday.
    Which eventually leads to another Monday.
    Oh, crap, I'm depressing myself.
    Hope I still have some beer left....

  16. As a kid I always disliked Sunday nights, because I didn't want to go to school on Mondays. Very entertaining take on Fridays Robyn!


  17. I enjoy Friday, simply for it's nostalgic value. Because, as you say, these days I'm too pooped to par-tay.
    Have a great week, my friend!

  18. I'm a whore for Friday because its Pay Day. ;) Love, love my money day. Saturday is cool, but sometimes I work so that's not cool. I also love Friday because it is movie night.

  19. Cheryl, hi. It's great to make a new friend here. Thanks.

    Stephen, me neither. Is it March already? How did that happen?

    Lexa, thanks for the forgiveness - if only barely. Smiles.

    Chuck, those sound like fun F'ers.

    Yvonne, lucky you and lucky Fridays.

    Al, you said it best.
    You always do.
    Say, do you have 'nuf beer for two?
    (I don't want any. I'm just asking cuz "two" rhymes with "do".)

    Julie, yes, Sunday nights are high-anxiety time for kids and adults.

    Dawn, I wish - at least once - I had the energy to celebrate a Friday. How did we do it back in the day?

    Melly, well, PayDay is reason to party hearty on Fridays.

    Be well, friends.

  20. Bleh, Justin...
    I do like Friday only because it's my day off (for now)...but then I hate them because I have to go back to work on Saturday. Stuck between a rock and a hard place...